Project 365 - Week 25-26

Project 365 – Week 25-26

Joining in with TheBoyAndMe and her linky 365 Project  A Photo A Day, Every Day, For A Year!  Project 365 – Week 25-26 Days 166-179.

Sunday 15th June – Day 166 Project 365 - Week 25-26 It was Father’s Day and I’d ordered tickets for Cadbury World with Tesco reward vouchers.  Daddy P and Monkey are both chocoholics so they had a great time.  In the afternoon we explored Bourneville and found the park.  I just love their expressions in this photo – Father and son having fun. Monday 16th June – Day 167 Project 365 - Week 25-26 Monkey still loves the camera he got last year for the Kids Capture the Colour competition.  He takes photos every day, copying Mummy.  Some are quite good, some are awful.  It doesn’t matter, I love watching his concentration. Tuesday 17th June – Day 168 Project 365 - Week 25-26 Monkey had a full day at Nursery School and then straight out into the garden for some stencil fun in the sunshine. Wednesday 18th June – Day 169 Project 365 - Week 25-26 We’d had a delivery from Postman Pat and this photo just makes me laugh.  I don’t think Brewster knew what to make of Jess, especially when he started to meow! Thursday 19th June – Day 170 Project 365 - Week 25-26 Pirate Day at school – Monkey really wanted to dress up, first time he’s shown genuine excitement about that.  But he certainly didn’t want his photo taken – can you tell??  I made his buckles and I was really pleased with the result. Friday 20th June – Day 171 Project 365 - Week 25-26 Hair straightened, nails polished, make up applied and I was on my way to BritMums Live.  Scared, nervous and excited.  Daddy P was in charge of picking Monkey up from school in the afternoon.  I thought he’d overslept when the school rang me at 4pm; thankfully he hadn’t! I properly got to meet The Boy and Me 🙂 Saturday 21st June – Day 172 Project 365 - Week 25-26 Me and my roomies at BritMums Live – Fiona from Mummy’s Little Stars and Tina from The Soup Dragon Says.  Two lovely ladies, who have become great friends over the last 18 months.  The day went so fast, my brain was frazzled and I was glad we decided to spend the extra night at the hotel.  We met up with the rest of our hotel buddies and had a lovely meal out and Fiona and I treated ourselves to a well deserved bottle of wine. Sunday 22nd June – Day 173 Project 365 - Week 25-26 I’d planned on spending most of the day in London, enjoying the sunshine and having a wander around the sights.  But then I got a text, please come home, Monkey doesn’t want to see the Steam Trains, he just wants to pick Mummy up from the station!  How could I do anything other than get the train home.  Bless him, he was so excited when he spotted me on the train from the platform – it was good to be back with my boy.  He’s only ever had one night without Mummy before, so he did well. Monday 23rd June – Day 174 Project 365 - Week 25-26 Mummy, are you staying home now?  Yes Monkey.  He did really well in his swimming lesson today, made me so proud.  I had a Dentist appointment in the morning, got to go back in a couple of weeks to have some work on one of my wisdom teeth – joy! Tuesday 24th June – Day 175 Project 365 - Week 25-26 Monkey woke me up at 5am and got in to bed with me, within minutes he was fast asleep and he slept through my alarm too.  I love watching him sleeping, but very rarely ever take a photo.  His beloved teddy is never far away. Wednesday 25th June – Day 176 Project 365 - Week 25-26 Monkey and a tube full of dinosaurs.  We’d been sent some cute little dinosaurs to review and Monkey decided to have a play before breakfast – roar! Thursday 26th June – Day 177 Project 365 - Week 25-26 Cheeky Monkey in the kitchen.  He’d had a full day at school, and I’d spent most of that time sorting out things for the blog.  I’d promised him pizzas, didn’t quite have the time to do it from scratch so we settled for doing our own toppings on ready-made bases.  He loved helping. Friday 27th June – Day 178 Project 365 - Week 25-26 We’d been sent some crafting goodies from Baker Ross, so we decided to take some on our play date.  Monkey and a couple of his friends made some Stained Glass window effect butterflies.  I returned to my swimming lessons after missing last Friday night, got on really well with backstroke, and came home feeling really chuffed. Saturday 28th June – 179 Project 365 - Week 25-26 We met up with Iona from Redpeffer and her family for some fun at Charlecote Park. It was Monkey’s first time trying to master croquet!  We had a lovely time, even with intermittent rain.

21 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 25-26

  1. Somehow managed to miss you at Britmums, maybe we will meet next year! Love the pic of your little one with his camera, such concentration! #365

  2. Well done on the backstroke. So great when you all of a sudden get some confidence. N’s all of a sudden gone backwards, and won’t even attempt to swim to me, where before he could swim without aids for about 5 metres. Driving me insane. I’m just hoping it clicks in again

    Love the croquet picture. He’s obviously a natural – got the pose perfectly!

  3. Love the croquet picture and I’m glad someone else had to do two weeks’ worth of pics this week because of Britmums Live! Sorry I didn’t get to meet you. Maybe next year!

  4. Lovely! It was so good to meet you at Britmums. Love that photo of Brewster and Jess. It made me laugh – very sweet!x

  5. What a busy couple of weeks you’ve had! I love the Father’s Day photo – just pure joy, such a great capture! Sounds like Monkey has been keeping himself busy with his camera, stenciling and playing croquet! Love the pirate outfit. Must have been hard you being away at BritMums but at least I got to meet you x

  6. Hope you had a good time at Cadbury World. It’s only a few miles from me, but I’m ashamed to say I’ve never been. Bet Monkey enjoyed croquet, H loves it.

  7. So great that he has his own camera at that age. Jess and your cat facing off is hilarious. The buckles are a work of creative genius!!! Well done mummy.

  8. That cat photo made me laugh, how funny. So lovely that Monkey missed you so much while you were away

  9. My kids keep forgetting to charge the camera and they hardly take photo. Well done to monkey keeping it alive!
    Lovely to meet you at britmums.

  10. Some lovely photos! The first one of Monkey and his Dad is just lovely and I really like the one of Brewster meeting Jess!! Lovely BM’s photo too 😀

  11. you have packed in lots this last fortnight. Shame about not getting to spend the day in London, but then when we have kids from that day on (imo) they always come first, so I would have done the same. He managed 2 nights without you so that was good.
    Like the idea of the stained glass butterflies, we are not an overly crafty lot.
    He seems happy with the dinosaurs

  12. Love the piccie of Brewster and Jess..he looks ready to pounce.
    We used to make pizzas using bases too. It was when TMNT were new! We used to make some sweet ones too.
    Cooked sliced apple and sprinkle of crumble mix (or some muesli) on top and fire off in the oven. Even really naughty ones of choccie spread and marshmallow..:)

  13. I was so happy to meet you! I love events like this where I get to meet the bloggers that I already know so much about through this project, really genuinely pleased to meet you. I hope you had a good time there, it’s quite overwhelmingly tiring isn’t it?

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365 and sorry for the delay in commenting.

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