Project 365 2022 Week 7

Project 365 2022 Week 7

Project 365 2022 Week 7 Day 44 – 50 The week of changeable weather with a gale blowing at times, thankfully we survived Storm Eunice.

Sunday 13th February – Day 44

Project 365 2022 Week 7

We’d planned to go to Kingston Bagpuize for the first time, for their snowdrop event but the forecast for the afternoon was atrocious so we decided to postpone for a fortnight and hope for better weather then.

The Bluetits have found the feeder in the front garden but it’s so hard to get a decent shot of them.

Monday 14th February – Day 45

Project 365 2022 Week 7

Valentine’s Day but more importantly for me, is the day I remember my Papa on what would have been his birthday.

I’ve been after a glass Robin to go with my glass Blue Tit for a couple of years, so making good use of my rebate for another little treat.

I went to Sports Direct to get a pack of Sondico studs for my son’s Sondico Strike football boots and was amazed to discover that they don’t fit.  Grrrr.  Contacted Sports Direct online for some guidance on which pack will actually fit with these boots.  Clueless.  Whatever happened to knowing your product range.

Tuesday 15th February – Day 46Project 365 2022 Week 7

The football boot saga continues – what a bloody nightmare.  Took the boots and studs back to Sports Direct.  They tried another style but they didn’t fit either and were totally clueless on which online packs might work.  The width of the metal studs isn’t wide enough to fit the boots.  They referred me back to the online team who referred me back to the store. They have no idea what the thread diameter is on any of their studs.  Tried contacting Sondico directly, email bounces back and no response on any social media outlets.  Contacted a seller on eBay and asked them if all of the Sondico studs they sell have the same thread diameter or not – clueless.  Jesus, I’d have lost my job if I’d told customers that I had no idea what plastic plugs would have worked with their threads.

Anyway in other news, these two are getting a bit better at being outside, Fudge is enjoying it more than Pippi.  She doesn’t do wind, rain and cold.

Wednesday 16th February – Day 47

Project 365 2022 Week 7

I couldn’t face another round of the football studs saga on my day off.  I’d got an idea for a couple of walks but a lot of places were closed due to the weather forecast so I decided to give my Wednesday wander a miss and went to the garden centre instead.  Grabbed a few bargains and some bulbs to plant out for later in the year. We’ve given up on planting things in the garden as so many fail to flower, so it’s pots all the way now.

My laptop decided to have a hissy fit.  One minute it was fine, the next time I switched it on it took forever to load, and just as long to move from one thing to another.  I’ve also lost the connection to our printer.  Grrr.

It was blowing a gale by the time I went to bed, was surprised that my son slept through it all.

Thursday 17th February – Day 48

Project 365 2022 Week 7

Who ate all the pies Pippi? She’s a totally different shape to Fudge and Brewster and her fur is so thick, she has a little tummy to her that the boys just don’t have.  She can also smell food at 100 paces.  She makes me laugh.

The laptop is still playing silly beggars, going to have to get someone to look at it, as I can’t see what the issue is.  Hoping it’s not my family history software, but would have thought the issue would have started before now.  We will see.

Friday 18th February – Day 49

Project 365 2022 Week 7

The day Storm Eunice hit, the worst storm to hit the UK in over 30 years although we wondered what all the fuss was about when we woke up as all seemed rather quiet really.  I’d just made my son’s packed lunch and our breakfast when I spotted a Facebook post from his school saying it would be closed for the day.  Checked emails and we’d received an email too, schoolwork would be posted online.

By 10 am the wind had really picked up, the cats were kept indoors, Brewster slept through the whole storm.  We were lucky, only one terracotta pot slightly broken, but roads around us were closed due to fallen trees, there were closures on the M40 and the train line was closed all day.

We survived school at home, although I have no idea what my son submitted for most of the work.  I wish he showed the same commitment to schoolwork as he does to his Lego builds.  This fighter jet comes complete with an afterburner.

I found someone selling odd sizes of my son’s football boots with the ‘best offer’ option so I have secured them so I can just use the studs – seemed like the cheapest/only option.  We will not be buying this brand of boots ever again.  Avoid Sondico, and probably Sports Direct too unless you’re spending out on more expensive brands to start with. Lesson learnt.

My laptop needs help and the computer company we use has booked me in for an online inspection on Monday afternoon.

Saturday 19th February – Day 50

Project 365 2022 Week 7

It’s raining so no one wants to leave the house today, we watched the Men’s Curling final, a silver for Team GB, a great game.  Let’s see if the women can go one better.

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13 thoughts on “Project 365 2022 Week 7

  1. The weather hasn’t been great.
    That glass robin is so sweet.
    Aww! The kittens look like they are wanting to be back inside. Bless them.
    What a faff with the football boots. It sounds like Sports Direct are hopeless.
    I thought the same about the storm, it did take a while to arrive with us. It sounds like a cosy day inside. x

  2. Crikey what a pain about the studs. You’d have thought customer service would have had something to look up and find the correct studs. Hope you get them sorted soon. Love Pippi’s face looking in the patio doors. She doesn’t look impressed.

  3. The football saga sounds like a nightmare, I am rather glad mine don’t play football. Glad to see the cats are outside again and that you survived the storm

  4. Seems strange the school was closed, that far inland. We had a few shut round by us but due to flooding as you have experienced in these parts, everywhere shut along the severn estuary also. I love the glass robin, would look fab in my glass cabinet with my collection of glass. The kittens look so different from each other, their fur, shape and colourings. Grrrrrr to the football boots and studs, drives me mad. I’d say take them back and say ‘not fit for purpose’ if you can’t buy replacement studs

    1. There were a lot of road closures around here due to fallen trees so I’m not that surprised. The fire service was kept busy. The kittens are totally different although their markings are pretty much identical. A bit like Paddington and his siblings, all totally different fur, his brother Oscar is massive whereas Paddington was quite petite really.

  5. I love your glass robin. Hope your papa’s birthday was as gentle as it could have been. What a nightmare with the football boot saga. It’s crazy that no-one seems to know what the thread diameter is on any of the studs and whether they fit the boots. We had a day of online learning with Storm Eunice as well. Love your son’s Lego fighter jet. #project365

  6. Sounds like the football boots have been a nightmare. You really would think that they know their product! Ahhh Pippi really does’t look like she wants to be outside. Love the Robin.

  7. What a palaver with the football boots! Your cats do not look impressed to be outside! #project365

  8. Who knew football boots could cause so much stress. I doubt they will be something that I ever have to source. Which from your experience might be a good thing! I love the glass Robin. Your cats make me smile. The storm was interesting to say the least! #365

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