Project 365 - Week 27 and 28

Project 365 – Week 27 and 28

Joining in with TheBoyAndMe and her linky 365 Project  A Photo A Day, Every Day, For A Year!  Project 365 – Week 27-28 Days 180-193.  Another 2 week round-up I’m afraid!

Sunday 29th June – Day 180

Project 365 - Week 27 and 28We spent the day at Bloxham Steam Rally, and of course Monkey couldn’t resist a ride on the miniature steam train.  The grin says it all!

Monday 30th June – Day 181

Project 365 - Week 27 and 28

Monkey was in the mood for some crafting after school so we set to work with some Baker Ross goodies we’d been sent to review.  Monkey’s concentration levels with this sort of thing has really improved over the last few months.  His swimming lesson went well too.

Tuesday 1st July – Day 182

Project 365 - Week 27 and 28

Monkey’s first School Sports Day, it didn’t go entirely to plan, bless him.  There were no tears though, so it could have been worse.

Wednesday 2nd July – Day 183

Project 365 - Week 27 and 28

I’d been sent a tripod to review, so finally I can get some photos of Monkey and I together without relying on Daddy P to be around.  This was our first test shot, Monkey thought it was great as he’s never seen the camera timer being used before.  Not the best photo in the world, lighting not right, but I just love his expression.

Thursday 3rd July – Day 184

Project 365 - Week 27 and 28

This year Silverstone celebrated it’s 50th Grand Prix, as part of the celebrations 3 day ticket holders were given Pit Walk access on the Thursday before the action began. These days getting this sort of access is extremely rare unless you are seriously loaded or a celebrity!  My brother and I were in heaven.

Friday 4th July – Day 185

Project 365 - Week 27 and 28

I spent the day at Silverstone for the Practice sessions with my brother.  Finally I got Fernando Alonso to sign my Ferrari cap.  I was one happy fan.  I couldn’t persuade Kimi Raikkonen to sign anything which was a shame.  We had a great day, and the weather behaved.  Daddy P was in charge of getting Monkey to and from school.  He had his first school trip – the whole of Nursery and Reception went to Wendover Woods for the Gruffalo Trail.  He had a great day showing his friends where we’d been before.

Saturday 5th July – Day 186

Project 365 - Week 27 and 28

I didn’t have any childcare for Monkey which meant I watched the Grand Prix qualifying at home with my little chap.  He spent the entire time trying to spot his Uncle P on the TV and asking if I’d met every driver he could see.  Mummy have you met him?  Yes Monkey, I’ve met him.  He drives a red car Mummy, yes, he does, just not the right red car Monkey.  Ferrari had a dismal qualifying, would they fare better in the race?

Sunday 6th July – Day 187

Project 365 - Week 27 and 28 Project 365 - Week 27 and 28

My how times have changed!  The technology of Formula One cars has been constantly moving over the last 50 years.  Shame this year’s car sounds absolutely appalling.  A great day spent with my brother and nephew.  Not a great day for Ferrari but we’ll gloss over that, on to Germany we go in search of better luck.  Monkey and Daddy P spent the day at Evesham Light Railway, and Monkey was full of his exploits when I got home.

Monday 7th July – Day 188

Project 365 - Week 27 and 28

Back to crafting after school and before swimming.  Another good session in the pool, Monkey is starting to show the teacher what he can actually do with me.  Really pleased with his growing confidence.

Tuesday 8th July – Day 189

Project 365 - Week 27 and 28

To end a wonderful few days I spent the day at Silverstone with my brother again, this time watching the Formula One test session.  Something I’d never had the opportunity to do before.  We could see the cars with different aero packages, test tyres and the like. It was really interesting.  This display is at the front of the circuit celebrating the British drivers who have won over the years. I’m lucky enough to have actually met all of them over the years, bar Collins and Clark.  Although Lewis Hamilton was particularly noticeable by his absence around the fans this year.  What you see on TV and the reality are very different where he is concerned, in my experience anyway.

Wednesday 9th July – Day 190

Project 365 - Week 27 and 28

Monkey had had a bad dream in the night and got in with me in the early hours.  He was totally sparked out when my alarm went off.  Where ever he is, his saggy old teddy is never far away.  After school we went to the Library and Monkey got very excited, he found a Tractor book we haven’t borrowed before.

Thursday 10th July – Day 191

Project 365 - Week 27 and 28

Monkey decided I needed to be read to at breakfast.  We’d picked up a free copy of Super Duck from the Library yesterday. Monkey loves it, and he decided to tell me the story over breakfast.  I had a quick dash up to London on the train to visit a couple of Christmas in July events (a first for me) and still managed to get home in time for school pick up.  We spent a lovely quiet afternoon reading, cuddled up on the sofa.  Just lovely, quality time together.

Friday 11th July – Day 192

Project 365 - Week 27 and 28

After two weeks of trying to persuade Monkey that roller skating might be fun, we finally persuaded him to put all the gear on.  He’d only have a go in our kitchen, but he loved it. Next step the garden!  Watch this space.

Saturday 12th July – Day 193

Project 365 - Week 27 and 28Monkey an I have spent the day in London.  I took him to the National History Museum this morning for the first time.  We went dinosaur hunting, he loved it.  We had a lovely afternoon at a blogging event, and have just had the nicest day together.  No meltdowns, no moaning, just a lovely, happy day together with my boy – perfect.

31 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 27 and 28

  1. busy busy busy!! love the photo of you and your son, lovely moment and the rollerskates picture is fab, I used to love mine 🙂 x

  2. You have had a busy couple of weeks! Love all the Silverstone pictures, glad you had such a good time x Lovely to see a photo of you and Monkey 🙂

  3. Loving the photos of Monkey with his Mummy and Daddy! I am also soooo jealous you got that close to Alonso, one of the only reasons I can stand to watch the GP with the hubby! :p

  4. Sounds like a really busy couple of weeks with lots of fun. Great that the London trip was a success.

    I’m taking N in August to a show, and a little worried about how he’ll cope with a long day there. Hoping he’ll be fine as we’re going with his best friend too.

    1. I bet he’ll be fine if you keep mentioning the train etc. Monkey got a bit scared on one of the tubes which was totally rammed after we’d got on it. But other than that he did well. He will surprise you I’m sure.

  5. Another action packed time for you both. I want to get a tripod. Just had to ask hubby to take a photo of me for something I was wearing.

  6. Looks like 2 very action packed weeks for you! Lucky to have the right contacts at the Grand Prix, let’s hope Monkey grows up liking it!

  7. Love Monkey’s face in the tripod shot.
    He looks eager to get going on his skates. Keep your armour on though!

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