Project 366 2016 Week 31

Project 366 2016 Week 31

Project 366 2016 Week 31 Day 213-219.  An up and down sort of week really and it’s August!!!

Sunday 31st July – Day 213

Project 366 2016 Week 31

We went out for a review lunch at The Longwall in Oxford and then came home, Monkey was on a mission.  While Monkey and I had been in Spain, Daddy P had set up two train layout tables in the garage. I lost them for the afternoon!

Monday 1st August – Day 214

Project 366 2016 Week 31

Scissorgate.  My hairdresser had a baby last week so it was time to find someone else to cut Monkey’s hair.  Cue nightmare.  He hates change, and it took over an hour of going round every single hairdresser/barbers in town before I could convince him to finally sit and have his hair cut at the first one we went into.  Of course at the end of it he told me how much he loved it, grits teeth!

In other news, my nephew reacted to his IV antibiotics again and the infection was spreading so he was transferred to the central hospital in Oxford.  There is now talk of an operation.

Tuesday 2nd August – Day 215

Project 366 2016 Week 31

Daddy P has suspected Sleep Apnea, which is almost funny, considering the minimal amount of sleep he actually gets compared to a normal human being.  But anyway, he went off to the specialist clinic for his first consultation.  With that and my nephew I wanted to be close to home.  Monkey was fine with that, as we had a few deliveries first thing.  The face says it all.

Operation tomorrow for my nephew and Daddy P has some attractive kit to wear the next time he has a full nights sleep – Saturday!

Wednesday 3rd August – Day 216

Project 366 2016 Week 31

My nephew was in theatre early this morning.  Monkey and I headed to see my ex-MIL for the day whilst we waited for more news.  The sun came out and Monkey had great fun in the park.  My nephews op went well too.

Thursday 4th August – Day 217

Project 366 2016 Week 31

Monkey and I went to visit my nephew.  Trying to get to the hospital in Oxford is a nightmare at the best of times and parking is even worse.  To avoid any stress we opted for the bus instead.  Monkey loved it as the journey there and back meant 4 buses – heaven. My nephew is doing well which was great to see and hear.  My youngest niece caught the bus back with us and introduced Monkey to their puppy.  It wasn’t love at first sight!

Friday 5th August – Day 218

Project 366 2016 Week 31

Nephew is home, with daily visits to the local hospital for IV antibiotics.  Happy days.  The sun came out and Monkey and I headed over to Waddesdon Manor for some fun outdoors. Of course, sticks are always involved in any adventure, it’s not the best focussed shot, but I love his expression.  Boy on a mission.

Saturday 6th August – Day 219

Project 366 2016 Week 31

We’re off to Aylesbury to see Aliens Love Underpants.  I bought the tickets ages ago, hard to believe the day has arrived.  We need to explore the town more really as the theatre backs onto the canal from the looks of it.  I found the production a bit lacklustre but Monkey thought it was ok.

Now ranting over parking.  We live in a cul-de-sac, we can only fit one car (Daddy P’s on our driveway).  For 8 years it’s never been a problem, I’ve been able to park on the road outside our house.  People over the road have off-road parking for 3-4 cars but have decided to park their huge white transit outside our house.  So fed up with them being so inconsiderate.  Maybe Daddy P will have to start asking them to move their van at 3am, or maybe I should start parking on the space that’s still left on their driveway. There is nowhere for Daddy P to park when he gets home, he can’t even block me in on the driveway because white van man has taken up so much space he’d also block our next door neighbour in too.


7 thoughts on “Project 366 2016 Week 31

  1. Love Monkey’s smart new haircut and glad you managed to find him a hairdresser. Sorry to hear about your nephew’s operation, but glad to hear he is getting better.
    The van situation sounds very annoying! Our neighbour and various people dropping off/ picking off at school park too close to our drive. We live on a bend and it means we have zero visibility. It’s scary backing out!

  2. The street/drive situation just seems nuts. It is really tight round yours, but not to put their largest vehicle off the road when they’ve got that much space is insane. Hope you get it sorted out.

  3. oh dear at the parking problem, some people have no consideration, maybe Daddy P should knock them up at 3am to get in or out and then see how keen they are. Our neighbour has a 2 car drive but offer parks on the street making my access difficult.
    Great expression with the stick, yes mine gather them as well.
    Good news on the nephew front, and well done for braving the buses.

  4. Fab running image! Very neat haircut (I’m afraid we’ve never been to the hairdresser’s, I always cut boys’ hair myself). Daddy P’s apnea problem must be a worry for you all. Can you report the white van to the council? What a disgrace.

  5. grrrr at the neighbours inconsiderate parking, will you be having a word with them? Glad to hear your nephew is back home now. Love the photo of monkey walking with the stick, he looks so grown up in that picture

  6. Glad things are looking up for your nephew. Thetre productions can vary so much for children – some are fantastic and some are mediocre – luck of the draw I guess. Parking has been a pain in my backside for 11 years on my lane and it just gets worst – all very territorial and then a family moves in with 6 vehicles – and it’s all on road parking!! Good luck.

  7. Our youngest boy used to hate having his haircut too.. I found a chap who would sit him on a stool and say let me comb your hair, but while doing it he took sneaky snips ..
    Aren’t inconsiderate neighbours a pain.. Can’t you park where he parks?
    We had problems with our neighbour too until I blew my top one morning!

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