Tuxedo cat sitting on top of sofa

Project 365 2021 Week 6

Project 365 2021 Week 6 Day 38-44 and our sixth week of lockdown with school and work from home and the last week before half-term.

Sunday 7th February – Day 38

Project 365 2021 Week 6

My son doesn’t get to spend much time with his Dad, and especially doing something that my son specifically wants to do.  So today I told them both that we would spend time doing exactly what my son wanted to do.  He picked a Lego building challenge, pitting his parents against each other with him deciding the various build categories.  We were each provided with two random tubs of Lego bricks and timed to complete each challenge.  My son loved having our undivided attention, he all too often has to do what we want to do.

Monday 8th February – Day 39

Project 365 2021 Week 6

The OH ended up taking my car to work as his car wouldn’t start yet again.  He had the battery changed recently so must be something more serious.  But I guess at least my car got to have a bit of a run.  He brought the van up to jump-start it later in the day and it’s back in the garage later in the week so they can investigate further.

It snowed all day and even though you can’t tell, it was actually snowing when I took this photo after we’d finished work for the day.  As you can see, it was a really poor show after the other week.  My son still found something to smile about though and after this snow ‘catch’ he wrote random P’s (for Paddington of course) all over the estate in any snow he found.

Tuesday 9th February – Day 40

Tuxedo cat sitting on top of sofa

It was always Paddington who sat on top of the sofa or armchair but recently Brewster has started doing it too.  Another strange change.

I’d ordered a new egg slicer from Amazon as our ancient one finally died.  On only the second time I used the new one, one of the wires snapped.  Grrr. Hardly fit for purpose, so need to arrange a return, refund and purchase a different one.

My son had a good day with school at home, minus one mid-morning blip.  Celebrate the little triumphs is the only way forward.

It tried snowing but was so fine it didn’t come to anything.

My SIL is having her Covid vaccination at the weekend, so that will be all of the over 70’s in the family in the UK who have had their first ones.

Wednesday 10th February – Day 41

Project 365 2021 Week 6

More trying and failing to snow but it’s bitterly cold.  My son was on top form with his schoolwork today, helped by me being able to fully support him.  Only two more days to go!

It’s still freezing but it was nice to see blue sky this afternoon.  I needed to return the broken egg slicer to a drop off point so it was a good excuse to get my son out for a walk.  He also got to have his weekly video call with his best friend after they’d both finished their schoolwork.

The tooth fairy is visiting again tonight, the third time in six weeks, she’s going to be bankrupt at this rate, and finding a £1 in a cashless lockdown is proving tricky!

Thursday 11th February – Day 42

Mackerel Sky

Do love a good mackerel sky snapped from my bedroom window at the end of the day.

We got some good news, vaccinations in the general population where my parents live in Spain started today for those aged 80 and over, so hopefully my parents will receive theirs in the next round over there.

Friday 12th February – Day 43

Project 365 2021 Week 6

Sums up the day – unravelled.  On the last day of term, my son had a total meltdown during his live Maths lesson and then accidentally ripped his new jumper open on the door handle.  All this before lunchtime.  Thankfully the afternoon was more tranquil and I managed to stitch his jumper back together fairly well.

Wine was definitely called for in the evening.

Saturday 13th February – Day 44

Project 365 2021 Week 6

My son and I are both left-handed but he is so much more ambidextrous than I am.  The only thing I can only do with my right hand is holding my mouse, otherwise, I do everything with my left hand.  My son can use scissors in his right hand which has always blown my mind.  This morning he’s been doing some stitching whilst I’ve been on the laptop and he’s happily switched between hands the whole time.  My brain can’t cope with that idea at all.

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26 thoughts on “Project 365 2021 Week 6

  1. How lovely that your son writes random Ps for Paddington in the snow. Lovely pics of a busy week.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  2. I love that your son set you and his dad a Lego challenge, what a fun idea. We had a similar amount of snow as you did. That mackerel sky is so pretty. Well done on managing to stitch the jumper back together – door handles are a pain for ripping clothes. I’m very impressed at your son being able to swap hands when stitching. Hope you have a nice half-term. #project365

  3. The Lego building sounds like a lot of fun. What a great setup your boy has with the trains.
    That really was a poor show of snow on Monday.
    That is great news that everyone over 70 in your family has had their vaccine. My dad has his a couple of days ago.
    Aww! I was just going to say how well the home learning was going and then Friday happened. Hooray for half term and a break from it all. x

  4. That’s so funny with him being more ambidextrous. I change my mouse to left handed, although I can do it the other way. Totally confuses N when using my laptop though as he’s a rightie. Hope your husband’s car gets fixed. Mine so rarely gets a run out at the moment. Managed to go to town this morning, so at least it got 25 mins in 2 phases.

  5. Sunday sounds like it was a great day for you all with some lovely family time. That mackerel sky is so pretty. Grrr to the snagged jumper, but well done with the repair

  6. The snow was strange for us too, continuous for 3 days or more but didn’t settle properly. Glad you were able to sort the jumper although maybe your son could have stitched it based on the final pic! #project365

  7. The boys also tend to have to dow hat we need or want to do as well so like the idea of a lego challenge. My eldest is left handed but right footed and seems to switch about as he sees fit. With my husband and I being right handed it took us some time when he was growing up to learn how to help him learn. But all leftys are geniuses! Well done on fixing the jumper it looks like a nasty rip

  8. Lovely that you had a family Lego Challenge. He does look happy in that picture getting to pick what to do! Lovely pic of Brewster and glad you managed to sew up the jumper!

  9. So glad your mum and dad will be getting their vaccines soon. We are doing so well here you forget that other countries are in a different place. I love your family Lego challenge. I wish my kids loved it as much as me. I have started buying sets for myself now lol. How funny that Brewster does things now that Paddington did #365

  10. Lego challenge sounds great. Monkey looks very happy, surrounded by Lego builds. Sorry to hear that Friday was a meltdown-kind of day. Hope you managed to recharge the batteries during the midterm break!

  11. My kids love having Dad’s undivided attention and Lego is normally the route to it…….they want a huge set next but the Lego death star is well out of my budget. Jealous of your snow

  12. It is so cool to be ambidextrous 🙂 That sky pic looks amazing. And Yes i find the kids have less tantrums and cries when we give them undivided attention but frankly it is so difficult especially during this pandemic when we have 10000 things on our head.

  13. The Lego building challenge sounds like lots of fun! Such a fab idea getting your son to pick the activity. I agree our children do have to go along with what we suggest usually, although lately all mine want to do is game! Sorry to hear your OH is having car troubles. Glad your parents are going to have their jab soon.

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