Project 365 2021 Week 9

Project 365 2021 Week 9

Project 365 2021 Week 9 Day 59-65 The last week of round three of school at home. Goodbye February and hello March.

Sunday 28th February – Day 59

Project 365 2021 Week 9

We went out for a walk that didn’t involve walking around a housing estate.  It was wonderful and warm in the sunshine.  It was just what we all needed.

Monday 1st March – Day 60

Project 365 2021 Week 9

Secondary school placement day and a day I’ve been dreading for longer than I can remember.  I logged on just after midnight and just could not take in what I was seeing.  Somehow we’d actually been offered a place at our first choice school. I can’t adequately describe the relief I felt, I couldn’t stop sobbing tbh, I hadn’t dared believe it would be good news.

To say that my son was over the moon would be an understatement.  We were both walking on air all day.

I had a text saying my prescription was ready at my pharmacy.  What pharmacy? You can’t ring up and speak to a human and you can’t reply to the text.  So I had to query via the doctor’s website and await their response.  They sent a reference number and said I could go to any pharmacy.  So I left my son in the car and picked it up, but the pharmacist thinks the doctor hasn’t given me enough meds for the next month – yet another online query to raise.

Tuesday 2nd March – Day 61

Project 365 2021 Week 9

Had a good night’s sleep for the first time in ages which made a nice change.

After school and work were done for the day we got a few bits out that my son had been given for Christmas that he hadn’t looked at.  Time to unwind for a bit.

I needed to post a letter and my son asked if we could walk to his new school to time how long it takes – ten minutes door to door.  A vast difference to the school which is our actual catchment school.  But that doesn’t matter anymore.  We can now plan for the future, it feels good.

Wednesday 3rd March – Day 62

Project 365 2021 Week 9

Budget day and hopefully I’ll know from my boss what my hours will be from next week at some point this week now.

Another day, another Minecraft build.  Disaster today as he lost his F1 world in a never portal – eek, I was no use trying to sort that out!

Thursday 4th March – Day 63

Grey squirrel

Mum’s birthday and we had a Skype session with her and Dad after school and work were done for the day.

I’ve left my long lens on my camera and we’ve been watching the birds over the last week or so.  We also have a squirrel who regularly pops by to see what’s on the bird table.  This week he’s enjoyed helping himself to some apple.

Had a zoom catch up with my NCT group, all of the kids have got into their choices of primary school, it’s a shame that they’ll all be at different schools but hopefully, we will be able to get them all together at some point this year.

Friday 5th March – Day 64

Black and white cat

The last day of school at home – hopefully, and today the school have organised a screen-free day of learning.  My son had a few exercises to complete first thing in the morning which had to be uploaded to Teams and then it was time to pack up his laptop and let him have fun. Brewster hadn’t received the memo to tell him that school at home is now closed.

I rejigged the desk so I am now back to looking out of the patio doors rather than at the wall.  My return to work hours for Monday has now been finalised.  I’ve been doing 9 hours a week at home, and when I go back in on Monday I’ll be up to 13 hours and hopefully, I’ll be back up to 16 hours as and when the world gets back to normal.

Saturday 6th March – Day 65

Lego Ivor the Engine

My little creator has been hard at work again with his Lego.  He discovered Ivor the Engine on YouTube in the week and when I told him that my brother and I used to watch it when we were little he hatched a plan.  Over the last couple of days, he’s been finding the parts to create his own Ivor the Engine complete with Jones (the driver). I think he’s done rather a good job. Apparently asking for Idris the Dragon was a step too far though 🙂

We’ve been watching the birds in the garden again.  We have magpies building a nest, pairs of robins, blackbirds, collared doves and wood pigeons.  I even captured a wren visiting our bird table.  It was like rush hour at one point this afternoon.  Lovely to watch.

What have you been up to this week?

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24 thoughts on “Project 365 2021 Week 9

  1. That is great news about your boys secondary school place and fantastic that it is only a 10 minute walk away.
    Your boys face while playing on his switch did make me chuckle. That is rubbish as he lost his Minecraft world. x

  2. Such a good result with the secondary school place. Such a relief. As is the end of remote learning. Hope the back to school goes well.

  3. Walks somewhere other than around the housing estate are lovely. We’ve had far too many around ours! I’m so glad that your son got a place at his first choice school – what a relief for you all – and how lovely that your friends’ kids all got into their first choice schools too. I’m very impressed by your son’s Ivor the Engine Lego creation. #project365

  4. Love his Ivor the engine!

    Oh so pleased you got your first choice! It is such a relief when you open it up and see first choice offered!

  5. So pleased you got the school you wanted it must have been such a relief. Good to hear your hours are starting to go back up. Good idea on the screen free activities for the last day. Hope the return to school has gone smoothly.

  6. I’m loving Ivor the Engine ‘who lives in the top left hand corner of Wales’ How on earth do you lose a F1 World in a portal. The look on his face in that photo is fab and I love those PJs. Hope back to school has gone well and back to work with a view of the garden works for you.

  7. I’m so glad you got the secondary school placement you both wanted. I must admit I had a little panic when I realised we should have been going through the same thing this year but thankfully Ethan will stay at the school he is in now. Where you went for a walk looks lovely. I have no idea what you are talking about in Minecraft lol #365

  8. So glad you got the school you wanted! It is frustrating when you cannot talk to someone at the doctors: this week I had to see a nurse as my e consult wasn’t enough but nurses can’t give prescriptions so then had to wait for doctor approval! #project365

  9. Glad to hear your got your first choice school. I have just got the info through for Eliza’s residential so that means I am going to be applying for her school place next year – time goes so fast

  10. So pleased for you – it’s such a relief to be offered the school of your first choice. Love the picture of squirrel. Now that you have rejigged your working desk, you will be distracted by what’s going on at the patio outside. 🙂
    Monkey is so creative.

  11. Congratulation to your son ( and to you) on getting to the school of your choice.. i can understand the anxiety regarding it.. the shot of the squirrel is so perfectly timed!! Love following your son’s lego creations.. he is so creative!!

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