Project 365 – Week 49

Project 365 – Week 49

Joining in with TheBoyAndMe and her linky 365 Project  A Photo A Day, Every Day, For A Year!  Project 365 – Week 49 Days 334-340. How much harder is it to do this with a school boy!!

Sunday 30th November – Day 334

Project 365 Week 49

It was one of those bizarre days where I needed to cook Christmas dinner for a blog post – as you do!  Monkey thought it was wonderful, especially when the crackers came out too. After we had totally stuffed ourselves we headed off to Waddesdon Manor to see the Winter Light displays.  It was a lovely day but Monkey was developing a nasty cough.

Monday 1st December – Day 335

Project 365 Week 49

Monkey was up most of the night coughing and he had a temperature.  There was no way he was fit for school, so we had a quiet day curled up on the sofa, and playing with Lego. We also met Berry the Elf for the first time.  I have a true believer here, and it was wonderful to see his reaction to our new friend.  I missed my sewing lesson so project B and my Christmas stocking will have to wait until next week.

Tuesday 2nd December – Day 336

Project 365 Week 49

After a full night’s sleep Monkey went back to school, but that and a swimming lesson and he was exhausted. I’d spent the morning catching up on sleep too. In the evening I went out with the Pre-School Committee and some of the staff for a Christmas meal.  I rarely get out other than for swimming lessons, so it was a lovely change, and a friend drove so I could have a glass of wine too!

Wednesday 3rd December – Day 337

Project 365 Week 49

Totally forgot to take any photo’s until I went to bed and found someone had beaten me to it! Monkey had a good day at school and I cracked a couple of moves in my Jado Chi class. Finalised the meal requirements for Monkey’s Ten Pin Bowling birthday party next Wednesday, just need to make the cake now!  Then it was home to a manic present wrapping session – birthdays and Christmas can now happen.

Thursday 4th December – Day 338

Project 365 Week 49

Monkey had had a really heavy nose bleed in the night.  I was quite shocked by the amount of blood that went through to his pillow.  So whilst I was sorting his bed out, it was time for a bit of construction before breakfast. Brewster wasn’t so amused at being left waiting outside! After dinner we drove down to meet Daddy P at work and then walked into town to watch the Christmas Lights being switched on.  Then home to put a grumpy Monkey to bed.  Roll on the end of term, this boy is shattered.

Friday 5th December – Day 339

Project 365 Week 49

Another bedtime shot – I felt rough all day and you could tell that Monkey was just worn out.  Meltdown, accidents at school, it’s not been the best of weeks.  I didn’t go swimming, went to bed and then didn’t sleep!

Saturday 6th December – Day 340

Project 365 Week 49

We spent the day at Charlecote Park with Redpeffer and her family.  Monkey and I had some fun with the frosted leaves as we walked into the grounds to meet them.  I feel very festive now after listening to the brass band playing Christmas Carols.  It was a lovely day, lots of running around, having fun in the fresh air.  Considering I’d had hardly any sleep, I managed to keep up with everyone rather well.  Home to make a Christmas craft top – more on that over on Instagram!

This week Monkey will be 5 – it’s going to be rather full on 🙂


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8 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 49

  1. That last picture is lovely of Monkey. So much happier and obviously feeling a lot better. Monkey’s cough and temp sounded just like N’s the week before. Really nasty and there’s a lot of it going round.

  2. I love Charlecote Park, so beautiful. The children are all tired at school and at this age especially and this end of the year it so tiring. I can sympathise with the nose bleeds. Hope everyone is feeling better – not long until the hols 🙂

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