Project 365 Week 31

Project 365 Week 31

Joining in with TheBoyAndMe and her linky 365 Project  A Photo A Day, Every Day, For A Year!  Project 365 – Week 31 Days 208-214.

Sunday 27th July – Day 208

Project 365 Week 31Oven Pride had sent us our next challenge which involves having a BBQ – so we decided we’d better actually buy one rather than just using disposable ones.  We spend so little time as a family it was nice to have dinner outside and sit together for a change.

Monday 28th July – Day 209

Project 365 Week 31

My car was in at the garage following our breakdown on Friday evening.  It scuppered our plans for the day, so we had an arts and craft day instead. Monkey had a great time and it was great to see his concentration.

Tuesday 29th July – Day 210

Project 365 Week 31

Monkey’s NCT buddy Master O and his little brother E came over to play, we had a picnic lunch in the garden and the boys played beautifully.  J and I managed a catch up as we don’t get to see each other often as the family have moved away.  My car was still at the garage so Daddy P took us to Monkey’s swimming lesson.  He said he couldn’t stay to watch and would return to pick us up – queue one major meltdown, refusal to get in the pool etc etc.  Finally, with some help from the lifeguard we managed to get Monkey to join in and then of course, he was fine – children!  When I went to bed this evening I found him fast asleep across the bed – a new position.

Wednesday 30th July – Day 211

Project 365 Week 31

We spent a lovely day with our Special Sheba.  She’s been quite poorly for some time and has finally been diagnosed.  It was lovely to see her looking a bit brighter and Monkey just adored spending the time with her.

Thursday 31st July – Day 212

Project 365 Week 31

We drove up to Birmingham to spend the day with Redpeffer and her family.  Monkey was in a very cling mood and it took over 2 hours to persuade him he didn’t need to be permanently attached to me.  But once parted, he enjoyed ‘gardening’ with Iona’s little boy.  Although my son could learn a lot from his younger companion about sharing!  We drove home after a lovely day, only for another meltdown to erupt as soon as I closed our front door.  Glad we have a home day tomorrow!

Friday 1st August – Day 213


We spent the morning at home testing out some new dinosaur ink stamps, having fun with play dough and working on numbers and counting.  Then an exciting delivery arrived from Trunki.  Welcome Trunkisaurus Rex – Monkey was over the moon – can you tell????  We’re really excited to be going on a weekend blogging trip to Spain next month and Trunki have kindly kitted Monkey out.  He has since packed said Trunki!

Saturday 2nd August – Day 214

Project 365 Week 31Truly a day of two halves. We’d been invited to CBeebies Land by the CBeebies Magazine.  Monkey wasn’t a happy bunny in the morning and really didn’t want to join in with the activities that had been planned.  But given the freedom of the Theme Park and he was back to his happy chappy self.  He loved the Postman Pat ride.


9 thoughts on “Project 365 Week 31

  1. Cbeebies land looks great! How exciting to be going on a trip to Spain! Love the Trunki shot.

  2. Love the concentration in the painting photo and Day 211 is a gorgeous picture. He certainly does look happy with his trunki!

  3. sometimes you do wonder if it is worth taking your delightful little offspring out the door dont you? But this clingy meltdown phase does pass eventually. Glad he did enjoy some of the time he was out of the house on each occasion.
    Only children/youngest child often seem to have an issue with sharing as they dont usually have to, my youngest learnt he if screamed long and loud he could get the older ones to let him have anything he wanted!! Have to say I use to tell them off for giving into him but they always did anyway.

  4. I second Elaine’s first paragraph ^ 🙂

    Glad you enjoyed your BBQ. I’m not really a lover of them, all that waiting about getting it hot.. I could have cooked and eaten in all that time.. 🙂

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