Project 365 Week 39 and 40

Project 365 Week 39 and 40

Joining in with TheBoyAndMe and her linky 365 Project  A Photo A Day, Every Day, For A Year!  Project 365 – Week 39 and 40 Days 264-277.

Sunday 21st September – Day 264

Project 365 Week 39 and 40

We were in London for the day.  We went to a Fireman Sam event inside Tower Bridge and had lunch there.  Then we all wanted to see the final installation of the #TowerPoppies. The last time we were in London they were in the process of ‘planting’ the poppies.  It was lovely to see the finished artwork. Very poignant and we’re looking forward to receiving our own poppy later in the year.  We tried and failed to go to the Science Museum. Monkey had been given a helium Fireman Sam balloon earlier, it was securely fastened to a bag, had walked along the Thames and been on the Underground, but no, the security guards were not letting us in.  We weren’t even allowed to leave it and the bag in their cloakroom.  One very unhappy little boy.

Monday 22nd September – Day 265

Project 365 Week 39 and 40

Monkey’s new single bed was meant to be delivered today.  Shame on Argos for not letting me know that it wasn’t going to happen.  Brewster had been in a fight and had a sore nose. I started my sewing machine course – making a tote bag.

Tuesday 23rd September – Day 266

Project 365 Week 39 and 40

A lovely day full of surprises. Monkey swam on his back unaided for the first time.  We then went to his best friends birthday party at the Ten Pin Bowling Alley.  We’d not been before and Monkey loved it (he’d spent the previous week saying he wouldn’t join in!).

Wednesday 24th September – Day 267

Project 365 Week 39 and 40

I’ve finally started on the outlining for Monkey’s Christmas stocking, seriously running out of time.  We had BT in today to install fibre optic broadband, hoping it will improve our Skype sessions with Spain.

Thursday 25th September – Day 268

Project 365 Week 39 and 40

We were starting to prepare for our review trip to the Costa Brava and Monkey was finding it hard to understand that we were going to Spain, but not to see Granny and Gramps.  I got the map out to explain it and he was fascinated.  I see Mummy, we’re going to a different Spain!  Bless him, yes that’s right, a different Spain.  I took Brewster to the Cattery and got the packing done.  We’re off tomorrow!!

Friday 26th September – Day 269

Project 365 Week 39 and 40

We got to Gatwick in really good time, got checked in and met Globalmouse Travels and her family for the first time.  We would be spending the next few days with them and two other blogging families – Mari’s World and Actually Mummy.  Monkey was so excited to be going on a plane and he hogged the window seat.  Look Mummy!!! Mountains! We arrived safely in Barcelona and then had a long minibus drive to L’Estartit.  His bed was calling, but he’d been a star all day.

Saturday 27th September – Day 270

Project 365 Week 39 and 40

We all slept well, woke up to discover we could see the sea from our balcony and that was it Monkey was ready to go.  We spent a wonderful morning on a Pirate ship, hence bandana.  Monkey surprised us all day, more confident, less clingy, making friends, growing up.  It was a joy to watch.  We even got Daddy P cooking in a Spanish kitchen – more on all of this coming soon.  A late night meant carrying Monkey to bed but he slept through me packing our cases – zonked.

Sunday 28th September – Day 271

Project 365 Week 39 and 40

Our tour moved to the lovely seaside town of Roses, we sent Daddy P off on a bicycle tour and Monkey and I explored the Ciutadella with our tour leader Gemma and Eva, from the local tourist office.  We had a wonderful time, Monkey was in his element.  The trip was over all too soon and we headed back to Barcelona in torrential rain.  We’d been so lucky to avoid it on our trips.  The flight was delayed so it was nearly 10pm when we got home. One very tired Monkey went straight to bed.  We’d had an amazing time.

Monday 29th September – Day 272

Project 365 Week 39 and 40

We were all shattered after the weekend and Monkey did well to last all day at school.  I picked Brewster up from the cattery, I hate it when he’s not around, the house seems so quiet, silly but true.  An afternoon of chilling on the sofa was in order.

Tuesday 30th September – Day 273

Project 365 Week 39 and 40

I spent the morning at the hospital taking part in some trails for Diabetes and Heart conditions.  I went to see our friend Sheba afterwards and we went out for lunch.  I was pregnant the last time we got together without Monkey – it felt strange.  Then home to pick the last two apples from our apple tree’s first harvest.  Monkey had a good swimming lesson but not as confident as last week.

Wednesday 1st October – Day 274

Project 365 Week 39 and 40

I got a call from the delivery driver just after 7am – we will be with you in the next hour. Monkey was going to get his single bed.  It arrived just before we left for school, Monkey was so excited.  Daddy P and I put the bed together and then I set about sorting his room out, toys, moving some wall stickers and making the bed.  His new lights arrived too – perfect to finish the room off.  I think this picture tells you how happy Monkey is!

Thursday 2nd October – Day 275

Project 365 Week 39 and 40

Monkey has been fixated with pretend play cooking all week.  It suddenly dawned on me that he was recreating our cookery evening at La Vinyeta at the weekend.  I think Jordi would be proud.  This was before we went to school.  On the way home from school Monkey crashed on his scooter, and went flying.  He must have rubber bones, nothing was broken, just a sprained wrist and a shaken up little boy.  Lots of cuddles on the sofa required.

Friday 3rd October – Day 276

Project 365 Week 39 and 40

Meet Pepe the Pirate.  He went to school today for Monkey’s Show and Tell.  We bought him in L’Estartit to remind Monkey of his pirate adventures.  Monkey seemed much happier after his fall yesterday and went off to school with his little wooden friend.  I met a friend for lunch which was lovely.  We Skyped Granny and Gramps, still not great, ended up hard wiring the laptop into the router and then it worked fine.  I moved to Improvers in my swimming lessons!! Go me!

Saturday 4th October – Day 277

Project 365 Week 39 and 40

A rainy day and we vegged in bed with CBeebies this morning, both tired after a busy week.  Monkey wanted to catch up with some craft projects we have, so it was time to make some Christmas boxes and Owl Stained Glass Windows.

10 thoughts on “Project 365 Week 39 and 40

  1. Looks like a busy couple of weeks.

    Lucky with the sprained wrist it wasn’t anything worse. Well done on the move to improvers. Great job, bet you’re so proud.

  2. Looks like you had a fab time in Spain. It must have been tiring doing such a quick trip! It looks like that Christmas stocking will be brilliant and well done for moving up in swimming.

  3. Hoping to see the Poppy’s in London very soon. I still can’t believe they wouldn’t allow you entry into the Science Museum! Your trip to Spain looks fab Mary……very envious! 😉 #365

  4. Your trip sounds wonderful, lucky you! Monkey does look very happy with his new bed 🙂 Well done on moving up to Improvers, that’s fantastic x

  5. A busy couple of weeks. I wish we’d been able to see the poppies at the Tower of London – I’ve seen some great pictures. Looks like your holiday was a big hit.

  6. wow a blogging holiday, what a fab item to review. Glad you enjoyed it. How sad the jobs worth would not let you in, what was he worried about?
    Jealous of your fibre optic cable, we live in an area where BT still own the exchange and they just rent to others so no choice but to go with them else your speed drops to 1/4 meg evenings and weekends, think we are just upgraded by 2016.
    Love the pirate, he looks like a jolly fella.

  7. What a busy couple of weeks. I love the picture of Monkey dressed in his bandanna. Hope he’s OK after his scooter fall.

  8. Cor blimey you get around don’t you, jetting off to a European city for the weekend. Lovely photos from this fortnight.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

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