Project 365 - Week 24

Project 365 – Week 24

Joining in with TheBoyAndMe and her linky 365 Project  A Photo A Day, Every Day, For A Year!  Project 365 – Week 24 Days 159-165.

Sunday 8th June – Day 159

Project 365 - Week 24

I’d won tickets to the Tractor Ted Farm Show (we were going anyway so this was a bonus!). The weather wonderful, we met up with Monkey’s godmum and her family. Also got to see Emma from Bubbablueandme and her son which was lovely. We had a quick catch up with Fiona from Mummy’s Little Stars too – a blog fest, before BritMums!  We had a great day, just as we did last year.  It’s now an annual fixture on our calendar.

Monday 9th June – Day 160

Project 365 - Week 24

When Monkey got home from Nursery School there was just time for some train track construction – one of his favourite things.  We’d been sent a new track to review, my little engineer was thrilled.  He did really well with his swimming, I could see real progress today.

Tuesday 10th June – Day 161

Project 365 - Week 24

Monkey is 4 and half today.  It’s also Mum and Dad’s wedding anniversary, so always a little bit special. He had a good full day at Nursery School and we had a quiet time watching his new Tractor Ted DVD when he got back from school.  I went out for the evening for a curry with my NCT friends.  Nice to have a change of scenery in the evening!

Wednesday 11th June – Day 162

Project 365 - Week 24

We’re big bug hunting fans here as regular readers will know.  We’d been sent a bug safari kit to review and Monkey was anxious to get started.  We found all sorts of mini beasts in his sandpit.  He was in his element.  It’s on days like this that I wish Dad aka Guru Gramps, lived here to see his grandson’s enthusiasm – it’s in the genes!

Thursday 12th June – Day 163

Project 365 - Week 24

Monkey’s third full day at Nursery School, no accident, a few tears and wanting Mummy at lunchtime but otherwise all ok.  It was a beautiful day, so I’d got the paddling pool out all ready for his return.  I even remembered his bubble machine.  One very happy Monkey.

Friday 13th June – Day 164

photo 1 (6)

Today the Dad’s were asked to go into school for an hour with their children for Fathers Day.  Monkey was so excited to have his Daddy with him.  In the afternoon it was time to introduce Monkey to his bit of digging ground in the garden.  I’d cleared an old shrub away, and given him his own building site.  It wasn’t long until Monkey Construction was in business.  Back to swimming for me after missing 2 lessons.  Managed some breast stroke, front crawl and back stroke.  Still having lots of breathing issues and can’t go a full length, but I felt happy tonight.

Saturday 14th June – Day 165

Project 365 - Week 24

A day with our Special Sheba, celebrating her birthday. The day started badly when I thought I’d lost my credit card.  It wasn’t in my purse when we went to buy some flowers. Luckily I was near home, after a few panicky minutes I remembered I’d had to pay for my swimming lessons the night before and card was in a smaller purse – sighs! After a lovely day it was time for home and a mega meltdown over a peanut butter sandwich. Don’t ask.  Then cheeky chappy was back.

30 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 24

  1. Gosh boys are all the same in their interests. I can so see my little boy when he was younger in these shots especially the riding on and playing with diggers one. Lovely pics. What a busy week.

  2. The Tractor Ted farm show looks amazing, and you can’t beat a paddling pool when the sun is out! #365

  3. Looks like you’ve had a good week. I especially like the photo in the paddling pool – it’s so lovely and colourful.

  4. I always forget about N’s paddling pool. We bought a better one in the sale last year, but having no outdoor tap our side of the fence is a real pain in the butt! Bad planning by the OH when the house was planned and built.

    I’m dreading things for school where they ask for dads to get involved. I can’t see the OH even going for parents evening….unless I tell him the teacher’s fit, then he might do. Sounds a nice thing to do for father’s day, although not brilliant for working parents who work some way away from home.

  5. sounds like you’ve had a busy week!! you certainly have one cheeky looking boy there 🙂

  6. Love the little digger photo. My z would absolutely love that and probably not want to get off. We love train tracks too. Especially as each time there’s always a brand new unique track created 🙂

  7. Love the tractor shot, so sweet. I am so jealous of you getting out for a curry, I miss a decent curry. Its on my list of eats when i am home in 4 weeks 🙂

  8. The bug safari gadget looks brilliant – I have a bug here who would live a play with that

  9. Tractor Ted looks good and not far from us so I’ll maybe try it one year! The pool action looks good and love how the boy could take daddy into school – will remember that one 🙂

  10. What a great week. Love the top one on the digger.
    Keep up the swimming..I still find the breathing hard too.

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