Project 366 2016 Week 46

Project 366 2016 Week 46

Project 366 2016 Week 46 Day 318-324 – swimming, tooth number 4 coming out and an Achiever of the Week award, throw in Monkey joining in with Children in Need at school. It’s been a cracker.

Sunday 13th November – Day 318

Project 366 2016 Week 46

Having drunk a fair few prosecco cocktails last night I really was fit for nothing other than a pj day.  Monkey didn’t want to join the Beavers on parade, so we watched the Remembrance Day parade from London on TV.

In the afternoon I was treated to an air display, sadly the planes kept crashing into things on the runway.

Monday 14th November – Day 319

Project 366 2016 Week 46

The day after day after the night before and prosecco head was still lingering.  Got a few jobs done at home.

After school we headed to our leisure centre with Monkey’s Beavers group for a swim session.  It went better than I’d expected.

Tuesday 15th November – Day 320

Project 366 2016 Week 46

A full on day catching up with work for me.  Monkey came home from school and wanted to get his wooden railway out.

Wednesday 16th November – Day 321

Project 366 2016 Week 46

I got asked into class this morning to look at some of Monkey’s school work.  Oh wow! Beautiful handwriting, lots of it and a wonderfully creative story.  His teacher was over the moon with him, and I was just speechless.  I hear an award is in the offing.  So proud of him.

I wasn’t needed in class later that day so I headed to Banbury to get some Christmas shopping done.  My eldest niece was free, so she came into town to meet me for a couple of hours which was lovely.

Monkey’s two top front teeth have been wobbling for months.  Someone hit him accidentally at school and caught one of his teeth, making it even more wobbly.  A bit of his chicken fajita caused 2 hours of hysterical tears.  The tooth really needed to come out, but Monkey was having none of it.  Finally at bedtime, he let me pull it out for him.  The other one is not going to be far behind I think.

Tooth Fairy nearly had heart failure when she nearly got caught mid transaction.

Thursday 17th November – Day 322

Project 366 2016 Week 46

A day of work for me and train track building for Monkey when he got home from school.

At bedtime he decided that he wanted to join in with tomorrow’s Children In Need Spotacular event at school.  Cue mad search for a white t-shirt and fabric paints.

Friday 18th November – Day 323

Project 366 2016 Week 46

Monkey was pleased with his spotty top and happily walked into school wearing it this morning.  Joining in, another big step for this little boy.

College was all about portraits this morning.  We compared the shots we’d taken for our homework and then had a practical lesson with lighting.  Came home and treated myself to some reflectors and a light unit.  It’s nearly Christmas after all.  One of my course mates has sold me her partner’s tripod and our local camera shop has helped me out with a camera bag.  Lens to be bought next!

This afternoon Monkey came home with an Achiever of the Week award for his stunning story writing.  He stood up in assembly and read his work out in front of the whole class.  This is huge! I’m so proud of him.  His teacher told me how well he’d done and then this evening his cousin (a Year One teacher) sent me a text too, telling me what a star he’d been and how good his work was.

Saturday 19th November – Day 324

Project 366 2016 Week 46

A productive day so far. Monkey has made a Stone Age spear for his topic homework. Sounds more impressive than it actually is, but he’s happy.  He’d been given some maths homework and he cracked straight on with the first part which he found easy.

We’d been sent some Real Construction sets to test out.  Basically a first step into wood work but with a ‘foam’ type wood.  One easy project completed, and we’ve had to stop half way through a really complex helicopter project.  Will revisit that another day.

This afternoon we’re off to an old favourite, Waddesdon Manor, and meeting up with family who are visiting there for the first time.

7 thoughts on “Project 366 2016 Week 46

  1. Wow, what a week! Congratulations to Monkey on his amazing story and his certificate. I had to laugh at your hangover, that’s the second one I’ve read about this morning!
    It sounds like your photography course is going brilliantly and it must be great having all the new equipment to experiment with.

  2. A massive well done to Monkey on all sides this week, huge achievements for him.
    A tooth purse makes it much easier for the tooth fairy, saves the poor wee thing having to crawl under the pillow and risk suffocation…..
    We have masses of wooden train track just like that in the loft that Bob has outgrown…….it is part of my recycled Christmas this year as the twins are getting it between them.

  3. very well done to Monkey on his beautiful hand writing and being a creative writer – brilliant.
    i bet he was glad to see another tooth gone and a visit from the tooth fairy, and a purse is a great idea (never use a food bag – too much rustling!).
    Seeing your wooden rail tracks reminds me that we haven’t had ours out for a while 0 think that might be an after school play next week! x

  4. Huge well done to Money on the school work, you must be so proud of him! My 7yo has several loose teeth at the moment!

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