Project 366 2016 Week 5

Project 366 2016 Week 5

Catching up with family and friends with a trip to Birmingham and Oxford, another visit from the tooth fairy and lots of fun and games in between! Project 366 2016 Week 5 Day 31-37 with The Boy and Me.

Sunday 31st January – Day 31

Project 366 2016 Week 5

We headed up to Birmingham for the day.  My niece N, is in her first year at Birmingham University so we went to see where she’s living. We’d also arranged to catch up with the Redpeffer gang and followed them across the city to Thinktank.  Monkey loved it and it soon became clear that all of us sticking together wasn’t going to happen.  It was lovely to have some quality time with my niece and for the cousins to chat away.

Daddy P learned that one of his relatives had passed away this morning.  A lovely old lady, and one of the last links to his Mum.

Monday 1st February – Day 32

Project 366 2016 Week 5

I dropped this cheeky Monkey off at school, got in the car and headed off to pick my youngest niece C up, before heading to the new Banbury Gateway retail park for some retail therapy.  It was lovely to catch up with her news, she’s been running her own blog for a few months now and has just gone self hosted.  I’m very proud of her and it’s so lovely to watch her confidence grow in all areas of her life.

Monkey had started learning about the Chinese New Year and was full of facts when he came out of school.  Looks like he’s going to enjoy this week.

Tuesday 2nd February – Day 33

Project 366 2016 Week 5

It’s was rather an exciting morning here today.  Monkey was busy brushing his teeth after breakfast when he shouted out – Mummy, I’ve hurt my tooth.  I went running, thinking he’d somehow cracked a tooth, but no, wobbler number 2 was there hanging, literally. Right Monkey, I think you need to try to pull that out, because it is never going to last a day at school.  A few wiggles of his tongue and out it popped.  So less than 2 weeks after her first visit, the tooth fairy will be back tonight!

Monkey tried spring rolls and some Chinese chicken at school today as part of this week’s topic and he’s gone up a band in his reading.  So proud of him, as it’s a hard slog at times.

Wednesday 3rd February – Day 34

Project 366 2016 Week 5

Jado Chi was cancelled so I caught up with the boring jobs, like the weekly shop, and some housework.  Monkey’s been fully immersed in learning about Chinese New Year and came out of school full of news about making lanterns, flags and fans.  His homework for next week is to make a creature out of construction pieces.  We decided to use some plastic fused beads we had left from our Baker Ross set, he drew a picture and then we made his creature together. He was rather pleased with the result.

Thursday 4th February – Day 35

Project 366 2016 Week 5

Iona from Redpeffer has come to stay overnight with us, so whilst Monkey was at school we had a good natter and put the words to rights.  Once we’d picked Monkey up from school he entertained us with his small world play before he headed off to bed.

Friday 5th February – Day 36

Project 366 2016 Week 5

We walked Monkey to school and then Iona and I tried the new Park and Ride from Bicester to Oxford.  I had a review to do for the Boswells department store and then we walked around part of the city, admiring the architecture. I’ve always wanted to climb Carfax Tower and for £2.50 each on a quiet day it was too good an opportunity to miss.

Iona headed home and I picked Monkey up from school – 6/6 for his spellings and he was so proud of himself.  Mummy I always want to try to get them all right.  That’s a great attitude to have Monkey.  He then proceeded to write Daddy P and I a couple of lovely notes.  Yes, my son, writing of his own free will, and more than just his name.  It’s been quite a week

Saturday 6th February – Day 37

Project 366 2016 Week 5

Today has been a home day, it’s been raining all day, and we had lots of things planned to keep us busy.  Monkey had been sent a Wood Worx set to review and he was totally absorbed in completing the task, even if our dinosaur has the strangest camouflage known to man.  Then it was on to finger and potato printing, jigsaw building and fun with Lego. Sometimes it’s just lovely to have quiet time together at home.

21 thoughts on “Project 366 2016 Week 5

  1. It’s been terrible today hasn’t it? Well done to Monkey on his reading, CC has also been learning about Chinese New Year and gone up a reading band this week. It sounds like you had a nice time with Iona.

  2. For some reason I always always think you live in Scotland. Then eventually click when I see a pic of Bicester. Hope you and Iona had a great time. Zs been loving learning about the Chinese New Year last week.

  3. Loving Monkey’s robot drawing! That gap is getting wider isn’t it. Losing teeth really changes the way they look too doesn’t it.

  4. How was the new park and ride? We’re in Oxford next weekend, but N wants to go by train, but it’s a bit of a walk so we’ll see. Park & ride’s much easier.

    Well done Monkey on his spellings. Sounds like he’s doing really well in reading and writing.

  5. Lovely to get to spend time with both family and friends.
    Monkey really seems to be coming out of his shell and settling down so much better.
    Love how they get into new topics at school and learn about other races and cultures.

  6. Last Saturday was a dreadfully rainy day wasn’t it? I don’t think it stopped all day here!
    Well done on this weeks achievements Monkey!!

  7. I’ve never been to Oxford, looks so beautiful and must visit this year! Like the dinosaur painting and the little plastic creature is fab x

  8. sorry to hear about your husbands family member, I love Monkey’s pyjamas, I’m also very jealous of your trip to Oxford, I really miss wandering around the city centre’s and begin outside, it gets so boring here with the malls

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