Project 365 2021 Week 8

Project 365 2021 Week 8

Project 365 2021 Week 8 Day 52-58 Back to school at home and all the joy that entails for another week. A visit to the Eye Hospital Clinic and a bit of a bombshell from school.

Sunday 21st February – Day 52

cross stitch hearts

The weekends used to be something to look forward to, but these days they are spent just been relieved that we aren’t logging on for school.  The OH and my son got out in the garden and planted some plants.  I’ve no idea what they’ve put in or where, but hopefully they’ll provide some colour whatever they are.

The magnifying glass is working well and I can see the chart for my cross stitch much more easily.  It’s the worst kit I’ve ever known for thread quality though with threads consistently breaking.  Fingers crossed I have enough of each colour to complete the whole thing.  It’s going to be late, but that can’t be helped.

Monday 22nd February – Day 53

Project 365 2021 Week 8

Back to school at home after a lovely week off.  The term topic is The Tale of Three Brothers which features in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  My son was quite happy to make his shadow puppets but he point-blank refused to be recorded reading his version of the story.  It’s going to be a long week.

Tuesday 23rd February – Day 54

Purple crocus

Finally, we have some colour in the garden.  Only a couple of crocuses but better than nothing.

Wednesday 24th February – Day 55

Project 365 2021 Week 8

I was referred to the Eye Hospital at the end of 2019 due to concerns over ocular hypertension levels.  I had my first consultation and lots of tests last March, just before ‘it’ happened and at that point, the consultant was happy not to start lifetime treatment and review me again in September 2020.  Then of course the world locked down and my appointment was cancelled.  I was given new appointment times before Christmas for today.  They all fitted in around school hours, and with the OH being able to drive me there and back as I’m not allowed to drive after some of the tests. And then of course we found ourselves back in lockdown ……

So we had to have a family outing to the hospital.  No online school work for my son for most of the day, and he had to sit in the supermarket car park for a few hours with the OH whilst I had all of my appointments.  I left them with some school work that needed completing and some CGP books to do if he was bored.

Not good news for me, pressure has risen again so I need to start taking daily eyedrop medication for life.  But very lucky that the optician spotted the issue when she did.  Always keep up your eyes tests!

Of course when I got back to the car barely any of the school work that had to be completed had been done – men!

We got back just in time for my son to join in with the year group virtual visit to an observatory, and Brewster seemed to enjoy it too.

Thursday 25th February – Day 56

Project 365 2021 Week 8

What A Day! We hit the ‘school at home brick wall’ today.  Full force.  It wasn’t fun in this household today.  My son has totally disengaged, won’t take in what’s being taught in the live lessons and seems to have just given up.  It is exhausting.

To top it off we got an email after school saying that when they go back year 5 and 6 will go back as whole years rather than three classes of mixed 5/6.  Basically, a teacher was off long term, a supply teacher covered before Christmas and since lockdown, the years have been taught online separately.  So my son won’t be with the teacher he had for half of the last academic year or the first full term of this one.  He isn’t a fan of the teacher he’s had virtually, she’s very experienced but too loud for him.  He had her for a few months in year 3 – it didn’t go well.  So there’s that and the fact there are over 40 children in the year.  I spent the evening formulating the many questions I have about this situation.

Friday 26th February – Day 57


Email sent off to school and a distraught son.  I’m so done with this week.

The email reply sent to all year 5 and 6 parents has done nothing to allay our concerns. That’s a situation to look forward to on 8th March.  A more pressing concern is finding out about his Secondary school placement on Monday.  I don’t think I’ll be getting much sleep over the weekend.

I captured the moon on my long lens earlier in the week and kept it on the camera in case I had a moment to catch any birds.  We have a pair of Robins that visit us daily but today was the first time one of them visited when I wasn’t stuck to a laptop.

After school and work were done I dropped my son off with his Dad so I could do some shopping and catch up with some work that has been piling up over the last month.  I am so far behind with everything.  One more week to go!

Saturday 27th February – Day 58

Project 365 2021 Week 8

We’ve had a very chilled out start to the day and looks like it’s going to be a lovely bright Spring day today.  My son is busy playing with his Lego and we’ve got a family zoom call with my auntie’s care home to wish her a happy birthday.  It’s the first time we’ve attempted it and it could go horribly wrong but if we don’t try we will never know.

