Project 366 2016 Week 27-28

Project 366 2016 Week 27-28 Day 185-198 Two weeks of madness, and I’ll warn you now, there are a few Formula One pictures in this post!

Sunday 3rd July – Day 185

Project 366 2016 Week 27-28

We spent the day at the Flywheel Festival in Bicester.  The weather behaved itself and we were treated to air displays and classic old cars spinning round a track.  It was all rather wonderful and Monkey became the 3rd generation in our family to meet Sir Stirling Moss.

Monday 4th July – Day 186

Project 366 2016 Week 27-28

I helped out in school in the morning and Monkey got crafty at Beavers and made a bird table, coming home complete with bird seed.  He was rather pleased with himself.

Tuesday 5th July – Day 187

Project 366 2016 Week 27-28

I walked Monkey to school and then drove over to Blenheim Palace for the day.  There was a press preview for the Countryfile Live event taking place next month, and I got to face my fear.  The girl who hates water went out in a canoe and she survived.  You can see the evidence in my post!

We’d been invited to Pizza Express for dinner, so we picked Daddy P up from work and headed over to the local restaurant.  Monkey was a very happy boy.

Wednesday 6th July – Day 188

Project 366 2016 Week 27-28

I dropped Monkey at school and headed down to London on the train to visit a range of Christmas in July events. They were spread right across central London, and on a sunny day I found a few moments to enjoy the architecture as I made my way from one tube station to another.  I missed my train, so Daddy P had to collect Monkey from school for me.  Oops!

Thursday 7th July – Day 189

Project 366 2016 Week 27-28

I spent the day running around getting ready for the weekend.  Yesterdays sunshine resulted in my lilies bursting into bloom.  Thankfully this year the dreaded beetles hadn’t devoured them before they flowered.
Warning: Prepare for Grand Prix spam!

Friday 8th July – Day 190

Project 366 2016 Week 27-28

British Grand Prix time again and I headed over to my brothers bright and early, and we drove into Silverstone together.  We managed to find our way to the Paddock entrance to see pretty much all of the drivers before heading to the grandstands to see the Free Practice sessions.  Vettel was trialling the new Halo protection device on his Ferrari in the morning practice.

Saturday 9th July – Day 191

Project 366 2016 Week 27-28

My nephew joined us for the day and we decided to watch Free Practice and Qualifying from Stowe for a change.  There was no chance my boys in Red were going to be fighting for pole position sadly. A Mercedes white wash on that front.

Sunday 10th July – Day 192

Project 366 2016 Week 27-28

Lewis Hamilton had the race in the bag from the start of the race really.  We had torrential rain before the race began so it was started under the safety car.  The race was his, the Ferrari’s ……. lest said the better.  The three of us headed onto the track to watch the podium celebrations and then Hamilton surprised everyone by running down to the crowds and crowd surfing right next to us.

Monday 11th July – Day 193

Project 366 2016 Week 27-28

As much as it was lovely to have 3 whole days to myself, being me rather than Mum, I did miss my little sidekick.  He’d been to the Woodcote Steam Rally yesterday with Daddy P and I got a full reenactment of the event over breakfast.

I wasn’t needed at school with the run up to the end of term, so had planned to go back to bed.  I was knackered after a long three days at Silverstone. But a few things needed sorted and before I knew it was time to pick Monkey up from school.

Tuesday 12th July – Day 194

Project 366 2016 Week 27-28

I’d booked my ticket to go to the Formula One test day with my brother ages ago, we’d also bought Pit Walk tickets.  At the last minute I had a chat with Monkey’s teacher and I took Monkey with me too.  He got to see our beloved Ferrari running in the morning, before the rain descended.  We didn’t get to see it again, but thankfully during the day we got to see most of the other teams running.  He still loves Alonso even if he’s in a Mclaren these days.

We queued for the Pit Walk in the rain for ages, only to find the Ferrari garage was closed completely, my brother and I were gutted for Monkey.  His one chance to get really close to his dream car had evaporated.  Even though he got to see other cars along the pit walk, they weren’t a Prancing Horse.  But bless him, he handled it all better than we did.  He was buzzing on the way home.

Wednesday 13th July – Day 195

Project 366 2016 Week 27-28

I’d planned on going to London for a couple more Christmas in July events but something at school had cropped up, making a train journey impossible.  I was also totally shattered, the last few weeks had finally caught up with me.

We’re looking after our neighbours house while they are away, Monkey loves helping to water their plants.

Thursday 14th July – Day 196

Project 366 2016 Week 27-28

A day of trying to catch up with blog work before the holidays start next week.  I had a meeting in town with a lady from a reading app company, before heading back to the laptop again.

After school Monkey was meant to be making cards for his teachers, but he had different ideas.

Friday 15th July – Day 197

Project 366 2016 Week 27-28

I caught up with an old friend for coffee, grabbed a few bits for next term for Monkey and headed home to catch up on a couple of blog posts.  By the time I’d done all that the sunshine had disappeared and it was raining, again.

One very cheeky Monkey having his dinner, leaving half his Quiche around his chops!

Saturday 16th July – Day 198

Project 366 2016 Week 27-28

Monkey and I had been invited to the Oxford Castle complex, lunch at the Castle Courtyard Cafe and then a guided tour of Oxford Castle.  Having a local park and ride service into Oxford makes a trip into the city hassle free.  I was so impressed with Monkey, I wasn’t sure how he’d cope with a 1 hour tour, but he was enthralled – phew!  As part of the entry free you also get access to the Castle Mound and Monkey happily posed for me. Growing up fast!


5 thoughts on “Project 366 2016 Week 27-28

  1. Oh wow. It looks like you have had a great couple of week! How great meeting Stirling Moss & getting so close to Lewis Hamilton…It looks like your boy is having a great time at Beavers…I’m so pleased. I love his bird feeder.

  2. What an awesome photo of Lewis Hamilton! It looks like you had an amazing weekend and great that Monkey could go along to the Formula One test day. It’s lovely that he’s met Stirling Moss too!

  3. The grand prix is not my thing but glad you had a good time. Love the picture with the rain and spray blurring behind it.
    Glad Monkey got to share in your passion and nice to see so many pictures of him becoming confident as he is maturing.

  4. Love all the Formula One photos, sounds like you’ve had a great time! You really have had a busy couple of weeks 🙂

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