Blenheim Palace

Project 365 2022 Week 3

Project 365 2022 Week 3 Day 16 – 22 A week where winter really arrived with some really cold frosty mornings but with a bit of blue sky mixed in for good measure.

Sunday 16th January – Day 16

Blenheim Palace

I’d converted some more Tesco vouchers so we could get the OH an annual pass for Blenheim Palace and we headed off for some fresh air in the sunshine. We also decided to explore inside the palace and happened to be in the right place at the right time as the organist was practising, it sounded magical.

Monday 17th January – Day 17

Project 365 2022 Week 3

Another frosty morning and a day that went by in a blur.  I finally got through on the online chat to Sky to discuss the cost of our package.  I’d worked out how much a new customer would pay for our package with the addition of NetFlix.  It was quite a shock.  It really, really annoys me when there isn’t a level playing field and existing customers have to play the ‘I’m going to cancel if you don’t do xyz’ all the time.  Anyway, after playing the game, I finally won and got the deal I wanted.  My son said I should have asked for F1 too, he’s probably right but it’ll do for now.

Our Netflix subscription started straight away and I might already be addicted to Bridgerton.  My son is looking forward to watching Drive to Survive and we’re going to watch the Schumacher documentary at the weekend.  What else should we catch up on?

After my son had done his homework he persuaded me to have a look at the GeoGuessr game he’d seen some Youtubers he follows, play.  We’re only using the free version but it’s quite good fun.  Basically, you have different categories and you look at google earth trying to decide where places are.  We aced the Formula 1 tracks and did better with Famous Places than we’ve done with the UK.  It’s a bit of fun and actually a good way to improve geography skills.

Tuesday 18th January – Day 18

Project 365 2022 Week 3

On another really cold day, my son didn’t get to play rugby again in PE, so he’s hoping this weather lasts for the rest of the term. Took ages to de-ice the car so I could pop round to my boss to sort an issue out with my work laptop.  Had thought about walking but it was so slippy underfoot I thought better of it.

Project ‘get the kittens to go outside’ is still a work in progress.  Still using the harness and leads and Fudge is getting a little more confident and had a good explore of the garden but he definitely wasn’t keen on the temperature.  Now it’s Pippi who has decided she really isn’t keen on being outside, especially on the grass.  They’re both much happier looking at the birds through the patio door glass, whilst sitting on the armchair in the warmth!

I don’t really understand why, but an update to our Sky package means a new router, which arrived this afternoon.  But actually, it’s a better option for us as it’s an upright version so easier to place in the hallway.  I’d got the router and all of our devices sorted out before my son finished school and all went well.  Makes a change.

Wednesday 19th January – Day 19

Project 365 2022 Week 3

Day off and lots to do.  My tax return was submitted before my son had even left for school and then into town to pay in some cheques, pick up food for Pippi and Fudge (their food has been out of stock everywhere since the New Year for some reason), queue in the Post Office to return the old Sky router, pick up eye drops and back home again.

I was going to go for a walk but as I got home it started to rain so I decided to get some house jobs done instead.  Sorted out the craft cupboard which barely gets looked at these days.  I decided that a lot of stuff could be donated to my son’s old school, so dropped it all off. Have discovered that my son has enough pencils to last him into old age!

Ordered a spare part for our Gtech Multi that I reviewed years ago.  Somehow one of the attachments has disappeared (must be the OH), but it’s the one you really need for the stairs.  Another job ticked off the never-ending ‘to do’ list.

My son wants to make dinner at the weekend for the first time, so we’re looking at ideas for his menu.  I’d be happy if it was just beans on toast, it’s the offer to help and to try something that’s much appreciated.

Thursday 20th January – Day 20

Project 365 2022 Week 3

Another cold, grey day.

My son no longer needs to wear a mask in class but is encouraged to wear one elsewhere in school from today.  Cases are going up here and I’m just waiting for one or all of us to get ‘it’ now whilst doing everything we can to minimise the risk of that happening.

Almost had all three cats in the garden at once, but Pippi is having none of it.  The saga continues.

Friday 21st January – Day 21

Project 365 2022 Week 3


Meatloaf passed away today.  Loved his music back in the day.

Got a load of jobs done after work and my son helped try to persuade Pippi and Fudge that cats do go outdoors.  It didn’t last long.

Saturday 22nd January – Day 22

Project 365 2022 Week 3

We Skyped Mum and Dad and then I got the clippers out to my son’s hair.  I’ve been doing both his and his Dad’s hair since the first lockdown and neither seems in any hurry to return to the barber.

We introduced my son to Mission Impossible last weekend and this evening we watched the second film in the series.  I’ve not seen it for years, and we all agreed that it was better than the first one.  I bought the OH a box set of the first six films for Christmas.  I’m not sure I’ve watched any of the others before so will be interesting to see how they compare.

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15 thoughts on “Project 365 2022 Week 3

  1. Fab photos! It sounds like a good day out at Blenheim Palace. My fella has been trying to get through to Sky too but the waiting times are so long. We need to discuss our package too. We’ve been customers for over 14 years and get charged a fortune compared to new customers. My youngest loves that GeoGuessr thing, they play it in school, it is fun and educational. x

  2. Thankfully N prefers going to the barbers, I do the OH’s hair which I hate doing. Takes so long to do, and with the barbers doing appointments I don’t see why he can’t take 40 mins out and go and get it cut there.
    So funny watching the kittens’ avoidance of the outdoors. You wouldn’t expect it of cats. I love Netflix too but getting to watch everything on my list doesn’t really happen. There’s not enough hours in the week.

  3. I love Blenheim Palace, just wish we were closer as we would visit more often. I now cut my husband’s hair, or what’s left of it. We still pay for the barber’s for the boys

  4. Blenheim is high on our bucket list. My hubby cuts the boys’ hair and I don’t think we’ll be going back to the hairdresser either! #project365

  5. Lovely to use Tesco vouchers for an annual pass for Blenheim Palace and sounds like you had a lovely day out. The lack of different in price for packages between new and existing customers on things like Sky unless you threaten to leave annoys me too. Love the photo of Pippi and Fudge on the stairs. Maybe they’ll enjoy being outside more when it gets warmer. #project365

  6. I dont think I realised there were six films in the set? I think I have probably only watched the first one. Sky annoys me so much they seem to be the worst at it. Good that you got what you wanted in the end. We are all a little addicted to Netflix here. The cases are rising in the boys schools here as well. The geography game sounds good I will have a look at that. And well done for doing your tax return, I must login this weekend and sort mine!

  7. It’s about time I re binged watched Mission Impossible. Hope the cats are getting used to life outdoors. I’ve never been in Blenheim Palace, in fact I was walking around the grounds in the New Year, it looks a lovely building. GeoGuessr sounds a lot of fun

  8. I have never watched Mission Impossible but everything thinks I named my son after the character. Blenheim Palace is somewhere I want to visit, added it to my very long bucket list. Who knew getting cats used to being outside would be such hard work. I get emails to from sky to lock in my package which I check but never look at the new members prices. We are just on the basic package I don’t get broadband with them #365

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