Project 365 Week 50

Project 365 – Week 50

Joining in with TheBoyAndMe and her linky 365 Project  A Photo A Day, Every Day, For A Year!  Project 365 – Week 50 Days 341-347. How much harder is it to do this with a school boy!!

Sunday 7th December – Day 341

Project 365 Week 50

A busy week lies ahead for us with Monkey’s 5th birthday coming up.  I’d booked tickets for Thomas Days Out again at Didcot Railway Centre.  He loved it last year, and when I asked him last night where would be the best place in the world we could take him on Sunday, Didcot Mummy!  Phew!  This year he was super brave and sat next to Father Christmas – we were amazed.

Monday 8th December – Day 342

Project 365 Week 50

Whilst Monkey was at school I went to my sewing machine class and finished Project B (more on that in a couple of weeks) and completed Monkey’s Christmas stocking!!  It’s only taken 4 years.  We’d been asked to take part in a craft competition and been sent some bits.  I decided to make Monkey a Christmas top and we used his feet as templates to make a couple of reindeer.

Tuesday 9th December – Day 343

Project 365 Week 50

Whilst Monkey was at school I made his birthday cake and got everything ready for the big day tomorrow.  Then it was off to his swimming lesson.  Back to slowly, slowly, so don’t see him progressing to the next stage next term.  He was so excited about his birthday it took ages to get him to sleep tonight.  I snapped this when I went to bed, the last photo I will take of a 4 year old Monkey.

Wednesday 10th December – Day 344

Project 365 Week 50

The big day!  Monkey turns 5 and my niece turns 18 – lots of celebrations.  Monkey opened a couple of presents before heading off to school where we watched his Nativity play – he sang, amazing.  Then we left him to enjoy his class party (yep, it was going to be a long day).  After school it was home to open the rest of his presents with Granny and Gramps watching via Skype.  He has wanted his John Deere Combine Harvester for over a year, since we saw it in the dealership in Spain.  Luckily I won some Amazon vouchers earlier in the year!  Then it was off with 10 of his friends for a ten pin bowling party.  Everyone slept well tonight.

Thursday 11th December – Day 345

Project 365 Week 50

Can’t beat a good jamming session over breakfast.  Someone is loving their new keyboard. We were both tired after the previous 24 hours so agreed that we’d have a quiet afternoon at home playing with new toys after school.  It was a shame as there was a bedtime hour at school with hot chocolate but I just knew Monkey needed to be cosy at home.  Being 5 is rather tiring.

Friday 12th December – Day 346

Project 365 Week 50

It was so lovely this morning, Monkey took one of his party presents in for his show and tell and two of his friends took things they’d been given in their party bags (I got full marks apparently).  Nice to hear that they’d all enjoyed themselves.  Monkey was really tired, he’d had an accident (been a few of those lately at school – why do boys hold off going to the toilet until it is beyond late??).  He made it impossible to talk to Granny and Gramps on Skype but he loves playing farmers.  His combine comes with plastic pellets that can be harvested.  He is in heaven, Daddy P is not quite so happy.

Swimming went ok, but it’s so flipping cold in the pool, I was shivering the whole lesson. Doesn’t bode well for the coming months does it.

Saturday 13th December – Day 347

Project 365 Week 50

It’s been such a busy week and we have another full on day tomorrow, today was a complete chill out day at home.  We made some plaster dinosaurs from the set Monkey had as a birthday present.  He had such good fun making and painting them.  They’re meant to be made into fridge magnets but the magnets don’t work too well.  He’s not bothered, they are now living on his window sill.

26 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 50

  1. Monkey looks like he loves his new toys. By the way don’t worry it’s not just boys who leave it too late to go to the loo. When 7yo was in reception she was often too busy playing etc to remember to go.

  2. Wow, looks like he’s had a busy week. Glad he had such a good birthday and I love his combine harvester!

  3. I think you’ve done amazingly well to be so busy and to get so many shots now that he’s at school. Hope you had a lovely birthday & well done on your 365 project!

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