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Project 366 2020 Week 1

Project 366 2020 Week 1 Day 1-4 and here we are again at the start of another year.  For those of you reading this post who haven’t come across Project 365/366 – the idea is to take a photo a day, every day of the year and record an online diary. I first joined in with this project in 2014 and haven’t looked back.  It’s not always easy to remember to take a photo, and they aren’t always classic Instagram worthy shots, but that’s not the point for me.  It’s a snapshot of our week and it’s something lovely to look back on.

So what have we been up to for the first few days of 2020?

Wednesday 1st January – Day 1

Project 366 2020 Week 1

New Years Day.  I’m really not feeling the love for it all today but we opened our memory jar from 2019 and it helped shift my mood and remind me that we did have lots of happy things to remember as well as all the sadness.

Cooked a roast duck for dinner which was delicious and then as we sat down to watch a film, I looked at this ten-year-old boy sat next to me and just thought how grown up he looks some days.

Thursday 2nd January -Day 2

Project 366 2020 Week 1

I’d felt really low yesterday and this morning I understood that my hormones had had their part to play with the arrival of something else.  Really heavy and just not pleasant.  Definitely a day to feel glad that I didn’t need to venture too far from home!

This plant was a birthday present from my boss in April.  I joked at the time that it would be lucky to survive the month.  Well, it had been doing well up until yesterday and now it looks like this.  It isn’t meant to be varigated!  But it sums up my mood right now.

Friday 3rd January – Day 3

Stowe Landscape Gardens

I’ve really struggled to get to sleep this week, wide awake at 2am this morning, so consequently, I’m shattered in the morning, again.

My son came to work with me in the morning for a few hours.  We had a few jobs to do afterwards, picked up my work phone in case I had anything that needed actioning, put our walking boots on and headed to our special place for a few hours.  Stowe is just simply one of our favourite places, we never tire of it, always find a different route to take and it was just what I needed.  The perfect way to start 2020.

Daddy P wasn’t too late back from work so my son got to see him before bedtime and we sorted the plan for this weekend’s adventures.

Saturday 4th January – Day 4

Red Apple glitter bauble

Time to pack Christmas away!  I’ve been amazed that Paddington hasn’t been bothered with the tree at all.  Very unlike Brewster at the same age.  But I’m still glad to get it all packed away and my living room a bit more organised.

My laptop and ‘office’ has taken over the dining table again as I’ll be properly back at work next week.  I’ve changed things around again so that I’m facing the patio doors rather than the wall, got to make the most of every moment of daylight!

The menfolk headed off to Kidlington for a couple of hours to enjoy the annual Scout Rail event while I caught up on a few things at home.

Later this afternoon we’re heading over to Waddesdon to enjoy their festive lights before the event finishes tomorrow.  It’s the latest we’ve ever gone, but they’ve changed their system so even NT members have to book ‘free’ tickets and car parking in advance.  I can understand the reasoning as parking has been a nightmare in the past, but it messed up the weekend we had planned to go before Christmas as we didn’t realise then that we had to book.  Anyway, hopefully, we’ll enjoy it today and the weather is looking good.

Happy New Year to you all, and I look forward to sharing our ups and downs with you again this year.  More ups than downs would be great!! Keep your fingers crossed 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Project 366 2020 Week 1

  1. We didn’t make it to Waddesdon this year. I’d planned to go when N was off shooting, but then didn’t know if he’d be eating at the pub or not, so couldn’t be late back just in case. The parking was all a muck up because of all the rain. After the market has closed it’s usually not as bad. Next yea rI need to arrange so that we can go with friends, then N will be less bored and more likely to come along. Happy new year

  2. The memory jar sounds like a good idea, I usually go back to the posts in January over the past 10 years of blogging on new year. Oh dear to day 2, so NOT looking forward to this stage of life. I took the decs down on the 1st, I usually do, the cat kept attacking the tree anyway. Hopefully see more of you in 2020. Happy New Year to you all.

  3. Oh I really should get a memory jar going with the girls. Would be nice to look back on things.

  4. We have started to do a memory jar inspired by your blog post.
    Your boy is looking so grown up.
    I hope you are feeling a bit better now.
    Ahh! I was glad to pack Christmas away last weekend. I hope you enjoyed seeing the lights.
    Happy new year. Wishing you all the best for 2020 x

  5. I really like the idea of a memory jar, I’ve stated a gratitude log in my bullet journal so I can look back at the end of each month. I need to take our decorations down but I love them, and how happy they make me feel.
    Happy New Year.

  6. Happy new year, Mary! A memory jar sounds such a fab idea. I wonder if Eddie would enjoy that. Monkey does look very grown up in that photo. Sorry to hear you had sleepless nights, and hope you’ll be able to sleep better soon. Our Christmas tree is still standing, we might keep it for a while. It’s the Russian Christmas eve tomorrow, and then the Russian old-style new year’s eve on the 14th. That’s my excuse anyway. 🙂

  7. He is looking grown up in that picture. I’m glad you had the memory jar to go through to see the positives. Funny that Paddington has left the tree alone, but is happy to get up to other sorts of mischief.

  8. The memory jar sounds like a good idea. I do enjoy going back to the blog posts over the years in January I have been blogging for over the past 10 years. Happy New Year to you all. x

  9. We took all our decorations down and put them in the loft then fnound all of the ones on the mantelpiece, grrrrr! Sounds like a tough time due to sleep probs but glad you were able to get out at Stowe for some fresh air and time together with your son #project366

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