Project 365 – Week 3

Project 365 – Week 3

Joining in with TheBoyAndMe and her linky 365 Project “A Photo A Day, Every Day, For A Year!”  Project 365 – Week 3 – Days 12 – 18

Day 12 – Sunday

Project 365 – Week 3We had a chilled out morning at home.  I thought that Monkey was on a construction site but apparently this was a camp fire!  In the afternoon we went to Daddy P’s sister’s house for Christmas Dinner with all the family, as they’ve just returned from a Christmas and New Year cruise. 5 children aged 2-8 – not a chilled out afternoon!  But the kids had lots of fun, and extra Christmas stockings, so they were all happy.

Day 13 – Monday

Project 365 – Week 3We bought Monkey a Micro Scooter for his birthday, he has taken to it so much better than his My 1st Scooter, he just loves it.  All of a sudden he has gained his confidence, has started to be independent, happy to not be holding my hand constantly.  I am totally loving watching him scoot to school and back – its magical to watch the enjoyment on his face.  Special.

Day 14 – Tuesday

Project 365 – Week 3Had a lovely morning catching up with an old friend while Monkey was at Nursery School, we had a quiet afternoon and then I spent the evening at a committee meeting for his old pre-school.  Late night, but still a bit of reading time with my latest book.  About a quarter of the way through, but enjoying it so far.

Day 15 – Wednesday

Project 365 – Week 3We’d been sent a weekend activity box to review, playing with coloured sand is a new activity for us to do at home.  Once Monkey had completed the review task element, we tried some messy fun time.  I got some paper and he used the glue and added the sands.  It wasnt long before he’d tipped them all into one pot, but he had a great time.  Really concentrated.

Day 16 – Thursday

Project 365 – Week 3I don’t know about you, but I spend most of my time down on the floor, helping to assembly train tracks, construction sites and so on.  Thursday saw a hole appear in yet another pair of jeans, my jeans!!.  Gutted, as these are my favourite jeans.  I struggle to find jeans to fit me properly, small waist, big bum and fat thighs, too tall for regular, not quite tall enough for long.

Day 17 – Friday

Project 365 – Week 3After Nursery School and lunch, Monkey helped me to make some Honey and Spice Muffins, before a couple of his friends came round for a play date.  We love making cakes together.  They taste good!

Day 18 – Saturday Project 365 – Week 3Monkey has been watching the Discovery Channel with Daddy P and recently saw a programme with Chris Barrie, talking about old tanks.  We don’t have any toy tanks, so when we visited Auntie Sheba today, he was quick to look out all the old tanks in the toy box.  They had to come home for a visit!  Monkey then sat there explaining the finer details of how the gun should be operated.  He was talking real tanks, rather than toy tanks.  If that boy isn’t an engineer when he grows up, I will be amazed!

38 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 3

  1. Lucky Monkey with such an active week from camp fires 🙂 to tanks. And funnily enough one pair of my jeans finally split through to the knees this week.

  2. Lovely photos – scooting is great fun!
    Jeans are such a nightmare, aren’t they? I’m (proportionally) big waist, small hips and muscly legs!

  3. i am always gutted when a much loved pair of jeans or shoes go past the point of no return and i wish i had bought another pair at the time! i struggle to find good jeans too.
    that is a late xmas dinner to have but actually thinking about it a nice break for all the turkey from Christmas to be able to enjoy it again!
    i did smile at the construction site photo x

  4. We love the weekend boxes, we reviewed last year and there fab!
    Holey knees is a regular occurrence here with 3 boys #project365

  5. It is amazing the difference it makes buying a microscooter, once my daughter had hers she was off and now she is 4 and far too confident on hers as I am constantly running down the road after her! Those cakes sound and look delicious and I know what you mean about jeans, that happens to all of mine.

  6. I’d be so annoyed about those jeans as well! I struggle to find decent jeans as I’m a big bird and many gape when you bend over; just found the perfect pair in Asda of all places and they’ve stopped making the range!

    Thank you for linking up to Project 365

  7. What a great week Mary (apart from the jeans!). How awesome having a Christmas dinner, that must have been fun. Let me know if you have any tips for the scooter, POD has only tried once so far! Monkey looks like he’s going great guns! Those muffins look delicious 🙂

    1. She might just need time Charly. Monkey just wasn’t interested in his old scooter at the same age. But all of a sudden the enthusiasm is there and he really loves his new micro scooter. We scooted for ages yesterday. Maybe just suggest taking on every trip out?

  8. Looks as though you’ve had a very productive week 🙂 Jeans are a real pain to buy for, aren’t they? If I find a pair I like, I usually buy a few in different colours!

  9. It looks like a pretty good week. The girls love their scooters too and I’m always telling them to slow down

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