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Project 366 2016 Week 21

Project 366 2016 Week 21 Day 143-149 with The Boy and Me.

Sunday 22nd May – Day 143

Project 366 2016 Week 21

A photo that just about sums up an entire day – fab!  We started it off with a trip to our local cinema to watch the new Thomas film – The Great Race.  Monkey loved it.  We grabbed some bits for lunch from the supermarket and headed to the new train station. We would be spending the rest of the day in Oxford.  It’s a bit of a pain as you take half the journey by train and the rest by bus, until the line it properly put back. Monkey loved it non the less.

But we headed to the Natural History Museum, and I loved the fact the first thing Monkey wanted to see and show off to his Dad, was Gramps insects which are on display there.  It makes us very proud to see his name in such a wonderful building.  From there we headed into the University Parks and on to the Mound, before reaching our final destination – Las Iguanas, for a review meal.  We all loved it.  Monkey tried some of my Brazilian starter and really liked it.  In fact he wants to know when we’re going back.  This was his take on a thumbs up 🙂

Monday 23rd May – Day 144

Project 366 2016 Week 21

I got some more holiday shopping done first thing, and then decided it was time to do battle with our front hedge.  It’s a beast and was out of control.  I’m sure Daddy P will moan that it’s not straight, but it’s a damn sight better than it was!

Monkey had a good day at school and wanted to try a phonics game from school on the laptop before Beavers.  He still won’t let me go until roll call is sounded, and won’t join in with tag beforehand but he was just happy to be there.  He came out, full of it, beaming and then promptly walked straight into an iron gate.  How he didn’t smash his nose/teeth/head I still don’t know, he really did go with a thud. But a lot of cuddles and a Freddo cheered him up when we got home.

Tuesday 24th May – Day 145

Project 366 2016 Week 21

I joined the Year 1/2 trip to the Fire Station, (well who wouldn’t??) for the morning.  The children coped well with the walk and the excitement was palpable as the first Fire Engine was spotted ahead.  It was a really good visit and we all learnt something.  The kids loved it and they behaved brilliantly, even on the walk back to school, when tummy’s were calling for lunchtime.

After school Monkey and I headed to the Library so he could get some new books to read before the holidays.  No surprises that we came home with a home heap of factual books on all sorts of vehicles!

Wednesday 25th May – Day 146

Project 366 2016 Week 21

No Jado until after the holidays so I met up with Iona for the morning in Stratford-upon-Avon.  It was a little chilly at times but we still managed a nice walk along the river.

Picked Monkey up from school, and the teacher came out to me.  Heart sinks and then she utters the lines ‘nothing to worry about but can we have a chat after school tomorrow?’. Right, ok, great.

Thursday 26th May – Day 147

Project 366 2016 Week 21

Monkey started the day by reading his school book from cover to cover – all 24 pages.  My niece starts her exams for the next week at Uni today, fingers crossed for her.  I was getting a little worried that my framer was going to let me down on my cross stitch, but finally got hold of him and picked it up.  It looks fab, let’s hope our friend likes it.

Caught up with some admin as I try to wind the blog down for the holidays and then went to school to see the teacher.  So it would appear that after raising our expectations at the parents evening, Monkey is now likely to not meet the ‘expected’ level at the end of the school year.  Same story different year.  But I’m just not bothered any more, I know how much he’s improved over the last 6 months.  I know it’s in him, I can’t do any more at home with him than I’m doing.  School is going to be a challenge, it’s been that from day one.   Of course I want him to be the best he can be, but he’ll put things down on paper, neatly and precisely when he wants to, and if that’s not this term, then hopefully it will be next term.  Right now, I’m done with it.  He’s happy, he’s reading, he’s writing, however bad it may be.  Monkey does everything in his own time, and if that doesn’t fit in with the guidelines, then I’ll worry about that in September.

Friday 27th May – Day 148

Project 366 2016 Week 21

12 years since we lost my Granny.  How I’d love to talk to her today.

I cracked through my outstanding work so I could get a few things scheduled in on the blog whilst we’re away.  Just enough time to get petrol and some last minute groceries before it was time to pick Monkey up from school.  The holidays have begun!

He is so excited by the thought of seeing Granny and Gramps next week, a year is a long time for anyone, let alone a 6 year old.  After school play time involved a dare-devil rescue with Danger Mouse and Penfold.

Saturday 28th May – Day 149

Project 366 2016 Week 21

We’ve spent the day with my ex MIL and celebrated her 70th birthday a little early as we’ll be away on the day.  I took her and Monkey to Upton House near Banbury as I knew she’d like their Banking to Victory theme and I’d not had a chance to go back since their press day.  We had a lovely time exploring the house and gardens, and even found a Natural Trail that I hadn’t known existed.

8 thoughts on “Project 366 2016 Week 21

  1. It sounds like you had the best day on Sunday….
    Ahh! ‘Expected’ levels are overrated….Your boy will get there in his own time! Try not to worry….My youngest does everything in her own time and I have spent years stressing about her. Lately I have been learning to just deal with the fact she’ll do everything in her own time….
    Fab photos x

  2. Looks like a great week, very busy and eventful. I try not to get stressed about the school expectations, as they are not taking individual development into consideration or the age. Some kids in Eddie’s class turned 6 in early autumn, some will be 6 by the end of summer, such a big difference at this age, yet they are all expected to perform at the same level by the end of the academic year. Lovely photos of a happy beaming Monkey and the flower is wonderful too

  3. I always loved helping on school trips and you can’t beat a bit of quiet time at the library either. I’ve had some nice memories of nights at Las Iguanas in Bath in my younger days!

  4. It sounds like you had a really busy week. It must be brilliant to see Gramps’ insects at the museum – I’d feel proud too. Funnily enough, I helped out on two school trips to that museum. After the second one I said ‘never again’!
    Sorry to hear that the teacher raised your expectations only a few weeks ago only to decide that Monkey isn’t going to meet ‘expected’. I think you have just the right attitude though – you can see he’s making progress and that’s all that matters.
    Have a brilliant holiday! x

  5. How proud to visit your family exhibition.
    I think school is so overrated, and they all come on in their own way and in their own time. Have you thought about home education?
    He is improving though with settling into Beavers. Love all the smiling face pictures we are getting with no real comments on the meltdowns we were reading about last year.

  6. What a busy week for you all, I’m glad to hear you’re not worrying about Monkey reaching ‘expected’ levels, like you say he’ll do things in his own time. I’ve returned to teaching for the first time in 5 years and a lot has changed since i last taught 4 and 5 year olds, over 15 years ago. the expected levels really annoy me, i have children who aren’t at the ‘expected’ level in my class but they are outshining some of their class mates in other areas, that aren’t measured, the reading and writing for them will fall into place when they’re ready.

  7. Sounds like a good week, and Sunday sounds fab! Monkey will do things when he’s ready, you have the right attitude there, and I’m glad to hear that he’s enjoying Beavers x

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