Tulips in vase

Project 365 2021 Week 5

Project 365 2021 Week 5 Day 31-37 and our fifth week of lockdown with school and work from home as February begins.

Sunday 31st January – Day 31

Tulips in vase

The OH bought me some tulips and daffodils.  I think he realised just how challenging my son had been at the end of last week and just how exhausted I was.

Monday 1st February – Day 32

Project 365 2021 Week 5

There was an outage in our area with Sky Broadband so you can imagine how well work and school at home went today.  I had to give up with my work in the end, and I’ll make the time up tomorrow.  I did get a message from Sky late in the afternoon to say the issue had been resolved.

We went for a walk in the afternoon and my son got to have a catch up with his best friend – not anywhere close up but they got to have a chat at a distance as we passed their house.  It was needed as this is the view I get these days!

Tuesday 2nd February – Day 33

Project 365 2021 Week 5

Internet worked so school and work went a little smoother today thankfully.  It was really rather mild so I asked my son to help me in the garden when we’d both finished.  It wasn’t long before he’d found something more interesting to do and he was happily playing with mud for ages.  I was just happy that he was outside and not glued to a screen for a couple of hours.

Wednesday 3rd February – Day 34

Lego cat necklace

My non-working day so everything is a little less stressful although my son woke up in an ‘I don’t want to try to do any of my schoolwork’ kind of mood – so it didn’t lead to a tranquil morning of peace and harmony. He had made me a Paddington necklace though.

Thursday 4th February – Day 35

Foggy day

A rather foggy start to the day. School at home was a bit of a nightmare in the morning but thankfully the afternoon involved creating artwork so it ended with harmony.

My BIL celebrated his 88th birthday so we’ve only got my Auntie and Mum to go and then we’ve all had at least one birthday without any real celebrations.  It’s a joy, isn’t it?

Friday 5th February – Day 36

Project 365 2021 Week 5

What a day.

My son’s teacher introduced a new software package this morning so the kids could write/type on a whiteboard and she could see all of their work.  It was a disaster for my son.  I was working.  My son had already been struggling with the work this wee.  He has refused to use his camera or microphone and this just tipped him over the edge.  I totally understood why she wanted the kids to use it, it’s the only way she could ‘see’ when people were struggling, but it didn’t work, my son for one is exhausted and it wrote off the rest of the day really. Thankfully it was Family Friday so school finished at 1.15 pm.

We Skyped my parents and then had a total tech/phone-free hour building Lego scenes together and then we went for a walk around the estate.  It was a lovely afternoon after what has been a rather crappy week really.

Saturday 6th February – Day 37

Project 365 2021 Week 5

Our Saturday’s have a pattern to them now.  I get a lie-in to catch up on all the sleep I miss in the week.

Leisurely breakfast, and lunch and then try to get my son outdoors for some exercise before his Dad disappears to work again.  I did think I was going to be going for a walk by myself at one point but when I suggested we walk over to the eco-town, my son decided to join me.  It was rather warm and so peaceful, it felt like we were somewhere totally different and we had a lovely walk.

My best friend rang me when we got home for a catch-up.  It’s looking highly unlikely that we will be able to go on our girls hiking weekend that we’d rescheduled from last year.  We’ll have to make a final decision at the end of this month, but we both really need to have had our jabs before we go, which we won’t have had dates for.  It’s depressing to think we’ll have to change it again, to 2022. Then chatting with my oldest friend, thankfully we had a girly day together when we were allowed to meet up outdoors towards the back end of last year.  I’ve no idea when we’ll get to see each other again.  We’re definitely locking ourselves in for a spa day somewhere when we can safely do so!

Anyway, will we wake up to snow in the morning?  I hope so as it lifted our spirits so much last time.  Never ever thought I’d be saying that.

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24 thoughts on “Project 365 2021 Week 5

  1. Well done your husband for buying you flowers. Just what you need to cheer you up.
    Our internet was off for a few hours this past week too. There was no reason for it but it did disrupt my youngest girls Zoom lessons.
    It is rotten when the kids wake up in the I don’t want to try to do any of my schoolwork mood. We have had a few days like that over the last month.
    Ahh! We had similar, one of my girls teacher had some type of file sharing thing so she could see what everyone was typing. It was stressful. My girl likes to do things at her own pace, not keeping up with the rest of the class. She refuses to use the camera and microphone too. Eek! x

  2. Lovely flowers, I love tulips.

    The Paddington necklace is lovely.

    Not a great time for broadband to go down considering so many people are relying on it. Glad it wasn’t off for too long.

  3. How lovely that your OH bought you some tulips and daffodils to cheer you up after a challenging week. Frustrating to have an outage with your broadband. Glad your son got to catch up with his friend even if it was at a distance and how nice to see him playing in the mud. It’s good to get off screens for a while isn’t it? Sorry to hear that the new approach from the teacher tipped your son over the edge. It’s so hard with the home-schooling isn’t it? Thank goodness half-term is nearly here. #project365

  4. The flowers looks lovely! Such simple pleasures mean a lot in the post covid world isnt it? That necklace by your son is so thoughtful!! I am glad he got to meet his friend even though from far!

  5. We rely on internet so much and it can be almost traumatic when it fails, especially right now when we have home learning and work from home. Love the Paddington necklace, very thoughtful. #project365

  6. I love your Paddington necklace, I love your sons passion for lego. I wish my two had it. What a nightmare for the broadband to be down. It really shows you just how much we all use it now. Gone are the days of the few minutes dial-up treat! I hope that the school work gets easier for you soon. We shouldn’t be having to have these battles with our children. Sending hugs #365

  7. Ahhh sorry you have had a rubbish week. I am not surprised about the white board, even as an adult when someone says we are going to try and use it I stress out so the thought of asking kids to do it no matter how well intentioned.. I like the idea of your Saturdays we have seemingly got into a habit as well. Fridays are our long walk days so the husband can work uninterupted and then Saturdays are spent blogging, crafting and on home improvements. For someone that loves to travel I look forward to Saturdays more and more.

  8. Very pretty tulips, Mary! Sorry to hear you had a tough week, and that Monkey finds it difficult to do the remote learning. Hope a midterm break helps you both to recharge the batteries. That’s a lovely Paddington necklace. The Lego construction is awesome. It’s great that Monkey’s love of Lego is not fading.

  9. I am sorry to hear that your little man is struggling. I have two that seem to be OK but Sebby is a nightmare. He has no focus. Hope you got to see snow, we didn’t get it here

  10. That is nice of your husband to show his appreciation. So glad your son got to see his friend, children are really missing out in that respect! Hope it cheered him up. I am glad your son wanted to come with you on a walk, my boys are really reluctant to leave the house at the moment.

  11. I can’t wait for garden visits to resume and us being allowed to travel further a field. As an adult I choose not to take part in video calls as does Peter and we have the camera covered, even with family and friends. i don’t like the feeling of being on show all the time, I don’t blame the bouy for not wanting to join in

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