Project 365 Week 34

Project 365 Week 34

Joining in with TheBoyAndMe and her linky 365 Project  A Photo A Day, Every Day, For A Year!  Project 365 – Week 34 Days 229-235.

Sunday 17th August – Day 229

Project 365 Week 34

We’d been invited to Lollibop by Thomas & Friends.  I’d heard good reports and was hoping Monkey would enjoy it, especially as Andy Day (hero-worship) was going to be there.  There were a number of high points, but I just love this photo.  We were in the Thomas tent with Rusty and Dusty, The Fat Controllers helpers.  I think you can see how much they made Monkey laugh, it was lovely.

Monday 18th August – Day 230

Project 365 Week 34

We met Monkey’s godmother and her daughter at Bucklebury Farm Park.  We had a lovely day, even with torrential downpours.  Any regular readers of my blog will be as amazed by this photo as I was by the reality.  My super timid, doesn’t do anything other than swings, son!  Well he proved us wrong today!

Tuesday 19th August – Day 231

Project 365 Week 34

We had an awful night, Monkey was violently sick a number of times, and neither of us got much sleep.  Today was a sofa day for him and a time for me to catch up with my latest WASGIJ – Brewster decided to lend a hand.

Wednesday 20th August – Day 232

Project 365 Week 34

Monkey had stopped being sick, and was a bit brighter, but not right.  We cancelled a trip to see our Special Sheba as I didn’t want her to catch anything.  A day at home just being together.

Thursday 21st August – Day 233

Project 365 Week 34

So it would appear that Monkey likes to share his germs.  Daddy P had felt poorly on Wednesday night so hadn’t gone into work.  Just as well, as I started throwing up after breakfast and felt really unwell for the rest of the day.  I left the boys downstairs and retreated to bed.  Brewster decided I needed watching over.

Friday 22nd August – Day 234

Project 365 Week 34

Both still not feeling ourselves today.  Cancelled an NCT meet up at Blenheim Palace that we’d arranged months ago. A day of marmite on toast all round.  Hopefully another full night’s sleep will see us both better and ready for an action packed bank holiday weekend.

Saturday 23rd August – Day 235

Project 365 Week 34

It was so nice to feel human again after a pretty rubbish week for both of us.  We met up with Redpeffer and her family for the day at Cotswold Farm Park.  We had a great time, with a few mini meltdowns thrown in for good measure.  Show me a perfect child …. I love this photo of Monkey and Iona’s son using magnifying glasses to identify pond creatures 🙂



9 thoughts on “Project 365 Week 34

  1. Sorry to hear you were all so poorly and glad you managed a day out today. Monkey doesn’t look well at all in those pics, poor thing.

  2. What a contrast from the joy in the first photo to feeling poorly later! Glad to hear you’re all better.

  3. we all had this the other week, it went round all three generations of us. Isnt it marvellous when they do something that surprises you, well done on the chain walking.
    The laughing picture is brilliant, he really seems to be enjoying it.

  4. Yay, go Monkey on the chain bridge thing at Bucklebury. We really enjoyed it when we went for an online birth board meet up, but the kids were all small toddlers, so a very different day out to what they’d have now.

    Glad you’ve all got over your bugs now.

  5. Love the photo laughing at Rusty and Dusty, they take the Thomas show to Butlin’s so we’ve seen them twice, they are very funny.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365, there’s a new one live now.

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