Project 365 - Week 14

Project 365 – Week 14

Joining in with TheBoyAndMe and her linky 365 Project  A Photo A Day, Every Day, For A Year!  Project 365 – Week 14 Days 89 – 95.

Sunday 30th March – Day 89

Project 365 - Week 14My Mother’s Day treat was to be left in bed in peace to watch the Malaysian Grand Prix.  Ferrari didn’t win, but never mind!  Then Daddy P and Monkey took me out for lunch to a new Italian restaurant in town.  The people were lovely, the food wasn’t.  But that was forgotten when Monkey told us what a few of the letters were on the shop front opposite.  No prompting – a real magic moment.  The best Mother’s Day present.

Monday 31st March – Day 90

Project 365 - Week 14Monkey decided to polish his own shoes before school – long may that last!  He had a good morning at school and his swimming lesson went well, once he let me go.  I had the girls over for a curry night and we tested out LOGO, review and giveaway coming soon.

Tuesday 1st April – Day 91

Project 365 - Week 14Daddy P scared us to death by being home when we got up in the morning.  But Monkey was thrilled to se him, grabbed his glasses and tried them on.  Hopefully Monkey will have better eyesight than his parents.  Time will tell, I think we have a colour blind issue with thinking green is red, I need to investigate that more.

Wednesday 2nd April – Day 92

Project 365 - Week 14We’ve been invited to join the Baker Ross blogger network and we received a lovely parcel of goodies earlier in the week.  Monkey decided to make a couple of Easter bags and boxes first.  I was really impressed by how well he followed the instructions.  He really concentrated and had a great time.  I think we’ll be having lots of crafting fun ahead.

Thursday 3rd April – Day 93

Project 365 - Week 14 A challenging day with a grumpy Monkey!  He’d played with his new SoccerSuckers and was getting to grips with licking the suction cups.  He thought it was really funny when they stuck to the patio doors.

Friday 4th April – Day 94

Project 365 - Week 14The last day of term! Monkey has been asking to bake something all week, and finally we had some time.  He actually wore the personalised apron that his Auntie J had had made for him for his birthday.  We baked a Chocolate and Coffee Easter Loaf – I just love this photo, he was so happy.  My swimming lesson tonight saw me doing backstroke with a float by the end of the lesson but I still need a woggle to do breast stroke from the deep end.

Saturday 5th April – Day 95

Project 365 - Week 14We’ve had a non stop couple of weeks so Monkey and I decided we’d have a quiet day at home, we watched my Tooned DVD and then Monkey caught up with some Super Heroes stories whilst I made lunch.

30 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 14

  1. Love the pic of your little one cleaning his shoes – long may it last! #project365

  2. Lovely round up, I think the baking one is my favourite such a beautiful smile x

  3. In bed watching the grand prix, oh my word Mary that sounds like heaven! We had the in-laws over and POD was up at the crack of sparrows! Sounds like you had a great day and how wonderful that Monkey read some letters (will have a nose at that post in a minute!). How amazing he polished his own shoes! Seems it’s been a busy but good one 🙂

  4. The grumpy Monkey photo is my favourite! My husband and I never wore glasses as kids (I’ve worn them for the last few years, he still doesn’t), but both my younger two needed them from an early age!

  5. You have had a busy week! Love the baking photo 🙂 And, well done on the swimming x

  6. Sounds like you had a very relaxing Mother’s Day. Sorry to hear the food wasn’t good though. Nothing worse! Lots of great photos of Monkey this week.

  7. he looks very happy in the baking photo. Shame about the food not being good, eating out is not cheap so I hope you passed on your thoughts to them.
    Oh yuck at grubby sticky sucker marks all over the glass door……lol

  8. What a lovely mother’s day (including your magic moment 🙂 ) Sometimes there’s nothing better than a quiet day at home when you’ve been really active up till then

  9. What is it with kids and glasses??? My 2 used to try on mine all the time and the grandson does the same!!

    Well done with the swimming lessons! I learned when my 2 were learning and loved going to my swimming lessons.

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