Project 365 2022 Week 8

Project 365 2022 Week 8

Project 365 2022 Week 8 Day 51 – 57 The first half term of 2022 and one which featured a lot of changeable weather conditions and saw Russia invade Ukraine.

Sunday 20th February – Day 51

Project 365 2022 Week 8

My son has been asking to go back to Didcot Railway Centre for a while now and as I’ll be working a lot during half-term I thought it might appease him if I booked some tickets for today.  Thankfully the weather had calmed down enough for us to be able to go without being blown away. They’ve built a new Signalling area since our last visit and one of the volunteers talked us through how the signalling system had worked when it was in-situ controlling the lines down to Bristol.

It’s lovely to return somewhere we’ve visited a number of times since my son was a toddler, and see what he takes from each visit as he gets older.  He could actually volunteer there now but he says he’s not ready yet.  As much as I wouldn’t fancy the drive up and down the A34 each month, I do wish he would give it a go, he’d get so much out of it.  But I’ll just keep drip-feeding the idea and hopefully one day he’ll come up with the idea himself!

Monday 21st February – Day 52

Project 365 2022 Week 8

Two photos that were taken two hours apart looking out at my back garden.  Changeable sums up the weather right now.

On a friend’s recommendation, I’ve booked something in London under the guise of Mother’s Day so my son can’t moan about it!  But to appease him I’ve also booked tickets for the Brunel exhibition which I know he’ll love.  So hopefully we’ll all be smiling that day.  Nice to be making a few plans as well.

Tuesday 22nd February – Day 53

Project 365 2022 Week 8

Love these three.  Brewster normally sleeps most of the day and goes out for most of the night.  Pippi likes to go out and come back in again every few minutes, mainly while I’m working and come mid-afternoon she’s normally to be found asleep back on top of the armchair for the rest of the day. Fudge has overcome his fear and now cries to be let out in the morning and disappears for an hour at a time, but again, normally comes in for good by later afternoon.  They’re all very different in looks and characters.

After work we needed to go jeans shopping – I swear my son grows an inch every time I buy him jeans.  He barely gets any wear out of any of them.  He’d also got some money that was burning a hole in his pocket so he bought a Star Wars set that he’s been looking at for ages.  I suggested that we should probably actually watch the films now, so we sat down and watched the original 1977 Star Wars film, promptly followed by The Empire Strikes Back.  He’s hooked.

Received an email from our electricity provider – based on our current consumption our annual bill is going up by around £300 per year.  I wonder what joy British Gas will be sending us shortly. Now to just magic up all this money we need to find.  Every time I go shopping things appear to have gone up again.

Wednesday 23rd February – Day 54

Project 365 2022 Week 8

We’d been given ZSL membership for Christmas and I’d promised my son we’d visit Whipsnade Zoo on my day off so we could pick up our annual passes.  Although it was bitterly cold we still managed to see all the animals we wanted to check in on (quite a few weren’t out on display though) and he was happy to get a ride on the steam train again.  We’re already planning a trip to London Zoo in the Easter holidays to make use of our passes there too.

We watched Return of the Jedi when we got home and have ordered two more of the films to watch soon.

Thursday 24th February – Day 55

Project 365 2022 Week 8

We woke up to the news that Russia has invaded Ukraine.  It’s been coming all week but sad to see the reality.

We’ve been really busy at work with a big event planned for the end of March and with membership renewals due out soon too, it’s been confirmed that my hours will go up from next month. With all the bills going up so much, it’s perfectly timed.

My son has turned into a couch potato this half term so I left him at home with his Dad while I walked to the local pharmacy to pick up my prescription.  It’s still cold and windy, but at least it’s dry, for now at least.

