Project 366 2016 Week 2

Project 366 2016 Week 2

Will we have snow?  Will we have ice?  I’m really not a fan of this time of year! Project 366 2016 Week 2 with The Boy and Me.

Sunday 10th January – Day 10

Project 366 2016 Week 2

I sent the boys off to a model railway exhibition whilst I caught up on some chores and spent a bit of time on my cross stitch.  My eyesight is really letting me down and I’m struggling to get this done at the moment.  Another trip to the optician I fear.

In happier news we booked a holiday to Cornwall for a week at the end of August, not at Coombe Mill, sadly, but not too far away, so hopefully we can pop in for a morning to see Rocky the goat!

Monday 11th January – Day 11

Project 366 2016 Week 2

Whilst Monkey was at school I caught up with a friend I’d lost touch with when our kids started school.  It was really lovely to see her and her youngest daughter and catch up on all the news.

When I picked Monkey up from school we got his spellings out-of-the-way without too many tears, before baking some gingerbread snowflakes for his Winter Wonderland homework.  He’s a big Koala Brothers fan and he rather liked his surprise delivery.

Tuesday 12th January – Day 12

Project 366 2016 Week 2

Dropped Monkey off at school and headed over to my friend’s for a neck, shoulder and back massage – much-needed as my back is causing all sorts of issues at the moment. I was determined to remain chilled for the rest of the day.

The Boy and Me had given me a few ideas to encourage Monkey with his spellings so I sorted out his lower case magnetic letters to have fun with after school and to help with the daily spelling list.  It was a very mixed experience, with lots of tears and another meltdown, but in the end all of the words got spelt correctly and he’s asked to use the magnetic letters again tomorrow.

We then got down to the fun stuff, and he iced his gingerbread snowflakes, ready to take into school in the morning – far more his idea of homework!

One rather exhausted Mother will be having a long soak in the bath followed by an early night.

Wednesday 13th January – Day 13

Project 366 2016 Week 2

Gramps sent us an old motor racing programme and book a while a go, and Monkey decided they’d make good reading this morning. He had managed to sleep through a Police helicopter that was circling the area in the early hours for nearly an hour, I did not.

The weather wasn’t quite as cold as had been forecast, but I still had some pretty frost on the car this morning. My first Jado Chi lesson on the year, not a total disaster, but my back meant I had to do some of the exercises in a chair.

Our after school spelling session went more smoothly and the magnetic letters have definitely been a hit.

Thursday 14th January – Day 14

Project 366 2016 Week 2

It snowed!  Ok, for all of 5 minutes and it was too wet to settle, but it started the day off with lots of excitement.  But boy was it cold today.  I’d already decided that today was the day I’d defrost the freezer, so cracked on with that and other jobs, got some blog work done.  Finally sorted out a proper blog back up, one thing off my To Do list at last.  Then the laptop died, twice.  Luckily Daddy P’s computer people managed to get it sorted just before I had to pick Monkey up from school.

Skype call with Spain and then it was time to show Monkey his post.  He’d had a postcard from his Auntie and Uncle all the way from the Azores.  They’d stopped there briefly on their cruise going to the Caribbean.  It’s taken 3 and half weeks to reach us.

Friday 15th January – Day 15

Project 366 2016 Week 2

My reluctant school boy wanted to practice his spellings one last time before school this morning with no prompting from me at all. Wow!

Once I’d walked him to school I popped over to an NCT friend’s for a coffee,  it was lovely to have a really good catch up and the time sped by.  Home, and out again to get a few bits in town, including a little Lego creator set as a reward for Monkey if his test went well.

Well, he ran out of class, Mummy, look, I got 7 out of 9!  He was so pleased with himself, he won’t be getting a reward every week, but I wanted him to see just how proud I was of the effort he’d put in this week.

Saturday 16th January – Day 16

Project 366 2016 Week 2

It’s not every day you get woken up by Monkey the Magician.  He’d decided to raise his dressing up box and surprise me with a few tricks before I got up with this morning.  After breakfast we cracked on with his new spellings list with minimal fuss.

