Project 366 2016 Week 15

Project 366 2016 Week 15

Project 366 2016 Week 15 Day 101-107 with The Boy and Me.

Sunday 10th April – Day 101

Project 366 2016 Week 15

My brother organises our Grand Prix tickets every year and this year Silverstone had offered ticket holders the chance of free tickets to see the British Superbikes and Touring Car races being held at the circuit.  Brother applied for said free tickets and got them, so we headed over to pick him and one of my nieces up and drove over to the event.  It was Monkey’s first experience of motor cycle racing and he didn’t think they’d go very fast. Wrong.  It was another cold day at the former airfield and Monkey and I kept our gloves on all day.  He coped really well with the whole thing, although a big highlight was rolling down the slope at the inside of Copse Corner, obviously!  He’s not ready for a Grand Prix yet, but one day.

Monday 11th April – Day 102

Project 366 2016 Week 15

Monkey went back to school, god it’s quiet without him around.  I had my hair cut and coloured in the morning and caught up with a bit of housework before picking him up.  A quick brush of his teeth and we headed into town for his dental appointment.  We got into town with time to spare, so we popped into the book store to collect Monkey’s new books. The Sir Scallywag book was his competition book token choice.

At the dentist we discovered that our actual dentist has left but no one told us this before we went into the consulting room.  Luckily Monkey coped with the change really well, even when the dentist called him George.  Uum, he’s not George!

After a quick dinner we headed to Monkey’s first Beavers session.  It went so much better than I’d expected.  Phew!

Tuesday 12th April – Day 103

Project 366 2016 Week 15

My birthday, clearly my 28th right??? How on earth I can be hurtling towards 50 at such an alarming speed is quite alarming, but in my head I’m still in my 20’s.  Monkey delivered my cards and presents and obviously he was in charge of opening everything.  Bless him, he got a bit upset that he had to leave me and go to school.

I took myself off to Milton Keynes for a shopping spree and grabbed some bargains with the vouchers and money I had.  A rather lovely slice of Black Forest gateaux might have passed my lips too.

After school, we had a Skype session with Granny and Gramps before heading into town for dinner at Pizza Express.  We both love their pizzas and I really enjoyed Monkey’s company, he’s really making a great dinner companion these days.

Wednesday 13th April – Day 104

Project 366 2016 Week 15

I dropped Monkey off at school and headed over to Jado Chi with my friend.  We caught up with our Easter antics and the session went well.  It was time to get on top of the housework and get thing in order.

Monkey didn’t come home in the best of moods so whilst he was being grumpy in front of the TV, I had a read through the guidebook I bought yesterday.  We’re going to Portugal for the first time in June, meeting up with Granny and Gramps who are driving there from Spain.  They know the area well but I still like to read up on everything myself.  The countdown can begin.

Thursday 14th April – Day 105

Project 366 2016 Week 15

My day began with Monkey bursting into my room with all his John Deere and JCB machine leaflets.  He was deeply engrossed as I got myself ready for the day ahead.

I had planned on trying out a Yoga session for the first time, but having taking the holidays off and then Tuesday, which is normally a full on writing day, my schedule was looking nuts.  Missing most of the morning to relax, when I’d be stressing about work didn’t seem like the best of plans.  I might try next week, but again Thursday is normally my other full on working day.  We will see.

Friday 15th April – Day 106

Project 366 2016 Week 15

I’ve been piling on the pounds recently and snacking way too much, it was time for a brisk walk, so I put my waterproofs on and headed over to Stowe for a couple of hours, walking my way round all the walks.  Look who I met along the way.

After school Monkey decided he wanted to have some plasticine fun, Mummy, can I mix the colours up!  NO!!!!!

Saturday 16th April – Day 107

Project 366 2016 Week 15I hadn’t expected to wake up to snow, but that’s what greeted us this morning. It was too wet to settle but we decided a home day my be a good idea.  We got Monkey’s spellings and other homework done and it was time for some construction fun.  I work for Bigjigs as a website and Amazon reviewer and their latest delivery is just fabulous!  Monkey has made a tower crane, castle, the Great Wall of China and a suspension bridge over his railway, just today!

When the sun decided to come out after lunch we headed into town to check out our new library which opened on Monday.  It is wonderful, a truly great space for everyone to enjoy, I was so impressed and Monkey just loved it.  It’s going to be so much easier to visit after school now.

We are so far behind with planting this year.  We popped to the garden centre to get some sunflower and sweet pea seeds.  We’ll have to sort the veggies out in the week.

We’re off to London bright and early in the morning, Monkey’s learning all about the big city this term at school, so our visit is perfectly timed!

10 thoughts on “Project 366 2016 Week 15

  1. !! !! !! Happy Birthday !! !! !! !!
    Oh don’t worry about your age, it’s only a number. I’m in the same boat, my next birthday I’d be nearer 50 than not and I can’t believe where the years have gone!
    Glad you managed a little treat to yourself
    It is quiet when they go back to school isn’t it. I always hate the first week when they go back to school, the house just seems so eerie. Still, only a few more weeks until the May bank holiday then they’ll be home for an extra day

  2. Happy Birthday lovely. I remember going to see the motorcycle racing as a child – loved it more than the Grand Prix if I remember rightly. Looks like a great week

  3. Happy birthday to you!
    It sounds like you’ve had a busy week. I had to laugh at the dentist calling Monkey ‘George’. It’s funny how people seem to mix up the more traditional names.
    The Bigjigs look and sound like fun and glad Monkey enjoyed the motorbikes.

  4. Very much a vehicle theme going on this week isn’t there? Hope you get on with the yoga. I have been doing Iyengar Yoga for 4.5 years now (since H started school) and I really rate it.

  5. A belated happy birthday, I am with you, my age and my joints may be hurtling towards 60 but my head is still 29. It is nice when your children become good company out in public.
    I agree going to do a relaxing pastime with too much on your mind would be a waste of time.
    Great capture of the robin, one of the joys of a country walk.

  6. Glad you had a great birthday. Always nice to have a meal out somewhere nice.
    The new library sounds great. Exciting about going to Portugal. A trip to the Algarve was the last foreign trip we’ve taken – the year before I was pregnant. It seems like an age ago now!

  7. Belated birthday greetings. Glad you had a lovely day.
    I love Portugal, we’ve been a few times. I like the Lagos area best, pretty little town and love harbour area.

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