Project 365 – Week 20

Project 365 – Week 20

Joining in with TheBoyAndMe and her linky 365 Project  A Photo A Day, Every Day, For A Year!  Project 365 – Week 20 Days 131-137.

Sunday 11th May – Day 131

Project 365 - Week 20

There is a lot of railway work going on around us at the moment as the line is being upgraded.  Daddy P had captured some video of a crane lifting some rails for Monkey.  He was transfixed.

Monday 12th May – Day 132

Project 365 - Week 20

Dashed home from school for some puzzle time.  Then on to his swimming lesson.  He did really well, managed to hold his head back further when on his back.  Slowly, slowly.

Tuesday 13th May – Day 133

Project 365 - Week 20

Totally failed on the photo front today.  Luckily I had taken this on Instagram – a quick and easy lunch idea.  Garlic and Coriander Naan bread, with red pesto, herbs, ham and cheese – one yummy lunch.

Wednesday 14th May – Day 134

Project 365 - Week 20

Why on earth have I taken a photo of a stick I hear you ask?  I’d picked Monkey up from Nursery School with his scooter.  He was scooting along the path and then stopped abruptly.  Look Mummy!  What?  It’s a dinosaur bone!!!!  He picked this stick up and insisted I carry it home.  It’s now a prized possession.  He is rather obsessed with dinosaurs at the moment, but his imagination has really impressed me – oh to see the world through a 4 year old’s eyes!

Thursday 15th May – Day 135

Project 365 - Week 20

We joined the BBC Countryfile team at Wendover Woods as they filmed The Gruffalo Trail with the Forestry Commission.  We had an amazing afternoon.  Memories were made and I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it was.  My blog post doesn’t come close to it.  I love blogging, we’ve had some wonderful opportunities.  This is right up there.

Friday 16th May – Day 136

Project 365 - Week 20

We had a guest for breakfast!

Saturday 17th May – Day 137

Project 365 - Week 20

A glorious day!  One of our NCT Mum’s was going to be a golfing widow for the day, so we joined her, S and B at Blenheim Palace for the day.  Monkey and I arrived first and I needed to sort out my annual pass, so we renewed that, and caught the train to the Pleasure Gardens.  We started off in the sandpit, and it wasn’t long before our friend joined us with the twins.  After much digging, it was time for a picnic lunch, ice creams and a trip to the Butterfly House.

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22 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 20

  1. Love the look on Monkey’s face for the Gruffalo trail! Well done to Daddy for filming cranes too – I know how much my kids would have loved that when they were younger.

  2. My boy struggles getting his head back when swimming too – they’ll get there! Love the naan pizza, will try that one. And what a lovely cone Gruffalo 🙂

  3. aaa looks like you’ve had a busy week, that naan bread looks delicious!!! brilliant round up #project365

  4. Gosh what an action packed week! I really want to visit Wendover Woods. Not sure my kids are young enough – do you think it would be odd if I went on my own?!
    Love his expression on the Gruffalo trail. Would love you to add this post to my a Expressions linky if you fancy.

  5. I think we’ll be going to Blenheim Palace soon for the first time, so I’ll keep my eyes peeled for the sandpit. I love the look on ‘Daddy P’s’ face when he’s watching little one watch the cranes, he looks so in love with him.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  6. your first one reminds me of when we lived on the farm and filmed nearly 2 hrs of tractors harvesting, and Bob would sit and watch it again and again, must still have it somewhere.
    Sounds like you had a great day at Blenheim Palace, and he is very deep in concentration there.
    That gruffalo cone looks fab, and the breakfast guest it sitting very civilised.

  7. I like your posh pizza lunch. I would never have thought to use Naan as a base for a lunch.

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