Project 365 Week 30

Project 365 Week 30

Joining in with TheBoyAndMe and her linky 365 Project  A Photo A Day, Every Day, For A Year!  Project 365 – Week 30 Days 201-207.

Sunday 20th July – Day 201

Project 365 Week 30

After a busy week we were all in need of a quiet day.  Monkey loves his new Aquabeads set and enjoyed making some new suncatchers.  We’d been for a disastrous meal at our local Brewers Fayre recently; I’d complained and we’d been given a £40 voucher to spend.  So as it was rather hot, I decided we’d eat there for dinner.  The service was considerably better and the Sticky Toffee Pudding was rather nice!

Monday 21st July – Day 202

Project 365 Week 30

After school we needed to make some goodbye cards for Monkey’s teacher and key workers.  Monkey was making hand print cards, when he’d finished it was time to make some hand print pictures for home.  He loved it.  We then made cakes for the end of term party.  I was so impressed with him.  He was so exact with his sprinkles, no more manic coverings.  We obviously had to conduct a taste test just to make sure they were ok.

Tuesday 22nd July – Day 203

Project 365 Week 30

End of an era as Monkey left Nursery School today.  He had an end of term party and apparently a digger top is the correct party wear these days.  He was rather happy with his bundle of goodies when he came home.  It did make me laugh when he found a packet of Haribo’s and put them straight in the bin – trained him well!

Wednesday 23rd July – Day 204

Project 365 Week 30

We’ve got a really busy few days away coming up so I made sure we had a day at home today.  Time for Monkey to chill after a busy term, time for me to enjoy his company. We had a Teddy Bear’s Picnic in the garden, played Pumpaloons and generally enjoyed the sunshine.

Thursday 24th July – Day 205

Project 365 Week 30

We drove down to Sussex and went to an event at Butlins with Tina from The Soup Dragon Says and her son.  We were having a sleepover at her house, after dinner we spent an hour on the beach – Monkey loved it.

Friday 25th July – Day 206

Project 365 Week 30

We spent the day with Tina and her son enjoying the wonderful Jousting at Arundel Castle.  It really was fabulous.  Even getting caught in a thunderstorm in the afternoon didn’t dampen our spirits, even if we were drenched.  We headed home, my Sat Nav sent us on a magical mystery tour, so I stopped at the services for dinner as we were going to be home so late.  Went back to the car and it wouldn’t start – aargh.  Called the AA out and an hour later it was decided my starter motor is knackered.  Managed to get home at 9.00pm – so straight to bed for a worn out Monkey and no swimming lesson for me.

Saturday 26th July – Day 207

Project 365 Week 30

After a long lie in this morning Monkey tried out his new Dobble Kids game.  We’ve had some excitement here today!  We’ve had a photographer and make up artist from the Daily Mail visit us for a photo shoot for a feature on Sorgenfresser Worry Eaters. Monkey did really well considering earlier this morning he told me he would not have his photo taken at all.



22 thoughts on “Project 365 Week 30

  1. Love the homemade cards. Being a teacher myself it is so nice to receive something that a child has actually made for you.

  2. Love the picture of Monkey at the beach, so engrossed in what he was doing! hope he enjoyed his game of Dobble, and hope you will pop by and see us again soon. 🙂

  3. Got to love homemade gifts and cards!! boo to the car breaking down, what a nightmare, glad you finally made it home. the dobble kids game looks very interested, monkey certainly looks intrigued x

  4. Lovely photo on the beach. Sounds like a nightmare being stuck in the car 🙁

  5. Sounds like a fun packed week 🙂 Love the photo of Monkey ready for his last day at nursery and the shot on the beach x

  6. I was thinking of taking my lot to Arundel Castle. Was it fun? Looks great and it’s not that far from us. Loving your ‘crafty’ photos this week and well done to Monkey for throwing the Haribos in the bin lol!

  7. Such lovely captures of Monkey being creative – even at the beach. My daughter loved aquabeads too.

  8. think home made cards are great, much nicer than shop bought. Im glad he agreed to get his picture done and I hope you liked the finished article. He seems engrossed in the jousting.

  9. OMG you put Haribo in the bin.. how could you..:) I love haribo!

    Isn’t it lovely when they learn to take their time over things. 🙂
    I like his digger shirt.

  10. Gosh that aquabeads set looks awesome – almost as fun as hand painting! There’s so much effort in making things for teachers which is lovely. Hard to believe POD will start school next year! Must have been weird Monkey finishing nursery school, he looks very dapper in his digger t-shirt though! Sounds like the beach and Arundel castle were great fun too.

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