Project 365 Week 47

Project 365 Week 47

Joining in with TheBoyAndMe and her linky 365 Project  A Photo A Day, Every Day, For A Year!  Project 365 – Week 47 Days 320-326. Excuse the picture quality as used my phone this week.

Sunday 16th November – Day 320

Project 365 Week 47

We had a lazy morning at home with some serious DIY required apparently!  In the afternoon we headed over to Waddesdon Manor for a couple of hours,  exploring the new art installations and the nature walk.  Home for a good hearty roast dinner; such a treat now Monkey finally likes roast potatoes – all thanks to school dinners!

Monday 17th November – Day 321

Project 365 Week 47

Monkey decided that Daddy needed a spelling test before school – hilarious.  I went to my sewing machine class and started on the first baby blanket I’m making for a friend who had twins last month.  Looking good so far.  The real fun began after school – what a grumpy son I picked up from school.  I was totally exhausted by the time he went to bed.

Tuesday 18th November – Day 322

Project 365 Week 47

Monkey’s mood didn’t improve when he woke up sadly.  He was ok for his swimming lesson after school, but as soon as we got in the car to come home – wow, did I know he wasn’t happy with the world.  A ‘fun’ filled couple of hours as I counted down the minutes until bedtime.  Please be in a better mood tomorrow little man.  Hopefully a good nights sleep with Teddy will sort him out.

Wednesday 19th November – Day 323

Project 365 Week 47

My happy is son has returned!  He decided to read to me over breakfast; wonderful, just wonderful.  I went to Jado Chi in the morning with a friend.  So great to relax and be in a different world for an hour, just what I needed after the last couple of days.  Picked Monkey up from school, good mood came home with him and we got down to some serious train track building with his Chuggington sets before dinner. All is well with our world again.

Thursday 20th November – Day 324

Project 365 Week 47

Grumpy chops was back this morning and didn’t want to go to school at all.  Not the best start to the day; especially followed by a remark from his teacher about separating Monkey and his best friend – a further discussion needed on that point.  Managed to get some work done at home and my 2015 diary planner arrived, I do like to be organised!  A much happier boy came out from school thankfully.  We had a lovely new book to look through which came with all sorts of jungle animals – a Monkey with a Monkey.

Friday 21st November – Day 325

Project 365 Week 47

Can you tell that some of my relations were teachers?  Mummy, it’s my turn and then it’s your turn!  No one can knock this boy for his effort lately.  Hopefully issues at school are resolved, although we learnt today that his teacher will be leaving at Easter – more upheaval to come.

I had a good night in the pool, felt like I might actually be getting the hang of front crawl a bit now.

Saturday 22nd November – Day 326

Project 365 Week 47

We’ve had a lazy morning in our pj’s before getting up and making some delicious Maple Syrup and Banana Loaf.  My chief egg beater was on hand as always to assist.  Whilst that was baking it was time to watch the Grand Prix qualifying from Abu Dhabi.  Lest said about Ferrari’s performance the better.  Would much prefer Nico Rosberg to win the championship tomorrow but have a feeling that it’ll go Hamilton’s way 🙁

9 thoughts on “Project 365 Week 47

  1. Sorry to hear about the grumpy boy, but well done to him for doing so well with his reading! 🙂

  2. Sorry that Monkey has been grumpy, have to say my 5yo has been pretty tired and emotional too! Maple syrup and banana bread, yum 🙂

  3. Ooh maple syrup and banana loaf sounds delicious.

    I hope N takes after Monkey once he starts school, and starts being interested in reading and writing. Looks like Monkey really enjoys it.

  4. Poor Monkey suffering from tiredness this week – think pre-school really takes it out of them as we get mega-tantrums too! Seems like he’s doing brilliantly with his reading though! Well done him!

  5. oh dear at the grumpy son, they do drive you demented at times, and its a shame because you so want to enjoy your time with them as they are young for such a short time.
    Love the monkey with the monkey, and good stuff that you are getting out for some relaxing me time.

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