We had our first experience of a Hama type bead kit.  But silly me didn’t realise you need special paper with it, and it didn’t come with any.  So one disaster later and I’m hoping we can try again with greaseproof paper later in the week!

Monkey has a party to go to in the afternoon for a little girl he’s known since Nursery class. He had to have me close by at all times and wasn’t fussed with a few of the dancing games, but he still had ‘the best time’.  I got to see a couple of children I haven’t seen in years, so was lovely to see them as grown up 5 and 6 year olds.

We have an adventure with a Stick Man tomorrow and I’m secretly hoping there will be snow in the morning – we will see!  Have a good week everyone.

25 thoughts on “Project 366 2016 Week 2

  1. Great news that the magnetic letters are helping Monkey with his spellings. Love the picture of the little magician. Well done on booking a holiday! We keep talking about it, but haven’t done it yet! Hope your back eases up soon.

  2. Very cute dressing up photo, love the hat! Great news that Monkey is working on his spelling so enthusiastically. Yay! Koala brothers have been around quite a while, haven’t they, I remember my older son used to watch the programme. (and it looks like my puter lets me leave a comment on your blog today, double Yay!)

  3. I always thought Hama came with the paper?! I always iron too hard and mess them up! Good luck with the spellings – I feel for kids today with pressures from school and feel so torn in my position. Have fun with the Stick Man!

  4. Plenty of snow here tonight if you want some, enough that I have left my car down the main street again instead of here on a steep hill.
    Glad the spelling is sorting itself out and how nice of TBAM to give you some pointers. Well done on passing Monkey.
    He does look happy with his koalas

  5. We haven’t had any snow, although the temperature certainly has dropped here as well! Well done to Monkey on the spellings. We really need to get to work with Cheeky Chap and homework, I can’t actually remember the last time we did any with him!

  6. I’m surprised your Hama beads didn’t come with the paper, how annoying! We do love Hama beads, but have found that his concentration doesn’t last more than about 15-20 minutes. Well done to him for the spelling test, I’m really pleased you’ve managed to engage him with the magnets.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 366.

  7. The magnetic letters look a great idea, we use the bananagram letters in our house which works, sometimes! Oh I would love a holiday right now. Somewhere with lots and lots of sun!

  8. The cross stitch brings back memories, I have some that I made years ago in frames but they are tucked away in the loft. We are doing a stick man adventure today too – have fun xx

  9. We used those bananagrams tiles for spellings at one point. Now though we do them on the walk to school – this means we do them daily and he doesn’t feel he’s missing out on play time, which works for us.

  10. Your cross stitch is beautiful, I used to enjoy doing cross stitch, my nanna taught me. What a great idea to help with spellings. It must be a boy thing, I used to have tears and tantrums with Joseph when it came to spellings. I will remember this when it is the twins turn! Hope you have a lovely week x #project366

  11. I’m glad you have found a way to make spellings more enjoyable for you both – it can be an uphill struggle sometimes can’t it. Sounds like you’ve had as much snow as us – the Little A’s are desperate for some!

  12. Sounds like a really busy but nice week. Sorry about your eyes, hopefully optician can get something sorted. I’m also not fond of ice and snow, but my kids are desperate for snow!

  13. Glad to hear that the magnetic letters are starting to make spelling easier. Sounds like you had a lovely weeks catching up with people, I like weeks like that 🙂 I think we need to get a holiday booked in, need something to look forward to! So, did you get snow?

  14. Love the cross stitch, can’t remember when I last had time to sit down and do some, must put it on my list of things to do when there are no children in the house! Sorry that your eyes are playing up.
    Congratulations on the spelling test, we have letters on the fridge freezer and each time I go past I add another of Eowyns spellings, and every time one of her brothers go past they rearrange the letters!

  15. Well done monkey! Spellings have stopped here for now! They will start again I’m sure! Monkey never fails to make me smile. He looks to have so much character Mary!

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