Project 365 Week 29

Project 365 Week 29

Joining in with TheBoyAndMe and her linky 365 Project  A Photo A Day, Every Day, For A Year!  Project 365 – Week 29 Days 194-200.

Sunday 13th July – Day 194

Project 365 Week 29

Kate over at Darktea had recommended the Woodcote Traction Steam Rally to us, and as the tickets were considerably cheaper than going to Fairford again, off we went.  Monkey was in his element.  We found an old steam-powered hay baler and that was his entertainment sorted for a good hour.  He was totally fascinated.

Monday 14th July – Day 195

Project 365 Week 29

We’ve moved swimming lessons to Tuesdays from this week.  The Monday class timings won’t work when he starts school, so better to get it sorted beforehand.  So we had an uninterrupted afternoon at home.  Monkey decided that he wanted to make a collage with some leaves we’d pressed recently.

Tuesday 15th July – Day 196

Project 365 Week 29

Monkey had his settling in day in his Reception Class.  I think it went well, Monkey is certainly not telling me!  He came home filthy, so it was a quick change then off to his new swimming lesson.  He was less than impressed, big meltdown.  He was tired, it wasn’t the best timing, but never mind.  He actually did ok in his lesson, it’s the same teacher, and he coped well with meeting a group of new children.  When we got home he wanted to have a cuddle on his bed and be friends again.  So hence the silly selfie to get him smiling again.

Wednesday 16th July – Day 197


While Monkey was at Nursery School I spent the morning using the Rug Doctor we’d been sent to review, cleaning the carpets upstairs.  It gave me the opportunity to sort Monkey’s room out a bit.  We are definitely suffering from too many toys/not enough storage.  After school he came to inspect my work and played happily with his Lego Hero Factory toys and dinosaurs.  I love seeing him sat like this – a proper little school boy now!

Thursday 17th July – Day 198

Project 365 Week 29

I’ve totally forgotten to take a photo of Monkey today, but I did take this rose photo earlier today.  My neighbours are on holiday this week and I’m in charge of not killing the plants in their garden – no pressure there then with this weather!  I adore their roses, this one is just stunning in my opinion.

Friday 18th July – Day 199

Project 365 Week 29

Today was Super Heroes day at school.  We don’t have any clothing to suit this theme and it was hot, Monkey didn’t want to dress up … blah, blah, blah.  He eventually agreed to wear his Super Mario t-shirt as a compromise and off he went.  It was also the last full day for him at Nursery School, only half days now until he finishes on Tuesday – eek!  He is getting so tired now, he needs the summer holidays.  The afternoon was spent mainly on the sofa, reading books and chilling out.

I had a new instructor for swimming, our normal one had a little girl on Thursday, a few weeks early.  The evening went well, I think I might be getting over my issues with front crawl.  Fingers crossed.

Saturday 19th July – Day 200

Project 365 Week 29

We had another thunderstorm in the early hours.  Monkey slept through the one on Thursday night, but not last night.  We’ve both been awake since 4am, not good.  I cancelled today’s meet up with a few friends as we are both so tired and I can see meltdown city approaching.  Monkey is insistent on a PJ day with his construction toys. I think we’ll both be in bed early tonight!

41 thoughts on “Project 365 Week 29

  1. Oh I’m pleased I’m not the only one who has a child who doesn’t like to tell you what they’ve done in their day, haha… what is that all about?? My son didn’t want to dress up for something at nursery once either. He said ‘I don’t want to dress up I want to be me’. How can you argue with that? I think I put his outfit in his bag, just in case.

  2. my children are great at not telling me what they’ve done, “can’t remember” or “not a lot”, very forth coming lol.

    brilliant round up, your neighbours roses are gorgeous!!!

  3. Good compromise on the dressing up day – not all kiddies want to dress up and I don’t like the pressure of those days! The carpet looks very clean – I have no answer to the too many toys / storage solution. I struggle with that too, throughout the house! Lovely happy pics 🙂

  4. Love the selfie of the 2 of you. And that rose is beautiful. I’ve been taking photos of the roses in our lodgers’ side of the garden too.

  5. Stunning rose and I love the leaf collage too. We also suffer from the too many toys and not enough storage affliction! #365

  6. lots of cheeky face pictures there and a lovely roses to, we do a big purg on toys twice a year and try and sell them for pennies that go towards new toys. how on earth do you have white carpets and children!!!

  7. Those thunder storms haven’t been good for sleep! Husband and I have woken for both of them, but only one child for each – eldest loved it, daughter was terrified!
    Love that photo of the rose.

  8. Some really lovely photos there. That selfie is so cute & the rose is gorgeous. I’ve been sorting our toys today x

  9. I’m glad your little boy had a good settling in day. My little girl finished her reception year on Wednesday and I can hardly believe it (and she never tells me what she has done at school)!
    That rose picture is lovely.
    Sorry you’ve been unsettled with the storms, we’ve been lucky and not had any (as of yet anyway). x

  10. We had a pyjama day yesterday (well the kids did), it has just been so hot and such an effort this week, I think we could all do with one. So many toys!! I know that feeling though, I am always in search of storage so that I am not tripping over it all the time.

  11. love the selfie pic, anything that brings an end to a mood and makes them smile if a good idea. Laughed at the last pic, guess that was a go away look.
    We had a rug doctor to review last year and they are fab, make a huge difference

  12. Well if he came home filthy he must have had a good time! Glad the swimming went reasonably well too.

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