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Project 365 2022 Week 13

Project 365 2022 Week 13 Day 86 – 92 We started the week with Mother’s Day down in London and ended it with sunshine and snow flurries in Oxfordshire.

Sunday 27th March – Day 86

Canada Water

Mother’s Day.  We headed down to a very misty London on the first train of the day and emerged from the Canada Water tube station to find the Shard half-hidden along with a number of other skyscrapers.  We’ve not explored this part of London before so had a walk around before The Brunel Museum opened.  It was smaller than we’d expected and the tunnel shaft wasn’t quite as deep as we’d hoped.  After a scramble to find anything for lunch I realised that I’d lost my train/tube ticket, gutting.  The attendant at the tube station said he could let us through at his end but we’d have to go straight to Marylebone when we were ready to see if they could/would issue a replacement ticket against my receipt.  We decided to sort it out after we’d been to Titanic: The Exhibition.  We didn’t enjoy it as much as I’d hoped, probably not helped by the whole ticket issue.

Anyway, when we came out of the exhibition, the mist had cleared and I suggested that we retrace our steps from the morning so we could keep an eye out for my ticket and see the sights that had been covered up by the weather.  My OH will never let me forget the moment when he found my ticket outside The Brunel Museum, but I’ll live with that.  We decided to explore further into Rotherhithe and found another couple of quays and inland waterways, an interesting bridge, and actually, we all agreed that this was the best part of the day for us.

We stopped off at Westminster on the way home so we could show the OH the heart we’d dedicated to his uncle on the Covid Memorial Wall and grabbed an Indian takeaway when we got back.

In other news, my nephew’s team won their cup final with him as the captain too, so that was a great bit of news.

Monday 28th March – Day 87

Project 365 2022 Week 13

The plumber was meant to be coming back first thing to look at the toilet that broke again after one flush on Friday after his person fixed it Friday.  He turned up mid-afternoon.  Looks like the problem is actually different to the one they’d fixed in the first place.  Unum.  He’ll be back ‘tomorrow’ with another part.

Fudge, the cat who used to be scared of his own shadow appears to have found his Norwegian Forest Cat genes and I caught this shot after his latest attempt to launch himself at the trees behind our house.  It won’t be long before he succeeds which will be gutting as we get lots of birds nesting there.

Tuesday 29th March – Day 88

Project 365 2022 Week 13

After work, I headed to Dark Side Nails for a bit of nail TLC ahead of our event on Thursday.

Wednesday 30th March – Day 89

Project 365 2022 Week 13

I’m working today instead of Friday to help get everything ready for our event tomorrow. The flowers in my Mother’s Day display are looking nice, for now at least.

I treated myself to a long soak in the bath and a really early night.

Thursday 31st March – Day 90

Guildhall London

Up at the crack of dawn for our event at the Guildhall in London. My boss had arranged for us both to be picked up and driven down to the venue along with a load of kit we needed for the event which was just as well as we had more things to take than we could have managed on trains and tubes.  It was a busy set-up but a beautiful venue and our 450+ guests seemed to enjoy themselves.  I’d meant to take a load of internal shots before everyone arrived but didn’t have the time.  Next year!

After lunch, our guests headed to a local pub and we joined them once we’d completed the event breakdown.  A fair few double G&T’s later and our driver arrived to take us and our kit home again.

I’d received a text from my son earlier in the day to pre-warn me that I’d got the joy of school at home on Friday.  Just the luck.

Friday 1st April – Day 91

Project 365 2022 Week 13 Fri

My day off and at least with my son not going to school today I didn’t need to set an alarm. School at home started mid-morning and thankfully for once, my son just got on with it without any complaints or meltdowns.

The cover for our new garden furniture arrived just in time for me to cover it all before the snow flurries started.  It needs tightening up around the bottom better, but for today it will do!

Saturday 2nd April – Day 92

Project 365 2022 Week 13 Fri

I’d spent yesterday in my pjs but today I needed to pick up my prescription eye drops so I walked over to the pharmacy to pick them up.  It’s another one of the days where one minute it’s blue skies and the next it’s trying to snow.  And it’s cold.  Again.

4 thoughts on “Project 365 2022 Week 13

  1. It sounds like a bit of a hit and miss trip to London. What a nightmare losing your ticket.
    Go on Fudge, he seems to have really found his confidence.
    Thursday sounds like a fun day! x

  2. Sounds like the event went well. Shame when things cause concern when you’re out for what’s meant to be a nice day out. Glad you found your ticket though. The weather’s been so weird hasn’t it. Extreme April ‘showers’ so far. We’ve got gales and gusts here which I’d not expected. I had to tip over the table tennis table to make sure it didn’t fall over .Now the cover’s billowing and making a right racket!

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