Project 365 2021 Week 50

Project 365 2021 Week 50

Project 365 2021 Week 50 Day 346 – 352 The last week of term with cases of Omicron rises and a quick visit to Derbyshire to see my best friend.

Sunday 12th December – Day 346

Project 365 2021 Week 50

We met up with some of the OH’s family for lunch.  They’d booked a table at a pub restaurant in Brill but the food and service both left a lot to be desired.  Think we should have picked the one closer to the Windmill!

Our town council had organised a light show in the town park and we’d heard good things about it, so I booked some tickets and we headed down for the last night.  It was small, as we’d expected, but lovely to see the effort that had been made, and was a nice end to the weekend.

Back home to catch up with the last race of the Grand Prix season, what a corker.  I’m not a Hamilton fan and thought that Max deserved the title over the whole season, I guess we will be talking about the last lap for years to come.

Monday 13th December – Day 347

Project 365 2021 Week 50

Back to work and school.  I’ve been trying to get my son booked in for his Covid jab since Friday, but BoJo’s latest announcement seems to have totally screwed up any chance of him getting his turn any time soon.

These two are just adorable, naughty but adorable.

Tuesday 14th December – Day 348

Project 365 2021 Week 50

After work, I popped to a different supermarket to see if they had anything for Christmas that’s a bit different from what we already have planned.  Didn’t really see anything that took my fancy.

Got home to a load of posts including this love tree decoration made by my friend at Peerie Breeks Shells and Gifts. As soon as I saw it I knew my son would love it, so ordered it before anyone else got their hands on it!

Wednesday 15th December – Day 349

Project 365 2021 Week 50

My day off, which always makes me chuckle, whoever actually gets a day to do nothing?  I was in town picking up some things as soon as my son had left for school and this wooden reindeer just fell into my trolley.  I’ve got a number of reindeer who make an appearance every Christmas and he’s a lovely addition to the herd.

My son had his best friend round after school for a post-birthday meal.  It’s lovely to listen to them laughing and joking together.

After watching MP’s telling 12-year-olds to get vaccinated I tried ringing 119 again (still no joy with the website).  Finally got through to a human, and after 15 minutes I was advised that their system also said my son wasn’t eligible so he couldn’t book an appointment.  He told me to contact my GP.  I had emailed them on Monday, no reply, so emailed them again.  I don’t hold out much hope of a response.  A friend sent me a link to a site in Milton Keynes that should be accepting 12-year-olds for a walk-in clinic.  I don’t fancy a 40-minute drive to MK the week before Christmas if we got to the front of the queue and they still say he isn’t eligible, so I don’t know what to do now tbh.

Thursday 16th December – Day 350

Christmas Cactus

I thought I’d try the NHS booking system as soon as I woke up this morning and I was amazed to get straight through to the details page, and within a couple of minutes, I’d actually booked my son’s vaccination in for Sunday evening.  Phew!  Now just got to pray he doesn’t catch it from school in the last couple of days.

The Christmas Cactus I bought last year had been chewed to pieces by Fudge when it sat on the kitchen windowsill so I moved it to my bedroom a while ago.  You can still see some of the devastation but along with the scars, there are now plenty of flowers to cheer up another dull day!

Friday 17th December – Day 351

Project 365 2021 Week 50

The last day of term was in fact a half-day, so my son was home at lunchtime.  We popped into town to get some bits for Christmas from him for his Dad and then the rest of the afternoon was all about Lego building.  I’d impressed by the fact that he still had birthday Lego to open and build!

Saturday 18th December – Day 352

Project 365 2021 Week 50

I headed up to Derbyshire first thing for an overnight stay with my best friend.  The weather was a bit miserable so we decided not to go for a long walk and instead spent ages just watching all the birds visiting her garden.  I got a quick look at a woodpecker for the very first time, but only his head, and he flew off before I got to take a snap.

We’d already decided not to go out for dinner before the whole Omnicron thing erupted and opted for a Chinese takeaway, beers and a good film instead.  A good plan.

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18 thoughts on “Project 365 2021 Week 50

  1. Ahh! The light show looks fantastic. It being small is a good thing, it meant there wouldn’t have been tons of people.
    I don’t even follow the Grand Prix but even I took notice with that race.
    What beautiful decorations.
    I am glad you got your son booked in for his vaccination. I hope he’s OK with it. x

  2. Love the blue tit photo. I get so excited when I spot a woodpecker. I spotted the town lights on a few people’s photos – so nice. I’ve not seen the efforts in our town although I don’t think they’re that good.

  3. That light show looks great. Love the giraffe tree decoration. Glad you managed to book a vaccination for your son. Hope you enjoyed your stay with your friends. Merry Christmas to you and your family, hope you have a good one. #project365

  4. Glad you managed to get a vaccine booked, it sounds like the system is creaking a bit under the strain. You comment about a day off made me chuckle. Oh to do nothing…I hope you had a great time with your friend and that you all have a wonderful Christmas.

  5. Love your giraffe decoration, such a beautiful and intricate design. Our local area put on lights and we join in with our own outside decorations. Fingers crossed for an easy solution to the jab situation #project365

  6. I really like the reindeer you bought! The giraffe decoration is sweet too, a bit more unusual which is nice. Afternoons spent LEGO building are fab! I miss that this year neither of mine had any LEGO sets.

  7. I love the wooden reindeer! Things have a habit of falling into my trolley too, no idea how that happens!
    Sorry to here the food wasn’t brill at the pub you visited in Brill… they totally let the namesake down! :/ Yey to the Christmas catcus surviving a few cheeky bites… what gorgeous coloured flowers! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas! Sim x

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