Bravery at the swimming pool

Project 365 – Week 15 and 16

Joining in with TheBoyAndMe and her linky 365 Project  A Photo A Day, Every Day, For A Year!  Project 365 – Week 15 and 16 Days 96 –109 .

Sunday 6th April – Day 96

Project 365 - Week 15 and 16

We planted some sunflower seeds recently and our first shoots have come through – Monkey is in the lead!

Monday 7th April – Day 97

Project 365 - Week 15 and 16

We’d planned to meet friends at Blenheim Palace but the weather wasn’t great so we went for a play date instead.  Monkey was really looking forward to seeing his friend B.  Then off to his swimming lessons.  A different teacher today, he enjoyed himself.

Tuesday 8th April – Day 98

Project 365 - Week 15 and 16

A lazy morning at home with a big engineering job underway!  We then headed off to friends for some Easter Nest making, lunch and an Easter Egg hunt.  A lovely day all round.  I went to the cinema with friends to see Noah – it was ok, nothing special.

Wednesday 9th April – Day 99

Project 365 - Week 15 and 16

We drove down to Wiltshire to see Monkey’s godmum and her daughter, for the day.  We popped out for lunch and Monkey was fascinated by the peacock displaying his beautiful feathers.

Thursday 10th April – Day 100

Project 365 - Week 15 and 16We drove up to Derbyshire to spend the day with my best friend.  After lunch we went for a lovely walk along an old railway track.  Another lovely day out in the countryside.

Friday 11th April – Day 101

Project 365 - Week 15 and 16

I found two days of driving really tiring and so decided we’d have a quiet day at home.  After a morning of play we decided it was time to make some Easter goodies in the afternoon. They tasted good!!  My swimming lesson went well.  I did some backstroke from letting go from the side – amazing.  Struggled with breathing but learnt to swim breast stroke slower so hopefully I can do a length soon without dying!  No lesson next week though.

Saturday 12th April – Day 102

Project 365 - Week 15 and 16

My birthday, Monkey and I went to Waddesdon Manor for a few hours and we had to have cake didn’t we! Daddy P and I had a chinese takeaway in the evening and watched Rush on DVD.  Love that film so much.

Sunday 13th April – Day 103

Project 365 - Week 15 and 16

I got to pick where we went for the day. In the morning we headed off to Sudeley Castle, somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit.  It didn’t disappoint.  Then after lunch we headed to Snowshill Manor.  Monkey loved it – they had a Paws and Poo trail – need I say more!

Monday 14th April – Day 104

Project 365 - Week 15 and 16

A bit of Daddy time before swimming lessons.  Back to the normal teacher who Monkey doesn’t seem to like so much!

Tuesday 15th April – Day 105

Project 365 - Week 15 and 16

We went to see Peppa Pig’s Big Splash in Aylesbury.  We were in the 4th row and I was really nervous about how Monkey would cope with it.  A full theatre, being near to the front, puppets, noise and so on.  He was brilliant.  He absolutely loved it, right up and until he got splashed when Daddy Pig jumped in the puddle!  Another step forward on the bravery front.  I went out for the evening with an old friend for a curry.  Girls night out – mad a lovely change for me.

Wednesday 16th April – Day 106

Project 365 - Week 15 and 16

We spent the morning at Stowe Gardens and were treated to seeing two baby squirrels having fun on a tree trunk.  We watched them for ages.  After a lovely few hours walking in the grounds we met some friends in town and went to Pizza Express for dinner.  The boys loved it.

Thursday 17th April – Day 107

Project 365 - Week 15 and 16

We webcammed Granny and Gramps and I spoke to our Doctor to see what can be done about Monkey’s suspected colour blind issue.  We’re convinced he cannot recognise Green and thinks it is Red.  Then it was time to take part in an Oven Pride challenge – making hot cross buns for the first time.  I was quite pleased with the end result, although the process takes ages!

Friday 18th April – Day 108

Project 365 - Week 15 and 16

We met our NCT group at Blenheim Palace for the annual Easter Egg challenge.  It was the first time that we’d all been there to do it together, normally one family is missing.  Unfortunately Monkey didn’t want to stay with his friends, so after we’d solved the challenge, claimed his eggs, it was time for a ride on the train!

Saturday 19th April – Day 109

Project 365 - Week 15 and 16

A bit of craft time with pipe cleaners, we then made some really cute 3D mosaic Easter animals.  Watched qualifying for the Chinese Grand Prix and smelt the Beef Goulash aroma coming from the slow cooker!

30 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 15 and 16

  1. Great shot of the squirrels playing. You have had such a busy time and visited so many interesting places. What a wonderful childhood your little boy is having.

  2. I have never made hot cross buns, might have to give it a go! Lovely pictures, I especially love the squirrels! #365

  3. Lovely pic of you and the boy and your birthday sounds perfect! Just wondering where the peacock at the cafe in Wiltshire maybe?! Lovely selection of pics 🙂

  4. You have had a busy time! Sounds like you had a lovely birthday. Love the photo of Monkey with all his trucks, and the baby squirrels are adorable x

  5. Gosh what a busy 2 weeks! You’ve been everywhere !
    I agree that Noah is nothing special – left me with more questions than answers.
    I like Monkey’s construction.

  6. Some really fab shots of your days out this week. And how cute are those two baby squirrels!

  7. What a busy time you’ve had! The peacock photo is wonderful, the hot cross bun looks delicious and as for that coffee?!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

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