Project 365 2022 Week 2

Project 365 2022 Week 2

Project 365 2022 Week 2 Day 9-15 The week where I decided it was time to get more exercise and fresh air on a daily basis to get back in shape.

Sunday 9th January – Day 9

Project 365 2022 Week 2

After a chilled out day, we headed over to Waddesdon Manor to explore their Winter Lights Trail.  It may not be as big and fancy as other displays, but that’s ok with us.  We loved their display when it used to be free and when we saw that the event had been extended and that NT members could go for free, we booked our tickets.  Quite telling that a number of my friends appeared to do exactly the same thing this weekend.

Monday 10th January – Day 10

Project 365 2022 Week 2

I just sneaked the limited view we get of sunrises from our house to start the day.  My son’s first full week back at school.

The cats seem to have found some sort of harmony and a few times now I’ve found all three of them fast asleep on top of my bed.  I’ve got to be brave and let Pippi and Fudge go out at some point over the next week, so I wonder how Brewster will feel about sharing that space too.  The ‘kittens’ don’t acknowledge their names at all so I’m even more nervous about letting them out.

Tuesday 11th January – Day 11

Project 365 2022 Week 2

I’ve put on a chuck of weight around my middle over the last year and I’ve just not been anywhere near as active as I was before Coronavirus, and when I walked my son to school etc.  I’m struggling to find the enthusiasm to plan weekend adventures which isn’t helping either.

So this morning, I was starting work a bit later, so I put my boots on and when my son left for school I headed out on a brisk walk.  I managed just over 2.5 miles in 40 minutes before I needed to be back to turn the laptop on.  I need to make myself so something every day I think, both for my mental and physical well being.

Wednesday 12th January – Day 12

Project 365 2022 Week 2

Day off and I had planned to get a brisk walk in before heading off for my hair appointment, but I had a notification for a parcel delivery that I couldn’t risk missing and by the time it arrived there wasn’t enough time left, so I got a quick walk in later.

Hair cut and colour done, tax return information compiled and just need to complete the actual form online now.  A lot of jobs were done at home and my son’s Lego order finally arrived with two new 2022 sets he’d ordered with birthday/Christmas money.  This is one of the sets he bought.

My son isn’t a fan of sports so there’s a whole world that we haven’t been involved with as yet.  He starts Rugby at school in PE on Friday and we bought the mouthguard and footie boots he needs before Christmas.  He asked me to put lazy laces on his boots so he can change quickly at school, so I thought I’d better get everything ready ahead of time.  Just as well I did as I had no idea you have to heat and mould mouthguards!  I started to change the laces in the footie boots to lazy laces (rubber straps) but they were so much harder to fit than the ones we’ve put on his trainers before and 45 minutes later I’d almost finished one boot and got a large blister on my finger to show for it.  I’ve delegated the OH to complete the task!

Thursday 13th January – Day 13

Project 365 2022 Week 2

Wonky the Squirrel is back! First time I’ve seen him and his bent tail in months.  Although this does mean he’ll be trying to break my bird feeders yet again.

It was another frosty morning so I managed to get a quick walk around the estate before starting work.  Not as long as Monday as I only had a 25-minute window but better than nothing.

After work, I picked up on an email from the school. Children have previously had to pick their options in Year 8 and then do them over 3 years in year 9-11 with some exams being taken in year 10.  They’ve decided now that the kids won’t pick their options until year 9 and then have two years concentrating on their option subjects.  I’m really pleased with this decision, it’s exactly how my schooling was, and I think the children in the current year 7/8 have missed out on so much over the last two years, this change will hopefully give them a better, broader education before they have to decide anything.

I decided to see if the kitten harnesses I’d bought ages ago would still fit Pippi and Fudge so I could introduce them to the garden.  I hadn’t expected them to hate the whole idea as much as they did.  It’s definitely going to be a two-man job on the next attempt.

Friday 14th January – Day 14

Project 365 2022 Week 2

It was a really cold and frosty morning but I couldn’t risk going out before work as we were booked in with British Gas for our overdue boiler service between 8-1 pm.  After the fiasco, we had at the back end of last year when we got a letter cancelling our service on the day they were due to be with us, I wasn’t convinced the person would actually turn up.  But he did, a sub-contractor who had driven down from Birmingham!!! and not the side of Birmingham that would be ‘closest’ to us either. Anyway, the boiler got the attention it needed and off he went.

Once I’d finished work, I grabbed a sandwich and headed out for a walk. It had warmed up and the frost was gone and the sky was blue.  I love days like this.