Friday 25th February – Day 56

Project 365 2022 Week 8

After work, I dragged the teenager in waiting out to with me.  All of our fencing is made up of vertical slats with gaps in between.  Our neighbour on one side put some reed screening on their side a few years ago which gives us both privacy and I’ve wanted some for the small fence panel on the other side of our garden for ages.  So decided today was the day to get that sorted out.  The local garden centre was clueless but Homebase had what we needed and just the right length for what we needed too.  I’ll be tasking the OH to help put it up over the weekend as it’ll be a two-person job with a shrub we’ve got round there.

We spent some time in the garden anyway, in the sunshine and all three cats found their own little suntraps.  We’ve got a few pockets of colour in amongst all the green at the moment.

My son and I watched The Force Awakens and we both thoroughly enjoyed it.  I’d not seen it before, but it didn’t stop my son from continually asking what happens next.  Fair to say that he’s now hooked on Star Wars. We will watch The Last Jedi next week after school one day I think.

Saturday 26th February – Day 57

Project 365 2022 Week 8

Was having our weekly Skype with my parents when the post arrived, including a letter from the NHS saying we could book my son’s second Covid jab.  Such an easy process this time around, booked in for exactly 12 weeks from his first jab, in a couple of weeks and will hopefully make it easy for him to travel to Spain now.

I have a mountain of ironing to go through this afternoon to get ready for school again next week.  The joy! But it will be nice to have some peace on Monday morning and see my son dressed before lunchtime!

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16 thoughts on “Project 365 2022 Week 8

  1. It sounds like you had a great half term. Your son volunteering at the railway centre sounds like a great idea. It sounds like something he would love!
    The weather has been crazy this past week. We’ve had it all from snow to sunshiny warm days.
    I am glad that the kittens are now enjoying being outside. x
    That is great news that your son is booked in for his 2nd jab.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend x

  2. Does sound like mine’s just like yours with the lazing/chilling out rather than wanting to do interesdting stuff. Sounds like it’s been a good visit to Didcot. We’ve not been since N was about 3. Your cats are so cute. Great news on the increased hours. I couldn’t believe that a pint of milk in Sainbury’s has gone up another 5p since the last time I bought a week or so ago. And that was already up 5p on a couple of months ago. I wouldn’t mind so much but tt’s not going to the farmers, presumably just into the logistics and proccessing side.

  3. What a great post, I’ve recently returned to blogging and working out where all the blog hops are as a lot of the older ones we used to join in with have disappeared. So looking forward to following your adventures

  4. Isaac does volunteering now and it has given him so much more confidence, so definitely push it if you can. They normally offer sample days, so might be worth asking. You have taken some amazing pictures this week

  5. That flamingo is very orange. I wish we lived nearer and could come and join you and the boy on your day trips. The star wars fest sounds good, hope it kept the boy quiet and happy.

    1. They were really vividly coloured, my son mentioned you as soon as we saw them and they were right by the fence which is unusual for this flock. We wished you were closer too. Will have to coordinate a catch up in the school holidays, although the OH mentioned the autumn Malvern show too recently.

  6. The picture with the cats in the garden is so cute and funny. It must felt great to receive the invitation for the 2nd jab.

  7. We are huge Star Wars fans! Going to google the Brunel exhibition as I’m sure my dad and son would be interested. My eldest still isn’t old enough for the jab 🙁 #project365

  8. Lovely to have a day at Didcot Railway Centre – it is so nice to revisit places you’ve been over the years isn’t it? Lovely photo of your three cats. It sounds like Pippi and Fudge are much better at getting outside now. Love the photo of the flamingo at Whipsnade Zoo too. #project365

  9. Love the photo of your three cats, all gorgeous especially the extra fluffy one! If I was a cat I think I would spend most of my day napping by a radiator or log fire. So glad you are getting more money/hours when bills have gone up, that will take some of the stress away. It’s such scary time with everything getting so expensive!

  10. I hope you manage to get your son to change his mind about the volunteering it sounds like it would be perfect for him and his love of railways. The annual zoo memebership sounds great, what a wonderful present. I have not been to London zoo for ages so look forward to seeing your visit.

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