Project 366 2016 Week 33

Project 366 2016 Week 33

Project 366 2016 Week 33 Day 227-233 – a week of trains, Red Pandas and racing sheep. Another fun-filled week.

Sunday 14th August – Day 227

Project 366 2016 Week 33

We headed down to London for the day.  I’d bought tickets for The Railway Children through Kids Week.  Monkey and I had seen a film screening of the production earlier in the year, but seeing the show live was just brilliant.  We explored St Pancras station for the first time and Monkey got to see a few Eurostar trains.  Kings Cross Theatre is just around the corner from the London Canal Museum, so we popped in for a visit before heading home.

Monday 15th August – Day 228

Project 366 2016 Week 33

We met Monkey’s godmother and her daughter at Cotswold Wildlife Park for the day.  I hadn’t been with Monkey since he was really small, so it was lovely to revisit with him now.  The weather was lovely, and we got to lots of animals.  There were young zebras, rhinos and we even spotted a lion cub ear in the grass.  Miss M loves Red Pandas and we were all thrilled to get a really good look at them in the trees.  Isn’t he gorgeous.

Tuesday 16th August – Day 229

Project 366 2016 Week 33

We were due for a quiet day at home. We got some jobs done around the house and had fun playing games and puzzling.

My nephew is doing well and can move to tablet antibiotics.  This means the family can actually go on holiday next week. Yippee!

Wednesday 17th August – Day 230

Project 366 2016 Week 33

We’d been invited to Odds Farm Park and took my friend L and her son C with us.  We haven’t visited for quite some time so it was good to get reacquainted.  C and I picked the winner in the Sheep Scramble, but some how Monkey ended up with my winner’s medal. We had lots of fun looking at the animals and enjoying the playgrounds.  Monkey experienced his first circus show, I wasn’t sure how well he’d cope with it, but he was spellbound.

Thursday 18th August – Day 231

Project 366 2016 Week 33

My phone died a couple of days ago, it was time to upgrade, something I always dread. Something always goes wrong!  It was due to arrive at lunchtime, and after a few issues I seem to be up and running.  Only problem being I can’t get my ‘live’ email address to verify on the iPhone 6.  Rather annoying as it’s the email I use for my life outside of blogging (yes I do have one!).  Monkey spent the day playing with his trains and K’Nex.

Friday 19th August – Day 232

Project 366 2016 Week 33

Monkey’s feet had grown when I got him measured in Oxford a few weeks back, the penny suddenly dropped earlier this week, that that meant new school shoes and plimsolls.  So off we trotted bright and early to get them sorted out.  Now we really are ready for school – relax.

It’s been raining all day here, so Monkey’s been busy with a new Lego set and having fun with his K’Nex.  Finally got my new phone to ring out with the right number, go me.

My side of the family are healthy, so now it’s my BIL’s turn to be ill again.  He’s back in hospital this afternoon, having been very ill earlier this year.  It really has been pouring on us today.

Saturday 20th August – Day 233

Project 366 2016 Week 33

We’ve had a home day today, Monkey wasn’t too impressed I’d taken his photo this morning.  Can you tell?  It’s been another day of K’Nex building and general fun and games.  I tried my hand at making Sushi, it may not have looked brilliant, but it tasted great.

No update on BIL as yet, he’s been waiting to have fluid drained from around his lung all day.  A case of deja vu for us all, but hoping they’ve caught the issue much earlier than last time.

We’re off to Cornwall next Saturday, so think we’ll be on for a mega 3 week round-up when we get back.  Enjoy the rest of the summer holidays everyone.

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9 thoughts on “Project 366 2016 Week 33

  1. Hope you manage to get your email working ok, I love my iPhone 6, it’s always glued to my hand! I keep forgetting but I need to do some shoe shopping this week too. Probably be next week now 🙂

  2. Sorry to hear about your BIL, but that’s a real relief about your nephew.
    I’ve had my iPhone 5S over a year and I still haven’t managed to get my work emails on it!
    I’m glad Monkey enjoyed the circus show. My daughter still hasn’t been to one and she’d love to go.
    Enjoy your holiday! x

  3. Fab photos! It looks like you have had a great week of days out and relaxed days.
    I hope you managed to get your email working on your fancy new phone. hehehe
    So sorry to read about your BIL. I hope he is better soon x

  4. Hope there’s some improvement for your BIL, but good news for your nephew. Everything always comes at once.

    We’ve been doing lots of shoe shopping. N has finally gone from the size 10 he’s been since last July to a size 11, so 2 pairs of trainers, 2 pairs of wellies and a pair of school shoes, most in a size 12.

    I mentioned we’re going to Odds Farm next week. N’s never been to a a circus either so it’ll be interesting how he goes with it. Off to read your post now.

  5. i still have the shoe shopping for back to school to do! running out of time now, i had ages at the start of the holidays. I once wrote a poem about Red Pandas when i was at primary school and it was published in a local newspaper!
    so sorry to read about your BIL xx
    enjoy your holiday x

  6. Hope your BIL makes a speedy recovery, good to hear your nephew is on the mend. Enjoy your holiday, 3 weeks, does this mean Monkey is having time off school?

  7. Hope you enjoy your holiday, and your nephew his, the oral antibiotics will make life easier physically for them if not emotional. Bad news about your BIL, hope he gets sorted.
    Ours liked the k’nex as well, great for imaginative building and I was surprised how well Bob managed with the instructions and some of the complex builds he managed to make.
    Sunday sounds like a fun day was had.
    Red pandas do not look much like their b&w cousins

  8. We used to love Cotswold wildlife park when the kiddos were younger – Red Pandas are always a favourite alongside the penguins for me! Good news about your nephew and good luck with the phone – I hate and love a new phone equally!

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