Project 365 - Week 12

Project 365 – Week 12

Joining in with TheBoyAndMe and her linky 365 Project  A Photo A Day, Every Day, For A Year!  Project 365 – Week 12 Days 75 – 81.

Sunday 16th March – Day 75

Project 365 - Week 12Monkey helped Daddy P tidy up the garden whilst I watched the highlights of the Australian Grand Prix.  Very relaxing all round!

Monday 17th March – Day 76

Project 365 - Week 12I am not amused!  Oh dear, it’s that Monday afternoon feeling.  One tired and grumpy Monkey, but he did well with his swimming lesson.

Tuesday 18th March – Day 77

Project 365 - Week 12Monkey helped to make some lovely chocolate goodies using some cereal.  He had great fun.

Wednesday 19th March – Day 78

Project 365 - Week 12My construction mad Monkey was enjoying playing with a set we’d been sent for review.  He made a swing and was so chuffed when he could swing it back and forth.  An engineer in the making.

Thursday 20th – Day 79

Project 365 - Week 12What chocolate cake Mummy?? A busy day, someone’s birthday at school meant Monkey came home with a chocolate cake – he was one very happy boy.

Friday 21st March – Day 80

Project 365 - Week 12Since dropping afternoon snacks Monkey has actually eaten his dinner every night.  Last night we made pizza and he added his own toppings.  Great fun and he ate the lot.  I had my second swimming lesson and actually swam, was on a real high when I got home and treated myself to a glass of wine.

Saturday 22nd March – Day 81

Project 365 - Week 12Mummy, I’ve been planting trees!  Come and see!  I just love Monkey’s imagination, he’d planted the Jenga tree’s having dug the holes with his tractor and a piece of machinery fashioned out of bits from his workbench.  We’ve had a lovely day with friends.  Soft play at the garden centre, followed by lunch.  Then back to our house for an afternoon of trains, construction and fun.

24 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 12

  1. Well done on your own swimming lesson! Love the pizza making, they look delicious! #project365

  2. What a great week Mary, sounds like Monkey’s been really busy with all sorts of activities. I love that their imagination makes playtime so much more fun – how brilliant are the Jenga trees! The grumpy face did make me laugh but that might be because POD has been like that nearly all day today *sigh* 🙂

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