Project 366 2020 Week 10

Project 366 2020 Week 10

Project 366 2020 Week 10 Day 61-67

Sunday 1st March – Day 61

Project 366 2020 Week 10

What a difference a day makes!  I’d had a hideous drive down to Kent yesterday in torrential rain, and woke up this morning to blue skies.

I spent another six hours sorting, bagging and boxing things up at my Auntie’s flat before I packed up the car with things to bring home and drop off at the care home.  My Auntie hadn’t been great when I saw her yesterday so I was relieved to see her feeling a bit better today.  It was a flying visit to drop off more clothes and bags of paperwork that she needs to sort through with my Uncle when he visits in the week.

Headed back up the motorways to spend some time at home.  I was shattered and collapsed to a heap on the sofa with my son.

Monday 2nd March – Day 62

Project 366 2020 Week 10

Back to work with a bump, I’m still knackered after the weekend and ache everywhere!  When I’d visited my Auntie when she first went into the care home she told me that she’d left me my Granny’s engagement ring in her will but if I could find it in her flat, she’d like to see me wearing it while she was still alive.  I’d never seen it and didn’t even know that Granny had an engagement ring and, to be frank, I wasn’t confident that I’d find it as we are concerned that money had been taken from the flat when it was deep cleaned but we can’t prove it.

Anyway, I did find the ring on Saturday and today I got to wear it along with one of my other’s Granny’s rings, for the first time.  Now I’ve got both of them with me which makes me smile.

My son started school swimming lessons this morning again, which he’ll have from now until the Easter holidays.  Apparently he jumped in at the deep end, so he’s ahead of me already.

Tuesday 3rd March- Day 63


I’d forgotten to set my alarm clock so it was a good job my son woke up!  Not the best start to the day. In all the confusion I’d totally forgotten that it was homework hand-in day and so did my son.  He’d finished it the day before but it had sat on the kitchen table all day.  He was less than impressed when he was told he’d have to stay in at break tomorrow in homework club.  It’s all my fault apparently.  We had a rather heated discussion about him taking responsibility for his own things and accepting that I cannot remember everything all of the time.  It didn’t go down well!

In other news, it’s lovely to see one of my orchids in bloom again.

Wednesday 4th March – Day 64

Paddington cat

Mum’s birthday so we rang her first thing to wish her a good one.  It’s quite spooky that she shares it with the Granny of my son’s best friend too.

I was still getting an ear-bashing over ‘the homework’ this morning as my son went into school.

A two job day and as it started raining at lunchtime Paddington decided he’d stay indoors and keep me company.  He’s been much better at staying close to home lately, thankfully.

Thursday 5th March – Day 65

Dressing up for world Book Day

World Book Day and I thought we had it sussed.  They only needed to take their favourite book to school today and dressing up was optional, so my son was going in his uniform.  That was until we were halfway through breakfast this morning and he told me that because his best friend was coming to tea and he’d be dressing up, that he wanted to too.  Ok, we literally have no time now, what do you want to be.  Oh, Hiccup obviously.  Obviously! Silly me.  Thankfully I found a wrap around cardi that actually pretty much fits him, a scarf, we wrapped over him to look like some kind of animal skin.  Thankfully he had one pair of non-denim trousers that actually fit him, and I wrapped some bandages around his legs for strapping.  Et Voila!  He was happy. I needed a stiff drink.  Only one more year to go!

I had a full workday and needed to work out our finances.  The OH has taken a pay cut (don’t ask as I’m still fuming) and it looks like I’m really going to need to become a magician to pay all the bills before long.  Either that or I might just hand over responsibility for all the banking to him, maybe then the penny will drop.

Anyway, after school, my son’s best friend came round for a play date and tea.  He’d been really poorly last week and my son missed him so much.

Friday 6th March – Day 66


I have daffodils out in the garden, Spring is here as far as I’m concerned now, even if I did have to scrape the windscreen this morning.

A double workday plus some blog work to keep me busy. One of the ladies I work with in my morning job owns Paddington’s brother Oscar and she brought in a card and present for our fluffball today.  We’re all slightly cat mad!

Saturday 7th March – Day 67

Project 366 2020 Week 10

Today is Paddington’s birthday – he’s one!

