Project 366 2016 Week 8

Project 366 2016 Week 8

Half term fun! Cars, soft play, animal track trails and more besides Project 366 2016 Week 8 Day 52-58 with The Boy and Me.

Sunday 21st February – Day 52

Project 366 2016 Week 8

A grown up day for me!  I was invited to a blogging event with Vionic Shoes at the Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Restaurant at the very top of The Cube complex in Birmingham. It was a lovely event, great food and company and so nice to just be me for a day. Birmingham has changed so much since my clubbing days, but it was lovely to walk past John Bright Street and smile at the memories.

The men of the house had an afternoon looking at the model railway in Bourton on the Water and Monkey came home with yet another bridge for his wooden railway.  So everyone was happy.

Monday 22nd February – Day 53

Project 366 2016 Week 8

Back to school for Monkey and a haircut for me.  My hairdresser is a friend I’ve known for years and she gave me the best news ever this morning.  She’s joining the ‘Over 40’s first time Mum club’ this summer.  I am so thrilled for her and yes I did shriek and cry in equal measures when she spilled the beans.

There was equal joy from Monkey when he came home from school to discover a delivery from Britains – 2 new tractors and a pig pen set.  To say that Monkey loves the JCB Fastrac tractor would be an under statement.  He’s grown up with Freddie Fastrac from his My 1st JCB days, is obsessed with the brand in general, but this tractor is the king of tractors in his eyes.  One very happy boy this afternoon.

Tuesday 23rd February – Day 54

Project 366 2016 Week 8

So the end of the rainbow appears to be the new Travelodge that’s being built in Bicester – who knew! There was me thinking why’s there a rainbow, it’s not raining.  Literally seconds after I took this shot, I got soaked just running for cover.  In a moment of total irony the drowned rat that I was picked up her new prescription sunglasses from Specsavers.  Uum.  One of those days then.

It would appear that Monkey has a lesson to learn about compromise.  He was very upset after school and Mummy got the brunt of it.  Turns out his friends don’t want to play chase with him, and he doesn’t want to play their games.  Well, my lovely boy, maybe you need to take it in turns.  Not a concept my only child is particularly familiar with.  We had a long chat, he shouted at me and stormed off.  But was later found making cards to give to his two best friends at school.

Wednesday 24th February – Day 55

Project 366 2016 Week 8

Monkey gave his friends their cards.  I hadn’t seen them, but they were full of kisses and a picture of them.  I had hoped that break time harmony could be restored, but it sounds as if Monkey ended up in tears at lunchtime.  His best friend took him to a supervisor and stayed with him, we will see how the rest of the week goes.

The sun shone and I finally got round to cleaning the insides of the windows, and in my car too!  I’m so not a domestic goddess.

Daddy P’s niece is a teacher at school and she’s been rather unwell and off school, so I picked her kids up with Monkey and took them home.  It was just the distraction Monkey needed before having his hair cut.  For some reason the thought of this regular event sent him into total meltdown earlier this week, but today it all went well. His hair grows like mad so it’s always nice to see him looking a bit smarter for a week or two!

Thursday 25th February – Day 56

Project 366 2016 Week 8

One of those days.  My BIL has been really rather unwell, he was rushed to hospital last week with a suspected heart attack, but it now looks as if it was an extreme reaction to the cocktail of meds he had for various ailments.  So hopefully that’s all now being sorted. Daddy P was in charge of driving my SIL and BIL to the funeral of a distant relative.  I was in charge of our niece’s children as she’s also been suffering with flu.  It’s very strange at times having a niece who’s only 5 years younger than me, and a BIL who is 10 years older than my Dad.  Poor Monkey gets very confused at times!

Anyway, after school we chilled out with Monkey’s new favourite ever programme – Andy’s Prehistoric Adventures, which I recorded for him last week.  Watch and repeat!

Friday 26th February – Day 57

Project 366 2016 Week 8

I took all the kids to school and decided I’d take the day off.  I had thought about taking myself off to a National Trust property, but decided I’d spend the day at home in the warm, catching up with my cross stitch.  Last night I decided to see if my new varifocal glasses would resolve my problems seeing stitches.  I was dreading it in case they didn’t, but they did.  So I spent the day today stitching and chilling out.

Sadly no one gave Monkey the chill out memo as he came home and had a mega meltdown.  First week back at school and Friday syndrome.  A glass of wine needed tonight!

Saturday 27th February – Day 58

Project 366 2016 Week 8

Thankfully Grumpy Monkey had disappeared this morning and we were able to get his homework completed without too much fuss.  After a morning of trains, planes and diggers it was time to get some fresh air.  We decided to walk to our local nature reserve, looking for signs of Spring along the way.  We saw lots of birds, spotted Snowdrops and some Daffodils, throw sticks into the brook and of course a few had to accompany Monkey on our walk.  The wind picked up and we were frozen by the time we walked home.

Time for hot chocolate, blueberry muffins and a cuddle on the sofa whilst watching Paddington.  Monkey actually liked it!  Another film to add to his ‘will watch without crying’ collection.

18 thoughts on “Project 366 2016 Week 8

  1. Can’t believe how big he is getting. What a handsome boy. Love the building photo, it looks like it’s made out of lego. Can’t beat a rainbow. What a lovely week xx

  2. Wow, that must be strange to have a niece five years younger than you and a BIL 10 years older than your dad! My niece is 3 and my BIL is 31!
    It’s lovely to read about how much Monkey likes his tractors and it must have been nice to have a bit of grown up time in Birmingham.

  3. Glad to see that Grumpy Monkey had disappeared! I was invited to that blogging event but find it so hard to get up to London in a day. Sounds fun though 🙂

  4. Hope things are a bit better for Monkey next week. It’s upsetting when they’re not happy at school. Good capture of the rainbow, although that sky tells that a downpour was just about to occur! Fun though 😉 x

  5. Your cross stitch is so pretty, I love having some time out doing crocheting, I used to cross stitch but haven’t done any in a while. I know how you feel with the Friday meltdowns, I think it is a build up of tiredness and relief it is the weekend. Hope you have a good week x #project366

  6. Good grief sounds like Monkey has given you an awful week. Have to say it is not only children that don’t ,like to share my youngest son was terrible, right through to his teens!!
    Glad you got a day out and enjoyed the event, and wow that cross stitch is very pretty and neat and tidy. Mine wont look like that!!

  7. Sounds like a very busy week! Glad you managed to take some time out, your cross stitch is lovely 🙂

  8. The blogging event sounds great – how lovely to have some time to yourself. I hope your BIL is better now.

  9. The problem with Monkey wanting to play a different game and ending up in tears reminds me of when I was a ‘Dinner Lady’.
    Kids running up and saying ‘Miss, x, y, or z won’t play with me!’

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