Project 366 2016 Week 20

Project 366 2016 Week 20

Project 366 2016 Week 20 Day 136-142 with The Boy and Me. From signets and croquet, to a boiler that wasn’t condemned and a back that doesn’t like me!

Sunday 15th May – Day 136

Project 366 2016 Week 20

We were spending the day in the Cotswolds.  We’d been invited to review a pub for lunch and then headed to Chastleton House for the rest of the afternoon.  We had a lovely time, I’m really loving Monkey aged 6, he’s such a wonderful little chap, growing in so many ways and mostly, a joy to be with.  Love this expression.

Monday 16th May – Day 137

Project 366 2016 Week 20

I’ve felt pretty bluergh all week, but this little chap can always bring a smile to my face.  He got to wear his badges on his top for the first time at Beavers today. I think the smile says it all.  Smart new haircut too, his hair grows so damn quick.

Tuesday 17th May – Day 138

Project 366 2016 Week 20

We’d had a bad night and Monkey and I were both shattered today.  After school we both needed a bit of quiet tome together and it was lovely watching Monkey take control in the kitchen.  We’d been sent a baking set to review, and I realised how little we’ve baked together since Monkey’s been at school. We both had fun, something we need to do more often again.

Wednesday 18th May – Day 139

Project 366 2016 Week 20

Our boiler is ancient and has been getting louder and louder recently.  The gas man was due out to look at it, and I was so worried he was going to condemn it.  Current regs would mean we would have to totally re position a new one, redesign the kitchen and pull up the floorboards in our bedroom.  It’s not something we can afford to do.  Thank god he fixed it, one new fan and you hardly know it’s even running.  Result.

I had a nice catch up with a friend I haven’t seen for a while and after school it was time to get Monkey to finish his homework.  He needed to write about 4 different things related to the Great Fire of London from photo prompts.  I’d asked him what he wanted to write earlier in the week and written the sentences down myself.  Now it was time to get him to put pencil to paper and complete it himself.

Thursday 19th May – Day 140

Project 366 2016 Week 20

Not a great shot, but a rare selfie with my son.  What a day.  Hormones, hormones, hormones.  The rollercoaster is tiring me out at the moment.  I clearly spent the day in la la land, as I was happily typing away, glanced up at the clock.  3.12pm.  Monkey finishes school at 3.15pm.  You have never seen me move so fast.  Thankfully we live close to school but I still had to run all the way.  Monkey was very pleased to see me.

Friday 20th May – Day 141

Project 366 2016 Week 20

So my back went this morning whilst I was my hair, so Monkey was in charge of breakfast duties.  I’m not feeling the love today, shattered, full of cold and if I bend down I won’t be able to get up.  Thought I’d cheer myself up with a cuppa in the garden when I spotted this. On Saturday Monkey and I planted out 10 sunflowers in different spots in the garden.  Not one has survived this attack.  Stalks is all we have left.  Monkey’s going to be so gutted.

Saturday 21st May – Day 142

Project 366 Week 20 SatOk so I’m cheating and I got Iona to take this photo for me but I’ve just not concentrated on taking photos myself today.  This is a group shot of the Oxfordshire Bloggers who attended Blog Camp in Birmingham today.  They’re a lovely group  of ladies, and along with Iona, they kept me company today. I was fuelled on coffee and pain killers and am now heading home and off to bed!

13 thoughts on “Project 366 2016 Week 20

  1. Monkey is looking so tall! Our boiler is getting to that age of panic every time we hear a noise – we have had plenty of fan replacements and WD40 squirts from our boiler man. Hope your back recovers soon x

  2. Wonderful photo of you girls at the Blog camp. Well done Monkey for baking and decorating such a cute gingerbread man! Our boiler needs replacing, we had a gas man last week, sigh. And the croquet picture is so cheerful!

  3. Monkey really does have a gorgeous smile 🙂 Love the blog camp photo! Hope your back is feeling better x

  4. It is nice to see all smiley pictures of him, and glad he is being easier to parent than he was at 5.
    Oh no at the sunflowers, such a shame.
    Hope you are feeling better

  5. Monkey looks very smart in his Beavers uniform.
    He did a good job of decorating the gingerbread man.

  6. Glad you sorted the boiler out. Our trusted, long serving boiler men were able to keep the ancient one at our old house going for years, but the newish one that we had in this house (only 5 years old) wasn’t economic to repair when it broke.

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