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Project 365 Week 17

Joining in with TheBoyAndMe and her linky 365 Project  A Photo A Day, Every Day, For A Year!  Project 365 – Week 17 Days 110-116.

Sunday 20th April – Day 110


This may not be the sharpest photo I took on Sunday, but I just love it.  Monkey in the back garden, midway through our Easter Egg Hunt.  He had so much fun, it was wonderful. He really believed the Easter Bunny had visited – magical moment.

Monday 21st April – Day 1111

Project 365 Week 17

A busy day at home, Monkey got his Haba Pizzeria Allegro game out and made pizzas for us all.  Has no interest in playing the ‘game’ but likes making lots of pizza!  Then off to swimming, with Daddy P watching, a rare treat.

Tuesday 22nd April – Day 112

Project 365 Week 17

First day back at school meant I had a grumpy Monkey on my hands.  So Brewster gets a moment back in the limelight.

Wednesday 23rd April – Day 113

Project 365 Week 17

Another day and more cooking on Monkey’s mind!  Alphabet omelettes apparently.

Thursday 24th April – Day 114

Project 365 Week 17

We really pleased to be in the final 21 blogs trying to become #PlayPatrol agents with Bigjigs Toys for 2014.  We received our mission today and Monkey decided it was time to talk to the animals.

Friday 25th April – Day 115

Project 365 Week 17

It may only have been 4 mornings back at Nursery School, but Monkey was struggling by this afternoon.  Very grumpy, not helped by the fact we had to go into his old pre-school for an hour whilst I sorted something out.  He thought he’d play a new game when we got home, but he was really too tired to enjoy it.  Better luck next week.  I was back to swimming, actually enjoyed the lesson but struggling to get my breathing sorted. Frustrating.

Saturday 26th April – Day 116

Project 365 Week 17

Today I’ve got a day off being Mummy!  I’m at BlogCamp in Birmingham, attending my first blogging conference. Feeling a bit nervous, but the lovely Iona from Redpeffer is meeting me off the train.  Will be nice to finally meet her, and we can walk in together.

21 thoughts on “Project 365 Week 17

  1. Shame we didn’t get chance to say hello yesterday, it was a great, busy day. Lovely pictures, have a good week x #Project365

  2. Lots of play for Monkey. And yes, short week (plus out of routine over Easter weekend) seemed to throw out a lot of young children’s usual energy. N definitely was exhausted over Easter, and that’s gone into this week too.

  3. The easter hunt photo is wonderful – you’ve captured the moment and a special smile. Hope you had a wonderful time at the blogging camp (jealous as over here and can’t attend)

  4. Hope you had fun at the conference! Lovely photos this week. I think being at preschool for a few hours definitely can make them grumpy…I get grumpy after 2 hours at work!

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