baby elephant at Whipsnade Zoo

Project 365 2022 Week 38

Project 365 2022 Week 38 Day 261 -267 The week that saw Queen Elizabeth II laid to rest and I got to see the new baby elephant at Whipsnade Zoo.

Sunday 18th September – Day 261

Blenheim International Horse Trials

I headed to Blenheim Palace for the International Horse Trials to watch the show jumping with one of my friends.  We’s been a few years ago to watch the dressage competition and I’ve always wanted to go back. I hadn’t realised, but there was also some cross country happening at the same time, so we got to enjoy watching both disciplines.

Monday 19th September – Day 262

Project 365 2022 Week 38

A national bank holiday for the Queen’s funeral and probably the longest time I’ve spent in front of the TV for years.  It was a sombre and serene event, beautifully managed throughout.  Seeing the Queen’s pony and corgis coming out to say their last goodbye as the Queen arrived back at Windsor was rather emotional.

Tuesday 20th September – Day 263

Project 365 2022 Week 38

Back to work and school.  After work, I headed to the doctor’s surgery for a blood test ahead of my next consultant’s appointment in a couple of weeks.

Wednesday 21st September – Day 264

baby elephant at Whipsnade Zoo

I decided to spend my day off at Whipsnade Zoo.  My son’s school no longer finishes early on a Wednesday so it gives me a bit more flexibility timewise.  I got to enjoy watching the tigers and elephants all to myself for ages which was a real treat.  This baby elephant was born last month and it was fascinating to watch her family members protecting her.  At one point the herd got spooked by something and they rushed off as one mass, amazing that the little one doesn’t get crushed.

Thursday 22nd September – Day 265

Project 365 2022 Week 38

Funny weather at the moment, it’s definitely autumnal first and the last thing, but during the day it can still feel quite warm.

My son’s school had a half day so that the school could prepare for its open evening for current year 6 primary children. We got through maths homework ‘fun’ and then decided to move a bookcase from the landing into my son’s bedroom.  It was a good time to sort through the books and we arranged a pile to donate to his old school.  My landing looks empty now.  I had a lightbulb moment when I realised that I could actually hang a full-length mirror on the wall – something I’ve missed having for years! Result.

Friday 23rd September – Day 266

Project 365 2022 Week 38

My son has an inset day today and it’s also his best friend’s 13th birthday.  Hard to believe that he’s a teenager and that my son will be one too in a few months.  Rather than doing French homework (apologies to my French relations and family, but he is not interested in languages at all) my son spent the morning on a new Lego design based on the Coronation class of steam locomotives apparently.

After work we had errands to run, so not a particularly exciting day off for him.

Saturday 24th September – Day 267

Project 365 2022 Week 38

Why is nothing ever simple? Today I built the Billy bookcase and height extension unit we bought last weekend.  Ikea had sold out of extra shelves by the time we got there so I’m waiting for more stock to come in next week – so that’s one issue.  Today we discovered that this height bookcase doesn’t come with the pre-drilled holes to attach the extension unit (only the really tall bookcase does, we have now learned thanks to Youtube).  Grrr.  So we need to get the drill out and try and bodge it ourselves.  Think I’ll wait until the OH is home before trying to sort that out.  But it’s a start, even though I can already see that the unit will be totally full before we even think about birthday and Christmas Lego presents.

What have you been up to this week?

1 thought on “Project 365 2022 Week 38

  1. Ahh! That’s where I’ve heard of Blenheim Palace, the horse trials. I remember it being shown on the TV years ago.
    The Queens funeral was amazing to see and beautifully done. I cried when the animals came out too.
    It sounds like you had a fantastic time at the zoo. How wonderful to see the baby elephant.
    I am sure you will sort the issues with the bookcase. It does look fab with all the cars and Lego on x

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