Project 366 2016 Week 40

Project 366 2016 Week 40

Project 366 2016 Week 40 Day 276-282

Sunday 2nd October – Day 276

Project 366 2016 Week 40

A day at home spent de-cluttering the garage.  Not very exciting, but Monkey didn’t mind as he got to play in the garden. I realised at bedtime that I hadn’t taken a photo all day, so just as well I was about to start a new book.

Monday 3rd October – Day 277

Project 366 2016 Week 40

I spent most of the day in the spare room, which has become a dumping zone and general toy storage facility.  With Monkey’s birthday 2 weeks before Christmas I wanted to sell or giveaway some of the toys he’s grown out of.  So mission ‘clear out’ began in full force.  I did take a few moments out to admire our fuchsia which is still in full bloom.

Tuesday 4th October – Day 278

Project 366 2016 Week 40

Wowsers!  He read the whole book from cover to cover. Monkey amazes me at times and proves that he’s got it all in his head, but can’t be bothered to share it with the world most of the time.  Today he read beautifully and got put up to the next book band at school.

Wednesday 5th October – Day 279

Project 366 2016 Week 40

Monkey’s had a tiny Furby he got free from McDonalds for ages.  He loves him, so I knew that the latest edition to the family would be a big hit.  He now has a Furby Connect, it’s a love thing.  Monkey loves him, and I love the fact he comes with an eye mask so he can sleep all night.  Everyone’s happy!  We needed to get some batteries for him and caught this lovely sunset.

Thursday 6th October – Day 280

Project 366 2016 Week 40

Told you it was a love thing.  Furby farts and burps. What can I say, he’s a boy.  Monkey thinks it’s hysterical.

I got on with some work and had a catch up during the day, and saw one of my NCT friends quickly.  She’s swelling our numbers with baby number three due the day before my birthday next year.  Cross those legs N! In the evening the rest of our NCT group came round for a curry.  Hard to believe it’s 7 years ago this week coming, that we met on our first class.

Friday 7th October – Day 281

Project 366 2016 Week 40

Monkey had an inset day today, which would normally mean we’d go off on an adventure somewhere.  But it was week 2 of my course from 10-12 and I couldn’t really miss it.  A shame, but I figured we do so much together, it wasn’t the end of the world.  Daddy P got up to look after him for me, while I went to learn all about shutter speeds.

Came home with homework and advised to buy a UV filter for the camera.  So Monkey and I headed into town to sort out what I needed for the week ahead.  He’d been given some pocket money by Dad’s cousin at the weekend and was eager to visit the toy shop.  You can never have too many bi-planes after all.  He even agreed to have his haircut at the barbers again.  With no meltdown at all.

Saturday 8th October – Day 282


Monkey and I both needed some fresh air this morning so we headed to Stoke Wood for a walk.  We wanted to make a dream catcher and needed a few pine cones for it.  Sticks were found a plenty and I decided to be brave and have a go trying out a little of what we talked about in college yesterday.  I took my camera off auto! Set to Tv mode, ISO to A (she’s teaching us one thing at a time) and with my lens on MF I played around with the shutter speed, more as an experiment than anything else.  But in amongst some duds I found this one.  I know it’s dark but I quite like that, by Monkey was throwing a stick which you can clearly see in focus too.  I like the effect.

Tonight I’m off to celebrate the 40th birthday of Emma from Bubba Blue and Me – a tapas evening, which I’m really looking forward to.

11 thoughts on “Project 366 2016 Week 40

  1. Good old Biff & Chip! Love the haircut – my boy hates the hairdressers so I have to trim it periodically! The book looks interesting – I need something beyond my usual chick lit!

  2. Brave you for taking your camera off of auto, a nice learning curve.
    We have had some nice sunrises and sunsets here this week as well.
    Fifi had a furby but did not bother to interact with it so was a waste of time.

  3. That Furby really does sounds like a typical boy ha ha! Seeing your beautiful fuchsia , reminds me of my Na as he always had those growing in his garden. such colours! Monkey has beautiful green eyes doesn’t he? And well done to him on his reading. Jenson is always reluctant to read to me at home for his homework, but then, as you say, when he does, I am amazed by how much he can read. x

  4. That’s a lovely fuschia – so full compared with most you see. Thanks for coming out on Saturday, hope you found it ok given you didn’t know anyone.

    Shutter speed is the one manual thing I just can’t get. I understand the theory, but I can’t make my camera do what I want without a lot of faffing and a lot of over exposure.

  5. Lovely photo showing off his new haircut. We have a Furby and while the boys got bored if it quite quickly, the wee girl adores it!

  6. I love fuchsia, thats a lovely photo of it. The sunset photo is fab.

    Been hearing a lot about the Furby Connect…getting tempted to get it for the girls

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