I headed into Oxford first thing for a shoe fitting with Hotter which I’ll be reviewing on the blog soon.  I guess it’s a sign of my age that I went in looking for shoes to wear to a funeral, rather than a wedding! But anyway, I found the perfect pair which will also be suitable for work.

I rarely go anywhere by myself when I don’t have to hurry home for my son, so it was nice to have a bit of me-time, to wander around the shops, have a coffee and a pastry and just chill.  There’s always something new to spot in the Westgate too.  My son has gone to a model railway exhibition with his Dad, so I didn’t need to rush anywhere.

When I got home I discovered that our laptop doesn’t want to connect to the internet.  We have this issue from time to time and a dingle seemed to do the trick, but today the only way I can connect is to hardwire it into the router – the cable literally just fits.  Such a pain.  As and when I have some ‘spare’ money I think it will be time to invest in a new laptop.

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23 thoughts on “Project 366 2020 Week 10

  1. I am glad your Auntie is a little bit better. Sending love and hugs. I am so glad you found the rings. They are beautiful.
    It sounds like your sons swimming lessons are going well. What a daredevil to jump in the deep end.
    You do right making your son take some responsibility for some things. He is at that age now where it will be good for him in the long term.
    Well done with the unplanned costume it looks fab!
    Ugh! What was your hubby thinking. I think handing over the banking and paying the bills might be a good idea so he can see what you’re dealing with.
    Happy birthday Paddington. How cute! x

  2. I think the costume looks great, impressive in such a short turnaround. Bet you’re pleased he’s back swimming again this term. Always seems nuts to me how little other schools send children swimming nowadays. Nice to have your Granny’s ring. I’ve got a couple of my N’s I kept, I just need to remember where I put them.

  3. It sounds like another crazy week for you. How lovely to have your granny’s ring! I hope your son has recovered from the homework trauma now. The costume is brilliant, you did really well to sort that out in such a short space of time. I recognised the sculpture at Westgate immediately. We’ve visited a couple of times and really like it.

  4. Aww I love the rings, glad you managed to find it. The costume is brilliant – it doesn’t look like a last minute job at all so well done ! It’s a shame about the homework but a life lesson learned, you’re definitely right to make him take responsibility. Not cool for the finances – hope you manage to cope with it all. xx

  5. I am glad your Auntie is a little bit better and good news you found the rings. They are lovely. It sounds like the swimming lessons are going well. And Happy birthday Paddington. x

  6. The rings are gorgeous.

    Happy Birthday to Paddington!

    Agree with your talk about your son taking some responsibility about his things…I say that to Bee already….but it is always our fault isn’t it?

  7. Oh how lovely to find your Granny’s engagement rings and both the rings are so pretty. Well done on the last minute World Book Day costume. Glad you enjoyed a bit of time for yourself and hope your mum had a lovely birthday. Happy birthday to Paddington too! 🙂 #project366

  8. Disgusting that money has gone missing, totally despicable.Glad you fond your grannies ring.
    Of course it’s your fault, why would it be his it is only his home work after all. Kids!!!!
    Happy belated birthday to your mum and to Paddington.
    I often feel like handing my finances to hubby. only time he has any idea what we pay and to whom is likes of the other week with Sky, and all he does is lose the plot and start going on and on about it – after I have sorted it.

  9. Well done sorting your Aunt’s flat, so pleased you were able to locate your grans engagement ring and along with the other one they look stunning. Love your sons last minute costume, you did well there and kept your calm I notice

  10. What a beautiful ring! And what a relief that you were able to find it, and it wasn’t stolen like the money. Hiccup looks splendid! Hope you posted it on social media and tagged Cressida.
    As for the homework business, sounds familiar. I always have to remind my child not to forget to hand in his homework. And even then he manages to forget.

  11. Here we’re experiencing alternating weather. Good to know Auntie is feeling better. Aww how sweet of you to find and wear the rings. well, kids have got to learn to be independent at some point. Aww best friend grannies! Wow, that’s a great & quick Hiccup costume (I love Hiccup) Happy birthday, Paddington! Great of you to have some me-time

  12. The ring is lovely.So nice to have it. You did so well to put together a Hiccup outfit at such short notice.

  13. Lovely rings and all the more special due to the family connection. I have some rings from my grandmother and have been wondering whether to get them reset to suit my style. #project366

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