Apparently in the 21st century, if there’s frost on the grass, you don’t play Rugby outside at school.  How on earth did we all survive in 1970/’80s when I can remember playing hockey in the blooming snow! So this meant that the footie boots and mouthguard won’t get their first tryout until next week, maybe.

Saturday 15th January – Day 15

Project 365 2022 Week 2

We tried ‘project get the kittens outside’ again today, with my son helping me.  He had Pippi, and although every unsure, she did get to the point where she was walking around the garden with him quite well.  Fudge, bless him, this picture doesn’t tell the story really.  He was shaking like a leaf as I held him and when he calmed down enough for me to put him down he just wanted to hide under the stone seat.  It wasn’t long before he was hurtling back inside with me in tow.  It’s a work in progress, and we’ll try again tomorrow.  I’m sure once he’s built up his confidence he’ll be giving me grey hairs with his outdoor adventures, but it seems we have the timidest cat I’ve ever met right now.

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22 thoughts on “Project 365 2022 Week 2

  1. I never realised cats would hate freedom so much! Hopefully they’ll get used to being outdoors soon. I rmember playing sports in all weathers too – they play tennis is pretty much everything (although the other night was a bit cy on the courts in places). I suppose frozen pitches aren’t safe and pro matches get called off for that too. The options and doing 2 years of GCSEs sounds much better. Same as I had too – and much better for children who do take time to mature. I’m sure my 5th year standard was so much better than I could have done in 4th or even 3rd year.

  2. The Winter Lights Trail looks like a great evening out.
    Well done with the exercise. It is good to get out and get active. I feel better when I’ve been out for a walk. It was such a lovely day on Friday, I had a good walk then too.
    Aww! Poor Fudge. It sounds like he really didn’t like the outside. I am sure he’ll get used to it x

  3. Good plan on the exercise I could do the same, also lacking in weekend planning. Need to get a grip lol! I had no idea that cats could be scared of being outside. but then we have only ever had Alf who is a bit of a bruiser. Hope they adjust soon. Great news re the option choices makes a lot more sense to me to, thats how I did and I hadn’t realised it had changed. Great you managed to get free tickets to the light walk.

  4. The Lights trail looks cool!

    I need to start some exercise…should really go for a walk with baby in the pushchair daily.

    Love the squirrel capture and poor Fudge! But his tail is amazing!

  5. That squirrel shot is fantastic. What a pose! I’ve seen it on your Insta, and just love this image. Poor Fudge, if he doesn’t like the outdoors, would you not be able to have him as an indoors cat? Eddie also needs a mouth thingy for rugby. I couldn’t wear it at all, with my gag reflex it would be impossible. The lights over the Manor look splendid. Having daily walks is a good plan.

  6. The Waddesdon light display looks good. Good idea to get out for a walk – I’m hoping that doing 1000 hours outside will help encourage me to get out for more walks too! The photo of Wonky the squirrel on the bird feeder made me smile. We have one that keeps trying to get at the bird feeders at the moment. That sounds like a good change for GCSE options. I’m surprised by not playing rugby outside if it’s frosty – we definitely were out playing hockey when it was frosty when I was at school as well. Poor Fudge, hope he gets used to being outside soon. #project365

  7. I love the look of those winter lights. We only got to see the Silverstone Christmas lights. I honestly don’t know where December went! I think we picked our options in year nine as they were our GCSE subjects. Well done you getting out and about more. Its on my list of things to do as my scales laugh every time I go near them! I wonder if Fudge will just be happy being an indoor cat. My indoor only cat always tries to escape! #365

  8. Our cat does know her name and responds when she’s in the house if we call her, but she comes home to a set routine of mainly food time. I tend to open the door around 6pm and 10pm and she’s just sitting on the door step. If not I just say ‘CAT’ and she crawls out from under the car. Doesn’t sound like you’ll get much exercise walking the cats anytime soon. The mouth guards are a pain, I’m surprised the school haven’t told you about a mouth guard fitting service that is offered, you have to pay but it’s made for the individual child.

  9. Glad you have been reconnecting with nature and enjoyed getting outdoors. Good luck to your son with rugby, we are dealing with food tech this term! #project365

  10. I love the photo of Wonky the squirrel, what a great capture. That’s fab you got to do the Winter Lights Trail for free with your membership. Hope Fudge is adjusting to having the freedom to explore outside and isn’t as nervous now. Glad your boiler is finally sorted.

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