Project 365 - Week 36

Project 365 – Week 36

Joining in with TheBoyAndMe and her linky 365 Project  A Photo A Day, Every Day, For A Year!  Project 365 ā€“ Week 36 Days 243-249.

Sunday 31st August – Day 243

Project 365 - Week 36

We’d planned to go to the Bournemouth Airshow but Daddy P had worked for nearly 30 hours in one go (I kid you not) again so he was good for nothing.  In hindsight I should have just gone with Monkey, but we spent a day having fun at home instead.  Monkey didn’t seem to mind and we had a puzzle making marathon.

Monday 1st September – Day 244

Project 365 - Week 36

Monkey loves his black olives – can you tell by the look on his face.  We went for a walk in the morning and just enjoyed a day together.  Countdown to starting school has begun. Mummy is getting rather emotional.

Tuesday 2nd September – Day 245

Project 365 - Week 36

A trip to the Library.  I love that Monkey gets so excited about these trips, I’m sad that today is our last ‘take all day’ to sit and read, pick a selection, change our minds, pick some more.  In future he will be tired after school, it won’t have the same relaxed feel about it. He got his Bookstart passport stamped, only one more stamp and his passport will be full. No more certificates to collect; seems apt with him starting school I suppose. Argh – growing up sucks this week.

Wednesday 3rd September – Day 246

Project 365 - Week 36

All dressed up and ready for his first day in Reception.  Daddy P walked to school with us which was lovely for Monkey.  He seemed ok, went into class fine and no tears – phew. I have to be honest I hated the day.  I really struggled, hadn’t really thought about the effect it would have on me.  I don’t have a plan for me, I need a plan for me!  Monkey had a good day, had no idea what he’d eaten and didn’t go to the toilet apparently.

Thursday 4th September – Day 247

Project 365 - Week 36

Mummy I will go to school today but I’m not having Chicken Pie!  If only I’d known what was coming next I might have been better prepared.  Monkey rushed all the way to school, chatting as we went.  He put his coat on his peg, snack and drink in the right place, his butterfly on the leaf.  All good.  We went into his classroom, the children all sit on the mat with a key worker.

Then the fun torture began.  Bless him, Mummy don’t go! Trying to coax him away from me – not happening.  It was like going back to 2 years ago at pre-school, a year ago in Nursery class.  I wasn’t prepared.  I was hormonal, he was scared and upset.  I knew I had to leave,I knew it was the best thing for him, I knew he would be fine. You still feel like s***. He was peeled off me and I made a hasty retreat before he could see I was crying too. Uurgh.  What an awful morning.  His teacher rang me two hours later, he is fine, he is happy, please don’t worry, we have a plan for tomorrow.  Phew!

Friday 5th September – Day 248

Project 365 - Week 36

Monkey settled at school much better this morning – phew.  I went out to lunch with my NCT friends to celebrate our kids starting school this week.  Sadly one of the gang had a tummy bug so couldn’t join us.  We shared a few tears and then lots of laughs.  Friends who have kept me sane over the last 5 years.  I swam 2 lengths from the deep end in my swimming lesson tonight and managed to go under the water at the 2m mark and touch the bottom with my feet – I didn’t drown and I didn’t panic.  Real progress – proud moment again.

Saturday 6th September – Day 249Project 365 - Week 36

Monkey and I spent the day with ‘special Sheba’.  After our favourite pub lunch Monkey decided he wanted to go to her park.  I left my bag at her house and off we went.  Monkey soon realised that he is too big now – sobs!  So we walked to the next park and discovered a little wooded area to explore.  I soon regretted leaving my phone/camera behind as we were off playing hide and seek, a very small attempt at tree climbing (yes!!!) and collected more pine cones for our now huge collection.  Hence this photo!


19 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 36

  1. A momentous week for you with Monkey starting school! I remember crying when my two started – that is me crying as my twins were fine as they had each other.

  2. It’s a big week when they start school! It is hard to predict how you will both react. Well done to you for your successful swimming lesson.

  3. Yay to ending the week on a high. Every change takes a while. I feel like I’ll be fine when N goes to school, but you never know until it happens.

  4. What a week! I’ve been witnessing the first day at school from the other side of the fence so understand the tears from the children, and parents. I admire you for swimming – I need some lessons as my children are learning and want me to take them too. I must look into them!

  5. oh the crying first day of school is hard, either by the kids or us mums. Glad he settled in finally though, it really is one of the hardest things especially when you dont expect it

  6. A difficult week for you both, I hope things settle down. I know we still have bad days, Had one this morning, you just have to learn not to beat yourself up about it. I know mine will have forgotten all about it by the time he comes home!

  7. I often think starting school is harder on the parents than the children, it will get easier, times like this you do realise though that they are still “babies” in so many ways. Poor daddy must be exhausted. We love puzzles, I need to get some for the twins as we gave all Bob’s stuff away as he outgrew it, back to one piece ones for us.

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