Project 366 2016 Week 12

Project 366 2016 Week 12

Project 366 2016 Week 12 Day 80-86 with The Boy and Me.

Sunday 20th March – Day 80

Project 366 2016 Week 12

My brother had passed on information about an exhibition he thought Monkey might like. So we were up bright an early (no mean feat with Daddy P around) and headed down to Alexandra Palace in London for the London Festival of Railway Modelling.  We were treated to lovely views of the city as we entered Ally Pally, and Monkey had a wonderful day.  He was in his element, and we could have spent a fortune.  But we were good, and only came home for a story book, a book about the A4 class of steam locos (Mallard and the like) and a black and white postcard of Bittern, who we went on last year.

It was a full day out, I thought Monkey would sleep in the car on the way home, but no, he was full of train talk all the way back.

Monday 21st March – Day 81

Project 366 2016 Week 12

Brewster to the rescue as I’d forgotten to take a photo all day.  I helped out in school again this morning.  I spent time with children who I haven’t read with for a few months and it was really wonderful to see how much their reading had improved and that their enthusiasm for it had taken off.

Popped into town to pick up a frame for my ‘this is nessie’ Welly print and hung it on the wall.  Love it.

Tuesday 22nd March – Day 82

Project 366 2016 Week 12

Brewster wanted to ‘help’ Monkey with his puzzle before school.  Monkey wasn’t so keen on the idea!

We had parents evening straight after school pick up.  Monkey loves showing us his school books.  I wish we were allowed to bring them home to have a proper look through them really.  The meeting went really well.  For the first time ever Monkey is where he is meant to be on expected levels.  For us this is huge, for me as a mother it’s just wonderful for there to be no doubts about his ability and performance.  I’ve had 6 years of being told he’s behind with this, that and the kitchen sink.  It shouldn’t matter, but it does.  He’s a happy, shy little boy, but he’s getting there.  It would have been my Granny’s birthday today and it felt as if she was sending extra special love today.  A moment to celebrate.

I won the Olivia May Blog competition and had ordered the coat dress that I fell in love with.  It arrived today!  Daddy P’s car failed it’s MOT and the bill to fix it has wiped out any chance I had of saving/paying for our holidays.  A lottery win is now required – pronto!

Wednesday 23rd March – Day 83

Project 366 2016 Week 12

I had my Jado session in the morning and tried to catch up with a few things.  Monkey’s school shoes were in a sorry state and I wanted to get his feet checked before the holidays arrived.  He came out of school wearing his Easter crown, he was so proud of it.  We headed to Clarks, and yes he needed new shoes.  We do have ASDA ones in the right size, but I think they’re just too narrow for him.  So a new pair of school were purchased. He is catching me up at an alarming rate.

We heard the my BIL is being moved out of Critical Care and onto the Cardiology ward – such a relief, it’s been a long 2 weeks and we’ve all been very concerned.

Thursday 24th March – Day 84

Project 366 2016 Week 12

The end of term.  I went to check my messages on my phone first thing – dead.  Not what I needed the day before the Easter holidays.  But an hour and half later it decided to wake up again just as I was about to ring EE.  Phew, but I think it’s probably upgrade time.

I didn’t get round to doing half the jobs I wanted to, before it was time to pick Monkey up from school, but never mind.  I got to school and there was a big board outside of Monkey’s class announcing the March into Reading challenge winners.  There was Monkey’s name – he won the prize for best book character description!  This from the boy who hates to write and trust me there were tears shed over the sentences he did write! He was over the moon with his £5 book voucher, Mummy I’ve got a scooter anyway, I didn’t need another one.  When can we go to the book shop?

Friday 25th March – Day 85

Project 366 2016 Week 12

Good Friday.  I’d planned a quiet day at home but Monkey had other ideas – so we headed off to Blenheim Palace for the day.  The sun shone, we joined the Easter Egg Hunt and all was well with the world.  We even came home to homemade carrot cake – yum!

Saturday 26th March – Day 86

Project 366 2016 Week 12

Monkey and I had been invited to try out the Easter Egg Hunt at Stowe Landscape Gardens and we were able to take some friends with us.  Sadly my friend and her son were both poorly so couldn’t join us.  So I had a last minute call out to my NCT group and L joined us with her children S and B.  The kids have been friends from birth but are at different schools, so it was lovely to get them together again.

We arrived at Stowe bright and early, sadly the sun didn’t join us.  But spirits weren’t dampened, and the kids had a wonderful time.  The trail was very well organised and kept all three children entertained.  The lure of a hot drink, cake and then their chocolate prize kept them all on track.

We got home just as the rain arrived, an afternoon of cuddles in the warm await as we plan our next Easter Egg hunt tomorrow at Silverstone!

Happy Easter everyone.

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6 thoughts on “Project 366 2016 Week 12

  1. Great timing getting out this morning – the weather is awful now! Great view from Ally Pally – I went there a few years ago for a Two Door Cinema Club gig, fab venue. School shoes, cars and phones are the things that dent me financially too – I’ve always been ok with Asda – they have a wide fitting range – as I couldn’t keep up with the costs at Clarks! Have a fab Easter 🙂

  2. Love the photo over London. Sounds like it’s been a great week. Result on Monkey’s book token win.

    I was debating the Silverstone thing too but N was determined to have 2 days on the farm with his dad, so didn’t get the chance to go. Look forward to reading about it.

  3. So glad parent’s evening went well and that your BIL is improving. That must be a relief. That’s a fabulous view of London x

  4. What a busy week! So glad Monkey’s parent’s evening went well, it is always nice to get such great comments.

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