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27 thoughts on “Project 365 2021 Week 8

  1. Ahh! We feel the same about the weekend, not having to do school work. It is a relief.
    Oh no, the cross stitch kit doesn’t sound great. What a faff with the thread breaking.
    I wouldn’t worry about your son not letting the school record him. My youngest won’t appear on video or even speak. She just types what she has to say. It is frustrating though.
    So sorry about the hospital appointment and the results.
    That sounds rubbish about the whole school year being taught together. Your poor son, it’s not what he needs in a time that is already stressful.
    I hope the family Zoom call went well x

  2. Sorry to hear about the school nightmare. Sounds very odd – makes sense virtually as they can teach more, but to uproot kids who just want to get back to what they know, it seems madness that they can’t get an extra teacher back in. I hadn’t realised he wasn’t having his normal teacher on the virtual lessons either – probably hasn’t helped things there either. Hopefully you get some answers – hopefully they’ve got space because surely they’d need an extra classroom to be able to do 2 classes of each year rather than teaching 40 in a classroom where they’re used to 30.

    Glad the optician picked up your eye issue. Hopefully the drops help. Anything with eyes can be worrying, but hopefully now they’ll keep an eye on things going forward.

    Looks like your son’s had a haircut. N is sporting a similar crop at the moment courtesy of the clippers from his uncle (not my doing!)

    1. They’ve said they’d struggle to recruit someone to start before May half term and supply teachers won’t commit to the full school year. Who knows, but we aren’t happy about it. I’ve been doing both the OH and my son’s hair since last March, neither want to go back to the barber so as long as they want one size all over I’m good to go.

      1. Shame. We’re lucky with school supply teachers. They only use 2 they call on – last year they basically did job share for reception after there was a bit of dubious stuff from the previous teacher going on long term sick after accepting the role late & the timings meaning they couldn’t actually recruit because she was still legally on the books. So they’ve always got 2 on standby.

  3. The good part is that in a few years the school problems will be just as distant memory, not that helps with the situation today though. I hope the changes will not be too disruptive.
    I was happy to see some crocuses in the garden too.

  4. Sorry to hear about the situation with your eye sight, glad to hear the optician was up on their role when they saw you. I personally wouldn’t get too stressed out about the school/teacher situation, I can’t see this back to school going fully to plan. There are far more many people struggling with home schooling/distance learning with their children, I know quite a few people in a similar situation to you. It’s just a shame people aren’t more open about it, you’ll get there, so will the boy x

  5. The picture of the flower looks lovely. I am sorry to hear about your eyes but yes so grateful that it has been caught on so early. and it is also crazy how much of our regular healthcare appointments have been cancelled since a year now!

  6. Love crocuses! I need to get some for my garden. Sorry to hear about the eye issues but glad it was picked up!

    Sorry to hear about the issues at school….so much disruption!

  7. Glad the magnifying glass is helping make the cross-stitch easier. Sorry to hear that your ocular pressure has risen but glad you are now getting treatment for it. The changes to year groups going back at school sound stressful – hope your son will be okay with it all when he goes back next week. Hope the Zoom call with your auntie went well. #project365

  8. Harry Potter as part of school projects, that’s amazing! You have reminded me I really need to book an eye test. I’m glad you got to go to your appointment and they can give you medicine to help. The new classes sound interesting to say the least! I hope going back on the 8th isn’t too stressful for you all. I think we are going to have some tears here #365

  9. I’m sorry about the situation with your son’s class. As a mum I would be horrified but as a member of staff I know we have 4 absences to contend with next week: good luck! Shame about the cross sticth quality: is is a well known brand? #project365

  10. Glad the magnifying glass is useful, and sorry that that the cross stitch kit is pants. Big hugs re the remote learning situation, and Monkey feeling unmotivated to study. The news on the class arrangements are worrying, I can see why you are both concerned. I’m not looking forward to Monday the 8th, as I’m also worried about the arrangements.

  11. I am so sorry to hear about your eyes, hopefully the eyedrops will work. Hopefully the school will work out, I know a lot of kids are anxious about returning, but I am hopeful that seeing their friends will make it easier for them

  12. Sorry to hear about the schooling nightmare. It is going to be a difficult transition as it is. I did see on instagram that you got the secondary school so thats brilliant news I am so happy for you all. Hope the family zoom call went well.We tired a couple of times but gave up in the end as it was so stressful for all involved!

  13. Love the shadow puppets. Glad you have treatment finally, lockdown seems to have held up so many very important appointments. Gosh 40 seems a big year group for primary. Hope you get the answers your looking for. Hope the family zoom call went well.

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