Project 365 Week 35

Project 365 Week 35

Joining in with TheBoyAndMe and her linky 365 Project  A Photo A Day, Every Day, For A Year!  Project 365 – Week 35 Days 236-242.

Sunday 24th August – Day 236

Project 365 Week 35

We visited a couple of National Trust properties today; Greys Court and Nuffield Place. Monkey got a certificate at Nuffield Place for finding all the items on the observation sheet and then thought he’d try to squeeze into this car – too big for it I fear!  We stopped in Henley for dinner and found our first Gold Post Box – exciting!

Monday 25th August – Day 237

Project 365 Week 35

Mummy is my hand as big as yours yet?  No, but you are catching me up fast Monkey!  It rained, typical for the last Bank Holiday before Christmas.  I had some Tesco vouchers I’d exchanged for Days Out vouchers so we headed to Pendon Museum to check out their model railways.  Monkey loved it.

Tuesday 26th August – Day 238

Project 365 Week 35

Time to get Monkey’s feet measured.  He needed new school shoes as his Nursery Class shoes were wrecked.  He’s gone up a whole size since July, no new school shoes were purchased.  Catching me up way too fast! It meant he needed new casual shoes too – I managed to obtain the only pair of brown shoes in Clarks that were size 11.5.  Please don’t tell me that, every other pair of shoes above that size were black – I can see I’m going to hate shoe shopping with Monkey!

Wednesday 27th August – Day 239

Project 365 Week 35

Monkey and I were spending a couple of days with my best friend.  After lunch we popped over to Calke Abbey for the afternoon to explore their outdoor activities.  Look at Monkey!  He didn’t make it the whole way along, but he tried.  I was so proud of him.  In their Garden of Imagination he actually let Auntie A chase him – he normally freaks if anyone chases him.  He overcame his fear to walk through a really dark tunnel too – he had a wonderful afternoon, and adores my friend.

Thursday 28th August – Day 240

Project 365 Week 35

We spent a wonderful day with Auntie A exploring the Great Central Railway on a steam train.  Monkey was in his element, and my friend went on her first ever steam train – she has not lived!

Friday 29th August – Day 241

Project 365 Week 35

We had a couple of appointments today, Monkey had his dental check too.  My thoughts were with my friend Jenny and her family as they said farewell to Elspeth.  We bought some sunflowers on our way back from town.  Monkey and I then sat down to watch Walking with Dinosaurs.  He was transfixed throughout – can you tell?  Something amazing happened in the swimming pool tonight – more on that on Monday.

Saturday 30th August – Day 242

Project 365 Week 35

We are having a lazy day at home.  Plans got cancelled and I had a few glasses of wine last night.  We’ve had so much on, I think we could both do with some down time. Monkey is never far away from his battered old Teddy.

15 thoughts on “Project 365 Week 35

  1. Love the picture of Monkey squeezing into the car, and the pics of the hands and shoes are lovely – they grow so fast! #project365

  2. N loves those old cars. He spotted one in an antique shop in Stow and then wanted it!

    Love the shoe and hand photos. Nice to see how they grow when they’re a bit older vs the baby size of hand/feet

  3. I love that photo of Monkey’s hand with yours. His shoes really look as though they’re catching up with you!
    Good luck to Monkey for starting school.

  4. Awe, the car is lush Mary! I love the steam train shot. Monkey and you have been busy….a quiet day today no doubt did you both the world of good! Good luck to monkey starting school next week!

  5. Love the first shot, and the hands, but my favourite is the one of Monkey looking out of the train, beautiful x

  6. They grow so fast don’t they? Crikey a whole size since july.. that’s boys for you.. they tend to grow in spurts!!

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