Project 365 2022 Week 4

Project 365 2022 Week 4

Project 365 2022 Week 4 Day 23 – 29 The week my son took control in the kitchen and I took myself off for a long walk in a day of two halves, weatherwise.

Sunday 23rd January – Day 23

Project 365 2022 Week 4

My son was in charge of the kitchen today, he made a tuna pasta salad with garlic bread for lunch and then chicken pie and veg for dinner.  He’s a rather fussy eater so we decided it was best to stick with a bought chicken pie that we all know he will eat, rather than making one from scratch and then it being wasted.  It might not have been gourmet cooking but it was lovely to just have someone else do it all and to see how much he enjoyed telling his sous chef what to do for him. He’s already decided he’s making pizzas next weekend and he’s told his Dad that he has got to make brunch the weekend after – that’ll be interesting, 55 and cooks nothing!

Monday 24th January – Day 24

Project 365 2022 Week 4

There was enough tuna pasta leftover for me to have some for lunch.

We had some news about someone we care about which knocked me for six.

Tuesday 25th January – Day 25

Project 365 2022 Week 4

I didn’t get much sleep last night and was a hot mess all day.  This Robin obviously knew I needed cheering up a bit.

Wednesday 26th January – Day 26

Project 365 2022 Week 4

I took myself off to Blenheim Palace as soon as the main gates opened for a walk around the parkland.  Six miles later the sun and blue sky appeared.  It had been really grey all morning – typical, but better late than never!

Thursday 27th January – Day 27

Project 365 2022 Week 4

Pippi and Fudge are still not convinced about the outdoors but I keep persevering.  I really want to take their harnesses off but I’m not sure they’re ready to go it alone.  Brewster was less than impressed to find them in ‘his’ cat kennel.

Friday 28th January – Day 28


I ordered my son a new mattress a few weeks ago and it arrived this morning and I’d paid for them to take the old one away. It made me realise just how bad his old mattress was and it wasn’t even that old.  He’ll hopefully sleep really well on his new one.

We’ll be joining in with the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch again this weekend and I was really pleased to see this blackbird at lunchtime, I’ve not spotted one in the garden all week which is unusual.

Saturday 29th January – Day 29

Project 365 2022 Week 4

It was more about squirrel watch than bird watching here this morning, with this cheeky one having a run around on the lawn as well as nicking bird food from the bird table.

We did get long-tailed and blue tits on the feeders though after he’d left.

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21 thoughts on “Project 365 2022 Week 4

  1. It sounds like your son did well in the kitchen. It’s great that he is learning to cook and the tuna pasta looks so good.
    hehehe! Brewster looks like he is asking the kittens what are they playing at in his cat kennel. lol x

  2. Give A 20 more years and hopefully he’ll get like my OH and start taking an interest in preparing and cooking meals ! I am not sure what prompted this unexpected change.
    The seed may have been planted by one adult daughter who told him (when I was visiting in the UK) that he needed to learn to make meals instead of relying on me to leave him frozen ones which I’d prepared ahead. Then came covid and after a year of limited activities maybe he got a tad bored and asked if I could show him how to cook some suppers !!! He is now making most lunches and suppers !!

  3. Yay to your son’s enthusiasm for cooking. N loves to cook too, but he’s not done any for a while now. He does have certain jobs that are his – cooking bacon is his job! Hope you see lots of birds. I’ve not put out seed for them this year, so there are fewer around. But tonnes of crows and so many birds of prey on telegraph poles and trees alongside the roads round here.

  4. Well done to him for learning to cook, it is a very useful skill to have. The picture with the cats is so funny, they are so cute.

  5. How lovely that your son took charge of the kitchen for the day – the tuna pasta salad and garlic bread look very yummy. Love the photo of the robin. They always make me smile too. Brewster doesn’t look too impressed at Pippi and Fudge being in his cat kennel! We didn’t end up doing the Big Garden Birdwatch this year as the only time I could focus on counting them, we were out in the garden and I think they were put off by a noisy Thomas. #project365

  6. Great that he took charge and did some cooking, and nice for you to be able to have someone to do it. Love all the birds and squirrel pictures. Hope you are doing okay, as well as you can be. What a lovely blue sky lets hope we have some more of them soon rather than this grey weather!

  7. Oh dear to the squirrel in the garden, hope it didn’t interfere with the bird watch. Just two pigeons in ours all weekend. Looks like the boy enjoys his time in the kitchen and saves you a job

  8. I love that your son is cooking for himself, mine eat better when they “help”. Nice to see the cats outside

  9. My eldest has done some cooking but is now starting food tech lessons so I’m hoping he will want to cook more and more often. Love all the wildlife pics this week #project365

  10. Sorry to hear about your news. I hope all is OK. I want to know how I get the kids cooking for me. I might need to plan a few cooking days off! A cat kennel, I never knew there was such a thing #365

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