Kinver Edge Rock Houses

Project 365 2022 Week 1

Project 365 2022 Week 1 Day 1-8 A new year, let’s hope it’s a kind one for all of us. Hard to believe that this is my ninth year taking part in this weekly roundup.

Saturday 1st January – Day 1

Project 365 2022 Week 1

New Years Day and a day spent at home for my son and me but the OH had to supply a customer so he ended up working most of the day.  I’ve seriously eaten too many treats over the holiday period this year with a lot more sofa surfing than I’d normally do, so got to get off my butt in 2022 and get rid of the excess weight, but not today!

Sunday 2nd January – Day 2

Kinver Edge Rock Houses

Fresh Air! We headed to Kinver Edge to explore the Rock Houses, Hill Fort and Caves.  We got a new stamp for my son’s National Trust passport and loved exploring somewhere new.

We also realised that we were really close to Severn Valley Railway, so we decided to drive to a couple of the smaller stations and explore the area around them too.  Well worth it and we will be going back in warmer weather for a longer walk.  My son got to see a steam locomotive too so he was very happy.

Monday 3rd January – Day 3

Lego Hovercraft

Bank Holiday and another chilled out day.  My son made up the last of his Christmas presents.

Tuesday 4th January – Day 4

Project 365 2022 Week 1

Back to work properly but not back to school for my son just yet.  My son had bought some Lego train carriages from eBay with his birthday/Christmas money and they arrived today.  I’ve dealt with the seller before and she included a free Lego police helicopter in with his order which was a lovely surprise.  There are some nice people around.

After I’d finished work we headed to the local garden centre, bought a couple of tree decorations in their sale and a pot for his miniature Christmas Tree.  We potted it up when we got home and it’s now on the patio.  We’re hoping it won’t die and that we can start a new tradition and bring it in again each Christmas.  We will see how we get on with it!

Wednesday 5th January – Day 5

Project 365 2022 Week 1

Today my son should have been returning to school properly but instead, he’s just going in for a lateral flow test and then coming back home again until Friday. Once he got home we got all of his homework out of the way so he’s clear until next week. His LFT test came back negative as we were fairly confident it would.

Fudge is definitely channelling his Norwegian Forest Cat ancestors – he will climb anything, I just know he’s going to be on the garage roof as soon as we let him and Pippi out.  Building up to that happening next week, maybe.

Thursday 6th January – Day 6

Grey Squirrel

My son’s last day at home so he had a pj day and I just went with it. Once work was done I got some house chores done and we sorted out the bookcase in the living room.  It meant a lot of stuff has been deposited in the ‘scary room’, AKA the box room, which needs a massive clear out this year.  I really need that room to become a proper office this year.

Our squirrel visitors have been busily helping themselves to the seeds on the bird table again.

Friday 7th January – Day 7

Project 365 2022 Week 1

Finally, my son goes back to school today. Peace and quiet for me and for the cats.  It’s not always this harmonious, but they a certainly getting on better these days.

After work, I got out in the garden for an hour doing some long-overdue tidying up.  Probably the wrong time of year, but it has to be done when I have the time! It was really quite chilly but nice to be outside by myself for a bit.  I also saw a few things sprouting up through the soil, so Spring is coming.

I received an email saying that Waddesdon Manor was extending their Christmas Lights display and that it’s free for NT members, so I’ve booked tickets for Sunday.  I’m sure my son will moan when he finds out I’ve not paid for the bus and he’ll have to walk both ways but tough! The joys of a pre-teen.

Saturday 8th January – Day 8

Project 365 2022 Week 1

It’s another grey, wet, dreary January day here and we’ve got little motivation to get anything done really.  Skyped Mum and Dad this morning and chilled out with my son.  He finally agreed to let me burst his birthday balloons which he’s had in his birthday for almost a month.

I’d really hoped that we’d feel able to plan ahead in 2022, that there would be more confidence and that there really would be an end to ‘this’ in sight.  But now I feel that things we did in December, I wouldn’t do now.  I miss the excitement of filling my diary with weekend adventures and planning trips.  It all feels a bit relentless now, and I have to remind myself that I never, ever, enjoy January.

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21 thoughts on “Project 365 2022 Week 1

  1. Ohh! That cheesecake looks so good. I ate far too much over Christmas too. I am working on moving more though.
    It sounds like a great day out on Sunday.
    What a good buy your son made with the Lego and what a great seller too.
    It looks like the cats are loving life. x

  2. I definitely ate too much over Christmas and plan on trying to get a bit more active. And like you I am missing the planning element of weekends and adventures. I would normally be writing bucket lists now but they seem a but pointless. We also have that lego boat and have been building it today. Lovely that the ebay seller included the policy helicopter. Happy new year.

  3. That cheesecake looks amazing. How nice the seller added a freebie. Sounds like the day out was interesting. We walked at Waddesdon – had bought shuttle bus tickets but then didn’t use them. Was actually a nice walk, and N announced he always wants to walk rather than get the bus. He never usually wants to walk anywhere!

  4. I love how much your son loves Lego. After Ethan’s Lego build I’m hoping we can try another one. I must admit I’m a bit over it and reacted to that feeling on Christmas eve booking something big for August. Who knows if it will happen! #365

  5. Ooh that cheesecake does look yummy. Kinver Edge looks like an interesting place to explore. Your son looks like he’s enjoying putting his new Lego train carriages together and how lovely for the seller to add a Lego police helicopter set in as well. Fudge walking along the radiator made me smile as did the ‘scary room’ – we have one of those too and I’m going to have to clear it at some point to turn it into a bedroom for Thomas! January is a dreary month isn’t it even without all the Covid stuff making it worse. Hopefully things will start to ease at some point. #project365

  6. We had the same delay to the start of school for my eldest due to lateral flows but then we didn’t get the negative result until 2 days later so had to send him in regardless! #project365

  7. That cheesecake looks lush. I think we all had way too many treats over the festive period. I don’t know of that rock cave place you mentioned, but it looks interesting. So lovely that the seller has included the extra Lego set for your son. We had the same one day delay at Eddie’s school for testing. Fudge does look like an explorer, you will be worried when he starts going outside.

  8. Sounds like a good start to the year, yummy looking cheesecake, it’s hard to resist. Love the cat balancing on the radiator. That was reay kind of the ebay seler, lucky boy

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