Project 366 2016 Week 6

Project 366 2016 Week 6

A quiet weekend, followed by a week of Hornby train set fun, and a Self Belief Award for Monkey! Project 366 2016 Week 6 Day 38-44 with The Boy and Me.

Sunday 7th February – Day 38

Project 366 2016 Week 6

We had a really quiet day planned, which considering the weather worked out rather well. Monkey started the day making a train for some of his teddies so could take them for a ride.  Still a little boy really.  Then he headed out with Daddy P – tip run to dispose of the old portable TV and to pick up the first flat screen TV we own, for the bedroom.  We are slowly joining the 21st century.

The afternoon was all about Hornby!  We’d promised Monkey since Christmas we would get his Flying Scotsman set down from the loft.  Granny and Gramps bought it for him as a Christening present and he’d never seen it.  Daddy P also brought all his old engines/carriage and track down.  It was a very peaceful afternoon!

Monday 8th February – Day 39

Project 366 2016 Week 6

So you can no longer see my living room, it is a model railway.  We are going to need to buy a proper board and clear the garage when the weather is a bit better I think. As soon as Monkey got home from school he was straight into train operator mode.  Has to be the first time in ages he hasn’t watched a minute of TV all evening – that makes me happy.

Tuesday 9th February – Day 40

Project 366 2016 Week 6

We seem to be in a ‘yes I’ll let Mummy take a nice photo’ phase at the moment, so I’m making the most of it.  You have never seen such a well-behaved child as this morning – breakfast eaten, teeth brushed, dressed for school, reading book read, school books sorted – all done without a murmur of dissent.  Why?  So he could play trains again before school.  Not daft, my son.

The winds have finally died down thankfully, the sun is out too.  I headed off for a massage, my back has been better the last few days, but my neck and shoulder muscles are a nightmare of knots and general tightness.

After school and it was straight back to playing trains.  He is seriously addicted, but it beats watching TV in my opinion.

Wednesday 10th February – Day 41

Project 366 2016 Week 6

Jado Chi for me and a Multi Skills trip to the Leisure Centre for Monkey.  He really wasn’t looking forward to this and didn’t want to go to school.  I spoke to his teacher last week and she’s come up with a special job for him to do.  Well he was a star and got a special award!  Full post coming next week.

We postponed Pancake Day until today, when Daddy P was home to pig out too. Yum, another change in Monkey as he wouldn’t eat them last year.  But apparently he’d tried them at school this week so he will eat them at home.

Thursday 11th February – Day 42

Project 366 2016 Week 6

Always a tough day for me, 16 years since my friend was killed on his motorbike.  Gone but never forgotten. I took time away from my phone after I’d dropped Monkey at school and enjoyed my new Hummingbird that I received for a forthcoming review.  Life is fragile, precious and to be enjoyed.  I try to remember that I’m lucky to have had him as a friend even if he’s not here now to laugh with.

Friday 12th February – Day 43

Project 366 2016 Week 6

Catch up time with an old friend for me this morning which was lovely, might have treated myself to cake and a new tunic dress.

Guess what!!?? Monkey came home with the last missing trainer!!!! This one hadn’t been seen since November – the pair have been reunited in time for Valentines Day 🙂 Monkey also has another wobbly tooth!  The Tooth Fairy is going to be kept on her toes with my son.

This evening I headed into Oxford for a styling session at Olivia May arranged with the Oxfordshire Bloggers group.  A rare night out for me, it was lovely to catch up with friends and to meet some more bloggers from across the county.  The styling session was interesting, I might even try wearing scarves, and who knew that I should have been wearing big necklaces for the last 40+ years.  I fell in love with a beautiful Jacket Dress …..

Saturday 13th February – Day 44

Project 366 2016 Week 6

I’d had a few different ideas for things to do today, but Monkey and I are both tired, so we agreed to spend the first day of half term quietly at home.  Times for games, and more Hornby train set action, and just simple, cuddle time.

14 thoughts on “Project 366 2016 Week 6

  1. That Hornby train set looks fantastic! What a lovely thing to have. So sorry to hear about your friend. Well done to Monkey for his award.
    It made me laugh about the scarves and big necklaces. I never wear stuff like that and would hate to think I might look good in them!

  2. I love how things turn up months after losing them – definitely a school thing! We only got a flat screen recently too and that was only because a lovely fried gave us their old one!

  3. At last the trainer saga is over! It’s hilarious that it’s taken so long but how lucky for left and right to be reunited just before Valentine’s Day?! This is a lovely round up and I’m all up for anything that takes the children away from TV! The trainset does look huge, though!??!
    I live with an early converter so we’ve had a flat screen TV for a while however I’m not sure I can really see the difference!
    Lovely roundup & good to see you at the Oxfordshire Bloggers event

  4. That Hornby set sounds fab – I can imagine that Monkey is having lots of fun with it. Such lovely photos of him this week and love the train with his soft toys in it too. That hummingbird is so pretty – hope that it helped ease the sadness of that day for you.

  5. train sets are wonderful toys for boys, my almost 17 year old still gets his out when he comes to visit us in the holidays, hubby built a board for the garage, which means I’ll have to park out on the road in March when he comes to play with it

  6. How lovely that he is having so much fun with the train set and finding it much more interesting that the tv. Not too bad if you can move him somewhere other than your living room eventually but nice to watch them play and see them using their imagination.
    Sorry to hear about your friend, sometimes life can be needlessly cruel.
    Like the hummingbird.

  7. That’s amazing the trainer finally turned up. I need to track down a new sports sweatshirt for N because despite me telling him to find it, he still didn’t bring it home and I forgot to search for it on Friday. Took me ages to find one in vaguely his size. Trip to Matalan tomorrow to hopefully get a new one while I remember!

    N’s a nightmare with the tv – I’m always pleased when he finds something else to do as well (that isn’t YouTube on my tablet!)

  8. I leave tv and up to date stuff for the SO, I don’t see any difference between my old one and the new one (well its 2 years old but still seems new)!
    I love the train set, pleased to hear Monkey is enjoying it so much he is dressed and ready early!!

  9. Sounds like a great week for Monkey – congratulations to him on his award. Hope you enjoy a nice quiet half term together.

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