Project 366 2016 Week 13

Project 366 2016 Week 13

Project 366 2016 Week 13 Day 87-93 with The Boy and Me.

Sunday 27th March – Day 87

Project 366 2016 Week 13

Easter Sunday. We started the day bright and early and headed over to Silverstone for their free family fun day.  Monkey wasn’t interested in the various activities that were free to try, he just wanted to get to the BRDC grandstand and watch the racing.  You can imagine how much this pleased me – the boy is mine!  We watched a few races but the wind was beyond bitter and the queues for hot drinks were mad, so we called it a day and headed home.

I packed Monkey and Daddy P off to the local shop to buy me some daffodils whilst I placed a call with the Easter Bunny.  She was very prompt and Monkey had a great time hunting down all the eggs, we couldn’t decide if Brewster was trying to hinder or help.

After a lovely roast lamb dinner, I left Daddy P in charge of the washing up, whilst I took Monkey out on his bike for the first time this year.

Monday 28th March – Day 88

Project 366 2016 Week 13

Easter Monday. We had a quiet morning, and another roast!  Duck this time – yum. Monkey went out on his bike again with Daddy P and when they were back we headed off to the hospital to visit our BIL.  He’s been very up and down since his operation but was moved out of Critical Care over Easter so we’re all feeling more positive.  He looked better than I’d expected, but very pale and a little shaky.  All of a sudden he is really looking his age.  Fingers crossed he’ll be home soon.

I couldn’t help but snap some shots of the lovely flowers Monkey had bought me yesterday, the tulips are just beautiful.

Tuesday 29th March – Day 89

Project 366 2016 Week 13

Love this shot!  We had planned to visit Silverstone again today for their free Superbikes event, but Monkey really wanted to stay at home.  We got some toys out that he hasn’t played with in ages and he was in his element.

We went out again on his bike this afternoon – 45 minutes!  I really want to try him without his stabilisers but think we’ll wait until a day when Daddy P is around to help.  But it’s lovely seeing Monkey finally love being on his bike, pedalling like mad.

Wednesday 30th March – Day 90

Project 366 2016 Week 13

That was an interesting night.  Monkey kept waking up telling me he could see a man and woman in his room.  He wasn’t upset, seemed to realise that they weren’t real, but after the fourth time of getting up for him, I brought him into bed with me so we could both get some sleep.  We had a pain au chocolat kind of start to the day and then popped over to catch up with Monkey’s cousins and his Auntie J in the morning.

After lunch with Daddy P, Monkey and I headed out for another trip on his bike.  Day four and another trail.  We are so lucky that our town is full of cycle tracks and we’ve only been on a few through our own estate and the next estate over.  Today saw Monkey ‘off roading’ through a bark covered walk way in the nature reserve and cycling up-hill (AKA a slope! there are no hills here).  The extra exertions obviously meant we needed a few more pit stops along the way.

Good news this evening as we’ve heard my BIL is finally home after nearly 3 weeks in hospital.  He’s going to be monitored closely over the next couple of weeks, but hopefully all will be well now.

Thursday 31st March – Day 91

Project 366 2016 Week 13

We spent the day with my ex-MIL.  We get on really well and Monkey just adores her. After a pizza treat lunch we were heading back to her house, the sun was out and the park was calling.  Monkey ran on ahead and had found a new ride to have fun on.  The new independent boy had left our sides and got on this ride without a backwards glance.  He loved it, push me faster!  When he’d had enough we headed indoors and got the vintage Lego out for an afternoon of construction fun.

Friday 1st April – Day 92

Project 366 2016 Week 13

We’d missed our NCT Easter get together on Monday, so it was time to catch up with some of our group at Blenheim Palace for the day.  The sun decided to stay behind the clouds and it got a bit nippy, but the kids all enjoyed themselves and we had our first outdoors picnic of the year.

Saturday 2nd April – Day 93

Project 366 2016 Week 13

What a glorious day!  Monkey received his Worm World set today, so we’ve been out in the garden setting that up and digging up worms.  He’s loved every moment and we both managed to find some inhabitants for our Wormery.  We’ve given his sand pit a bit of TLC and cleaned the toys that have been left in their since last summer.

Last night he asked Daddy P if he could go to work with him for a bit today.  I think he seriously misses Daddy time, it’s a shame that this is the only way he gets that time, but better that than nothing I suppose.  So I’m going to make the most of the afternoon, catch up on the Grand Prix qualifying, sit in the garden and do some cross stitch!

11 thoughts on “Project 366 2016 Week 13

  1. Great biking from your boy! We are still teaching ours – parent fail 😉 Lovely weather you’ve had for getting out and great news about your BIL. Also love your great relationship with your ex MIL 🙂

  2. It’s lovely to read how independent Monkey is becoming. I love the photo of him on the ropey horsey thing..
    Hope BIL is doing well now he’s back home.

  3. Great that Monkey has been out on his bike again, he’ll be off the stabilisers in no time 🙂 Love Tuesday’s shot, such a wonderful smile. And, that tulip shot is beautiful. Hope your BIL is doing okay x

  4. Monkey looks so happy and so grown-up too. Glad you have the same hobby and passion for cars. The tulip close-up is amazing, so beautiful. We haven’t visited the Blenheim park this year yet, maybe next week.

  5. good news on your BIL going home, I’m still in touch with my ex family, my ex SIL and niece came out to visit us in South Africa and my ex MIL writes to us all. My kids are very close to their family and it’s lovely that everyone gets along

  6. I hope your brother in law recovers soon, it sounds good that he has been moved out of critical care. It sounds like you had a lovely Easter at Silverstone. The flower picture is beautiful. Hope you have a lovely week x #project366

  7. Never seen the thrill in grand prix myself, but nice he shares an interest with you.
    Glad the Easter Bunny was on hand to help at short notice.
    Really nice to read BIL is getting better, it is often a worry.

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