Project 365 Week 45

Project 365 Week 45

Joining in with TheBoyAndMe and her linky 365 Project  A Photo A Day, Every Day, For A Year!  Project 365 – Week 45 Days 306-312.  I’ve realised I’ve been really rubbish at taking photos of Monkey this week.

Sunday 2nd November – Day 306

Project 365 Week 45

We had some Tesco days out vouchers for Alton Towers that were due to expire soon, I’d checked the weather forecast last night – rain until 10am and then after 3pm – right let’s go for it.  I packed the car with wellies and waterproofs and off we set with Daddy P.  The rain driving up was awful but it stopped just before we arrived.  Monkey loved showing his Daddy around CBeebiesland.  It was so quiet we barely queued for anything.  Having been before, Monkey knew exactly what he wanted to go on and we could go on again and again and again!

Monday 3rd November – Day 307

Project 365 Week 45

It was really nice for Monkey to get back to school today, he needed it and had missed his best friend.  I went back to my sewing machine class and made 3 cushion covers for Monkey’s bedroom.  Planning next project now.

Tuesday 4th November – Day 308

Project 365 Week 45

A friend of mine had seen a Facebook photo showing my freezer covered in Monkey’s post-it note writing and bought him his own writing wipe board.  He was so excited and couldn’t wait to try it out whilst having breakfast.  This is the boy who pretty much refused to write anything until he started school.  I just love his enthusiasm, long may it last.  Dog is his new favourite word for some reason.

He did a star float unsupported in his swimming lesson – his teacher and I were so shocked and proud of him.  Big hugs afterwards.

Wednesday 5th November – Day 309

Project 365 Week 45

This isn’t the sharpest shot I got but it’s the expression on his face that I just love.  We’re working through the Alphablocks Reading Programme at the moment.  He is loving it. This morning, before school we opened the pack of finger puppets.  Mummy look what word I’ve made!  Told you he was obsessed with d-o-g at the moment!

Thursday 6th November – Day 310

Project 365 Week 45

When we went to Cotswold Farm Park back in August Monkey planted 3 sunflower seeds in a plastic cup.  We bought them home and put them in the kitchen windowsill, watered them regularly and really didn’t expect them to do much.  I didn’t want to plant them outside as thought they would just die.  Now we have the smallest sunflowers blooming in the kitchen and one very happy son.

Friday 7th November – Day 311

Project 365 Week 45

School disco after school.  Monkey was anxious about going without me and I was worried about him going to the toilet!  I’ve been convinced this week that he hasn’t gone for a wee at school all day, we’ve had a few accidents coming home.  There was no way he’d last until 4.15 without a wee.  I made a point of explaining the problem to his teacher, he isn’t going to the toilet here, he will need someone to coax him to go before the disco.  Fairly clear to me.  So I was rather gutted for him when he came out with his school trousers on and a bag of wet clothes.  He’d enjoyed himself but wet himself before the party started.  Aargh! Conversation required on Monday!  Anyway, we had a lovely dinner when we got home, do love salmon and asparagus.

Saturday 8th November – Day 312
Project 365 Week 45

We went to see the Octonauts live show in Birmingham with one of Monkey’s NCT buddies and his Mum.  I’ll be reviewing the show, it was fab and lovely to share the experience with Master O who is a big fan.  The boys had a wonderful time and the train journey just added to the excitement.

16 thoughts on “Project 365 Week 45

  1. The salmon looks lovely. I’m chuckling as Monkey loves the word dog at the mo. Ours is being a pickle today.

  2. Must be lovely to go to Alton Towers and find it quiet! Love your sunflower – so nice to see a bit of colour at this time of year!

  3. Love that top photo, Monkey is clearly having a fab time 🙂 That little sunflower is lovely, and I’m very impressed with the cushion covers.

  4. love daddy and him in Pat1, the things we do for our children, I am glad it was dry for you and it stopped it being to busy.
    He does make a great picture in his dog shot, lovely expression.
    what great mini sunflowers, glad they grew.

  5. Lovely photos! Eddie loves the Alphablocks reading programme too, we are slowly going through the first set (still on no.2 magazine, as I don’t want to hurry him).

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