Project 365 - Week 4

Project 365 – Week 4

Joining in with TheBoyAndMe and her linky 365 Project “A Photo A Day, Every Day, For A Year!”  Project 365 – Week 4 – Days 19 – 25


Day 19 – Sunday

Project 365 - Week 4An afternoon of scooting around parks and the estate nature reserve.

Day 20 – Monday

Project 365 - Week 4Getting Daddy P to take a break to discuss which JCB Digger Monkey should buy.  This is a trade magazine that Daddy P has delivered at work, it’s the highlight of the day when he brings it home for Monkey to look through.

Day 21 – Tuesday

Project 365 - Week 4Our little poser strikes again!  Brewster was waiting, not so patiently for his dinner!

Day 22 – Wednesday

Project 365 - Week 4I had a ‘me day’ and went up to Olympia to the Toy Fair 2014 with Tina from The Soup Dragon Says.  I’ve been a Marilyn fan since my early teens, so made a point of visiting the Galt Toys stand to see this wonderful mosaic by Ed Chapman.  It was lovely to meet a few people face to face and to see some really exciting games, puzzles and toys that will be launched in the months ahead.  We had nowhere near enough time to see all the stands we wanted, childcare is such a pain for me!

Day 23 – Thursday

Project 365 - Week 4We’re almost one week in to our two-week challenge set by MumsNet – The Wholegrain Goodness Challenge.  We’ve been eating whole grains every day, and for dinner on Thursday I made a One Pot Chicken and Sweet Potato Roast.  It was lush and there was enough for two meals.  I’ll be posting about this challenge and this recipe soon.

Day 24 – Friday

Project 365 - Week 4Blowing bubbles in my milk Mummy!  A morning at Nursery School, quick change and the over to a friend’s house for lunch and a play date.  Fun was had by all, Monkey misses his NCT Buddy O, who used to live around the corner from us.  They moved away at the end of October, it’s only a half hour drive, but just popping in for a playdate is trickier now.

Day 25 – Saturday

Project 365 - Week 4I love this photo, Monkey in motion!  We had a cuddle in my bed watching Cbeebies first thing, and then I mentioned a trip to the woods for some muddy puddle jumping.  Monkey, Teddy and Biff were up and off!


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